To Make Long Stories Short

To Make a Long Story Short
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Comic Books. The scientist starts giving the reasons for the estimations, and Nick interrupts him with, "Get to the point! Prisoners have a fixed short time for visits, so Lori tries to avoid the introductory conversation and go straight to the point. Film — Animation. When Peter B.

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Cut to the three of them crash landing onto different screens in Times Square, implying that their story was the same as Gwen's. They quickly admit it's maybe not that long of a story. Film — Live Action. In the movie version of Clue , Wadsworth repeatedly says this, with the other characters always shouting "Too late!


Definition of to make a long story short in the Idioms Dictionary. to make a long story short phrase. What does to make a long story short expression mean?. Define to cut / make a long story short (phrase) and get synonyms. What is to cut / make a long story short (phrase)? to cut / make a long story short (phrase).

Terminator Genisys. Detective O'Brien offers Sarah Connor his help if she'd just explain what's going on, but acknowledges that any explanation involving time travel is likely to be complicated. Sarah: We're trying to stop the end of the world.

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Every Captain Underpants story has a chapter entitled this, usually after a character says something to the effect of "I hope this works! Live-Action TV. That's why I'm the Red Ranger, or will be. It's based on age, rank, seniority, usefulness I was as stunned as you are, which is why I demanded a recount. But blow me! If it didn't come out as me again! Buffy : It's a long story.

Despite saying the opposite, Polonius in Hamlet proceeds to go on a long winded rant of 'advice' to his daughter Ophelia. To boot it's pretty useless and patronizing advice.

vines that i can quote from memory (tUrN oN cAptIoNs)

Later, when Polonius confronts King Claudius and Queen Gertrude regarding Hamlet's apparent madness, he declares, "Since brevity is the soul of wit, I shall be brief. Gertrude has to tell him, "Less art and more matter," which is Shakespearean for "Cut to the chase. Video Games. Kingdom Of Loathing : "Long story short, you have a magical evening. Short story long? Anything by Dickens. Voodoo Lady : To make a long story short It had monkeys and samurai , crazy stuff.

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Long story short: big chemical spill. Web Original.

Western Animation. Lovejoy if God is testing him, Lovejoy answers, "Short answer: yes, with an if. Long answer: no, with a but.

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Grandpa : Anyway, long story short To give one example: "So, earlier today, I went to get some lunch at Quizno's, but on the way I ran into Emily, who was going to Burger King instead, so we thought we might as well go to lunch together Feedback Video Example s :. I have alwys found hands to be particularly expressive.

For some time, I had had the idea of taking on the challenge of trying to tell a story through the use of aphorisms or truisms. The book continues my interest in using large halftone dots in my books and pictures. I first became interested in them, and used them extensively, during my years in graduate school in the seventies. During that time I was learning how to make lith film for offset lithography at the Viusal Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY, and spent many hours looking at halftone negatives on a darkroom light table.

I also trained making color separations when I was working with Harry Christen at Christen Litho Lab, a color separation shop in Rochester. All of the images are from tiny sections of Look, Life, and other magazines from the fifties —the time period when I was born and was growing up. I wanted all of the blown up half-tone dots to be the same size, so I used a screen angle indicator to determine the line ruling of the originals and then used a calculator to determine the blown up size of the dots of the final image. I had a small rectangular mask that I would then place over the printed photo images to determine the crop.

Then I scanned them in at very high resolution so that they could be blown up.

The book was printed by Pacifica Communications in Korea by offset lithography.