The Other Side of the Tiber: Reflections on Time in Italy

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The layers of significance are the result of a particularly Italian mentality that has been cultivated, often at a great price. To those who inherit the mentality, it is a basic spell, too enchanting and old to imagine why one would ever want to give it up. Memory as time that stays never allows for a freely running river, and thus life cannot be seen that way. When you get into an Italian river, the story is not that you cannot step into the same river twice.

You know you will, even when you wish to assert that you are free of all that. You step in, recognizing that you are surrounded, as so many generations have been. This will seem an absurd intrusion, another instance of myth. Then he will mention evil. But he will hold his ground, because Italians have tenacious memories. If a shark happens to appear, he warns, more will gather.

This most probably nonexistent shark, this darkness, slithers deep, even when clear water is showing only blue sky. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD 9. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift.

Overview A moving and illuminating memoir about a singular woman's relationship with a fascinating and complex country A fresh, nuanced perspective on a profoundly perplexing country: this is what Wallis Wilde-Menozzi's unique, captivating narrative promises—and delivers. About the Author Wallis Wilde-Menozzi lives in Parma, Italy, where for decades she has observed Italian life and participated in its dialogues.

Wallis Wilde-Menozzi lives in Parma, Italy, where for decades she has observed Italian life and participated in its dialogues. Show More. Average Review. Please provide an email address. Categories of Interest: Select All. Current Affairs. Historical Fiction. True Crime. Profession: Author. Event Coordinator. Film Executive. A multifaceted image of Italy emerges-in beautiful black-and-white photographs, many taken by Wilde-Menozzi herself-as does a portrait of the author. Wilde-Menozzi, who has written about Italy for nearly forty years, offers unexpected conclusions about one of the most complex and best-loved countries in the world.

Beginning her story with a hitchhiking trip to Rome when she was a student in England, she illuminates a passionate, creative, and vocal people who are often confined to stereotypes. Earthquakes and volcanoes; a hundred-year-old man; Siena as a walled city; Keats in Rome; the refugee camp of Manduria; the Slow Food movement; realism in Caravaggio; the concept of good and evil; Mary the Madonna as a subject-from these varied angles, Wilde-Menozzi traces a society skeptical about competition and tolerant of contradiction.

Bringing them together in the present, she suggests the compensations of the Italians' long view of time. Like the country, this book will inspire discussion and revisiting.

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Offers are not valid on group, existing bookings or combinable with any other offer. Other restrictions may apply. Promotional pricing may remain in effect after the expiration date. Enhance Your Trip. Optional Excursions Add some more spice to your tour with optional excursions. Load More. Tour Extensions. Traveler Reviews. Excellent Cities and additional interesting side stops. I would recommend this tour to my friends. Making and eating our own Homemade pasta Castello Trebbio in Tuscany.

Excellent tour guide. The castle tour. Wine tasting and opportunity to make the meal here. The Tour was extremely well coordinated. Our Guide Mattea was the Best. He really worked hard being responsible for 44 people.

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Especially since many were Seniors with Medical issues. The driver was Fantastic. The food was Awesome. We saw many beautiful historical sites and artifacts. Great Tour. As was our Bus driver. The sites were Awesome, the Food was Fantastic. We had 44 people and everyone got along great. The Tuscan Feast was my favorite. I guess not having ever done a group tour I really did not know what to expect. The trip was great but there were some things we wished we had known ahead of time.

There was some mention in the final travel documents we received that said some of the hotels MAY not have air conditioning in reality they all had air conditioning but NONE of them will turn it on before May 1st and then only selectively. Having to leave windows open all the time can be a problem for some people.

There were two national holidays Apr 25th and May 1st that fell during our stay which caused excessive crowds most noticeable when visiting Vatican City and in some cases closures definitely would have reconsidered our travel dates had we been advised of either of these As far as the tour itself the tour guide was great and we got to see a lot of wonderful things but it was way more rigorous than any of us expected being that it was rated as "moderate physical activity" I think my sisters monitor said we walked a little over 10 miles the first day and on average probably miles every day that is a lot for someone with some physical limitations also may have reconsidered had we known.

All in all it was a good trip but certainly not the trip of a lifetime we had hoped for. The tour guide was great and we got to see a lot of wonderful things but it was way more rigorous than any of us expected being that it was rated as "moderate physical activity" I think my sisters monitor said we walked a little over 10 miles the first day and on average probably miles every day that is a lot for someone with some physical limitations. This is a very fast paced tour with not a lot of free time to enjoy the cities and what they have to offer. Collette Support. The tour of Italy was well planned with a knowledgeable guide, comfortable accommodations and pleasant companions.

Tony, our Tour Manager, was exceptional, as were the local guides. My favorite was the guide in Siena, who included personal anecdotes as he described the various districts in the city and the local horse race. Good organization, knowledgeable guides, Great main guide and leader of our pack.

