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How to Catch Different Types of Fish
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If one or more other people fish under your licence, the number of lift nets and bait traps used by your group must not exceed the authorized limit for your licence.


Failure to properly secure soft baits with bait thread may see these baits come off the hook on impact with the water, or even fly off during the cast. Lures use a uni knot primarily, which is a strong knot that cat form a small loop. Cotton Cordell Pencil Pencil baits are also called stick baits and walking baits. All rights reserved. A typical fly lure only weighs a few grams and are created from feathres, fujr, tinsel, thread, and foam.

The information published on this website has been simplified and provides a summary of the main regulatory provisions. It does not replace the official texts of the laws and regulations. Limit is characters. View content. Use of bait.

On this page : Earthworms, leeches and frogs as bait Prohibited bait fish Possession and use of dead bait fish Fishing for bait fish Importing bait fish. Earthworms, leeches and frogs as bait Earthworms, leeches and frogs are not considered to be bait fish, and their use as bait is therefore permitted unless otherwise indicated.

Special rules apply to the keeping of frogs in captivity. See the section entitled Particular rules for each zone to see, in your zone: whether or not you may possess or use dead bait fish; which species are authorized for use as dead bait fish; the periods during which this practice is permitted.

Fishing with live bait

Fishing for bait fish If you wish to fish for bait fish, you must: have a valid sport fishing licence; fishing in the zones and during the periods in which the use of bait fish is permitted; use a lift net or no more than three bait traps , except in zones 17 and 22 to 24 as well as in bodies of water reserved for fly fishing; write your name, address and licence number on bait traps left without immediate supervision; comply with the special possession rules applicable to bait fish. Importing bait fish Importing of live or dead bait fish is prohibited. Cast your crankbait upriver and bring your bait down with the current, reeling it at a steady pace.

Fish are hiding around changes in the current, so steer your bait directly through these spots. Slowly crawl your lure through big rocks and trees in the water, and then pause it for a second after it gets past them. Many bites will come as you stop and start it.

Fishing Bait Guide - Best Fishing Bait and Tackle Tips

With a little practice, the bill of your crankbait will help it come through rocks and trees without snagging. Bonus tip: The larger the bill on a crankbait, the deeper it runs. Try a few different models of crankbaits, and select one that occasionally hits the bottom. Tactic: Jigging. How-to: Large groups of bluegill and other sunfish will spawn around cover in shallow water from late spring through summer, making for very good fishing. To spot spawning beds, wear polarized fishing sunglasses and look for groups of 10 to 50 dinner-plate-size dark circles in an area.

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Small light jigs work best on small fishing line, so tie them to 4- to 8-pound test line. Cast them around shallow rocks, weeds, docks and logs, letting them slowly fall to the bottom. Hop your jig off the bottom with small lifts of your rod, and work your bait halfway back to your boat or the shore with a hop-and-drop retrieve.

Panfish and crappie are often aggressive and attracted to bright and shiny baits, so experiment with flashy jigs with some orange, yellow, pink or silver mixed in.

The Ultimate Guide: Everything You Wanted to Know About FISHING LURES

Different materials have different actions, too; sometimes the fish like the subtle action of jigs made from hair or marabou, while other days the wild action of jigs with plastic or tinsel skirts is better. Tactic: Worm and Bobber. How-to: This technique is how most of us learn to fish and has probably caught more fish than all other baits combined. Tie a hook to your line and then attach a bobber 12 to 36 inches above the hook shorter distance when fishing shallow and longer when fishing deeper.

Crimp a small split-shot sinker on your line below the bobber. Depending on the size of the sinker and the bobber, you might have to use more than one.

Best Bait recipe for tilapia and carp anglers..!!

Use enough weight so the bobber will stand up, but not so much that your bobber will sink. Cast your worm out, and let it drift with the current or the wind. Cast up-river when there is current or upwind if not, and your worm and bobber will naturally drift down to the fish. The natural look, smell and taste of live bait like worms attract fish, and they find it hard to resist this combo. Fish will often nibble at the worm at first, so wait until the bobber goes under the water to set the hook.

Big catfish and carp love this offering, which makes for a great battle. In addition, many different types of fish will eat a worm; you never know what you might catch throwing this rig. Bonus tip: Use a live minnow instead of a worm; this works for just about all types of fish. Great Advice, But I like to use Chicken Livers because the draw in the Cat fish, you just have to use a sinker to get it on the bottom and keep it there. Good Luck Fishing!! I have fished with a worm and bobber since I was a kid.

I always tried crazy techniques to catch fish as a kid found several that worked well. My husband made fun of me when he saw my fishing techniques, til I was catching all the fish!!!! He is always telling people what crazy fishing techniques I have, that actually work. LOL He now tries some of my techniques.

Glad I was a kid who thought outside the box!!! I liked how it tells you how to fish for crappies and stuff. When i go fishing i do pretty much the same thing. Bass i make rigs that they sell in stores. They work and it think if you just try and fish alot you can find out about fish. If you live up by where it gets cold you could use little spinners early in the year.