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Great trip.. The tour was great. It far exceeded everything we wanted to see.

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The only complaint, and it is a small one, was the quality of the food. No matter where we ate it seemed as though it was the same food and it was very bland. Not only did we love Rome, but most enjoyable were the visits to the winery and the monastery. The trip itself was good I wish we had had more time in Rome. There was a lot packed in 2 days. The tours of the castle and the monastery special treats. This was a wonderful trip I would definitely recommend Collette Tours.. I know that when I am on a Collette tour I am going to be safe.

I was fulfilled with the largeness of the history of Italy. I have so much gratitude for all that was done before us and for us. Yes, Beth Myette, our Group 1 registrations manager was great and very responsive to our many needs. Accounting Department was very good also. Our Tour Manager, Sergio S. From Milan, was absolutely fantastic. Sergio is the best Tour Mgr ever!!

St Peters Basilica was nice to see.! Some days there was a little to much walking for our age group other than that, a perfect trip overall. Return calls promptly. Choose group leaders more carefully. Dave Goff was annoying and not helpful. The tour itself was great. The food not so great.

Practically the same food every day, from breakfast to dinner. They need find restaurants that serve a different variety of foods. I loved the fact that we had free time to do what we wanted to do. I like being organized and Collette was that. I received emails from Collette. I loved the App. Good hotels, good guides, good group restaurants, good tour inclusions. Traveler does not have to worry about quality of travel, hotels food or any other detail. Sergio made this trip extra special. He is the best tour guide and took very good care of us.

Collette put together a good itinerary and I will recommend this trip to others. Perfect in every way except for repeating the history and architectural background of too many churches. Would prefer more about every day life in the cities and a little less about the past.

Wallis Wilde-Menozzi

In Italy, the guide got us where we needed to be at all the right times. It was a very well planned trip, down to the last detail. The service was excellent. The tour director was delightful and very knowledgeable. The bus driver was excellent. It was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed staying in Venice and seeing what it's like to live there. The hotels and food provided were very comfortable and good. Some servers in the restaurants especially in Venice were rude. The tour group was much too large People got lost. When local guides were used, the tour leader generally disappeared.

In a group this size, it would have been better if she brought up the rear to keep the group together. She would have also realized she was going too fast for many in the group. Federica was also close to six feet tall where many of the women in the group were around five feet tall 2 steps for each of her one. The bus driver was wonderful and helpful.

Walking should be described in miles per day. One day, the group walked eight miles and I walked six. After that a few women and I started taking taxis that helped but meant certain sights had to be missed. Although I had a cane the guards would not let me pass so I had to wait until the group exited the Chapel. The local guide said a few words to the guards and took me by the hand to see the Chapel. This tour is for the average tourists.

Seniors need to know more about the physicality of the tour. I am rating the tour manager average because she was unaware that many were having a hard time keeping up. She continued with her pace even though some of us were lagging yards. She would stop and wait sometimes but would start up as soon as we caught up out of breath. She was very knowledgeable and would be a good tour guide for non-seniors. I felt Collette was very organized and I have recommended them to several friends.

I would defiantly use them again. It involved alittle more walking than I expected I wish we would have had the option for Comfort plus seating on the trip to Italy as the seats we had were horribly small with no leg room. We had very good flight accommodations on the return flight to the US. Outstanding trip! Italy did not disappoint and Collette sure knows how to highlight every moment. We had a terrific tour manager, excellent local guides and fantastic hotels. No one does tours like Collette!!! This trip had the Wow factor!

Colosseum, Vatican, Florence, Venice, Milan and all the little gems in between! Loved it all! Well organized efficient and thorough with enough free time. The trip to northern Italy was a great introduction to the wonders found in both monuments and lifestyles of the cities we visited. The trip was made interesting and vastly educational due to our tour guide Jovanka Mrdja. She was our tour guide on the tour of southern Italy 5 years ago.

We agreed to the trip this March largely due to the fact she would once again be our tour guide. Her knowledge and enthusiasm are outstanding. We were, however, disappointed that she could not continue with us on our three day extension in Milan. Had we known that sooner we would have not continued with the tour. The best part of our trip was having Yovanka again as our tour guide.

Yovanka was my guide several yrs. She's just wonderful. I didn't think the food was as good on this trip as the Sicily trip. The local guides seemed to ramble on. Perhaps you could skip a city or two Perugia, Assisi or Siena. Unfortunately the day before I headed home I got very sick. We were traveling home just the two of us. An airport porter was nice enough to wheel me thru customs etc in JFK.

When I finally got to Tampa a young man was there to greet us. Leaving all our luggage on the street. We had been traveling for 18 hrs. Peter's Basilica were amazing. I was surprised that it was an added tour not included on the trip. We got to wonder the streets and shop. Overall their service was good. I was not happy about the seat selections on the plane. I had requested a aisle seat on all of my flights and when it came to finally seeing where I was on the plane I did not have an aisle seat on my last leg of flight from JFK to Tampa.

I was also a single traveler and I think they accommodated the couples first and single travelers last. I would give an extra day in Rome. It was too much. By the end of the day tour you were worn out. Then you had to get ready for dinner and tour of Rome by night. The agenda and logistics was amazing. Our tour was fantastic! Pilar our guide was so knowledgeable, fun, organized and helpful and Pio the driver was pleasant and kept all feeling safe and secure.

The tour itself was just the right amount of travel and free time; the hotel accommodations were very nice and located in a perfect part of each city. The optional tours as well as the included tours were awesome. I loved the Castello del Trebbio visit! Definitely using the tour makes the planning and execution of a vacation so much easier I also loved the guided tours and the knowledge that is imparted with each location. It made history come alive. Loved Perugia and Siena as well as the Castello del Trebbio. Also loved Rome and the walking tour. The tour of Milan should have included The Last Supper.

Why it was not part of the walking tour was not clear, and including it would be no more difficult than other sites, such as The Vatican. We realize Venice is a difficult venue, but the hotel was clearly not as well-managed as the others on the trip. The hotel in Milan for the last night was the best of the lodging experiences. See above. Several weeks before departure, the trip was advertised at less than half price!

I feel I did not receive a good value for this excursion! One of the guides on a local tour was ill, and 3 days later, more than half the group had coughs, colds, and sore throats. This encourages postponing registration until the last minute, not a desirable outcome for your company. This encourages postponing reservations, not a desirable outcome for your company. The entire trip was a perfect experience. Jovanka Mrdja is a magnificent tour guide, and she is very knowledgeable. I would love to take another tour with Collette.

We enjoyed our 'Reflections of Italy' tour. We got to see many wonderful sites in Italy, ate some amazing Italian food and took many awesome pictures. Our tour guide was friendly and fun. There were a few opportunities for improvement in the front line customer service and our pick up at the airport in Rome. Personally, we loved Venice and would have rather had more time there instead of the short afternoon included in Milan.

We loved Venice! Our hotel was on the Grand Canal, it was what memories are made of! His knowledge and humor made each day a memorable experience! Loved Assisi and Perugia and the small town flavor. As the lead, many questions and concerns came up. All concerns were answered and handled quickly. Our Coach Driver and Manager were very very good. They were always thinking of us the travelers. Getting us close to our day's tour, suggesting foods to match our tastes, handling any room concerns, etc. Sergio was amazing.

We had a large group and he worked non stop to make sure everyone had a fantastic time. I would highly recommend a trip with Collette and with Sergio as a guide. Sergio was great!!!!! I would love to take another tour with him. Collette did a fabulous job with hotel choices, guides, and entertainment. It was a once in a lifetime experience, thanks to them. Our tour guide, Giulio was very knowledgeable about art ad history, and he kept our tour moving along well, adjusting the itinerary to beat advantage.

He was able to give us good advice for our free time. The hotels we had were well located, especially in Venice where we were on the grand canal. The included meals were also very good. My main problem with your tour was the problem a couple of us had with trying to book an extension post trip in Milan.

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I would love that! I did note that several on our tour had had before and had liked him so much that they insisted on having him when they booked subsequent Collette tours. Item s unavailable for purchase. In short, readable sections, her memories and impressions lead the reader on a journey to discover another side of one of the most mysterious and romantic countries in the world. Not spend hour correcting the error. The food not so great.

The Collette representatives I emailed or called gave me incorrect or incomplete information. In an ancient city they had central airports? I never had such problems when traveling with Trafalgar or EF Tours in the past. There were too many people on the tour for just one guide. I understand there were groups from several companies.

A second guide would have been very helpful. Tony was good but rushed so much that we older, slower folks had difficulty keeping up. Loved every place we went. The group was diverse ,interesting and friendly. It was a wonderful trip! A lot was packed into the 9 days. As always the tour was very well organized, first class hotels and tours. It was a bonus for us to plenty of free time to explore on our own.

The included breakfasts and lunches were very good, but the dinners were average. The tour was advertised as moderate walking, but it was much more strenuous for some of the older people on the trip. It is difficult to choose just 1 memorable experience. Each stop seemed to get better. The tour guides were excellent, providing much interesting information and history. What more can I say?! Great company1. A lot of walking but it helped to walk off the food, which was fantastic!

Everything is memorable, including the bad beds! We had a good group of folks. Excellent service with everyone involved with our tour of Italy. I feel very strongly about the experience we had at the San Jose Airport, it set the tone that really made the trip bad.