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To Hawking and many like-minded scientists, the combined laws of gravity, relativity, quantum physics and a few other rules could explain everything that ever happened or ever will happen in our known universe. With the universe running on a scientifically guided autopilot, the only role for an all-powerful deity might be setting the initial conditions of the universe so that those laws could take shape — a divine creator who caused the Big Bang to bang, then stepped back to behold His work.

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The God Book [Rabbi Jack Abramowitz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From angels and the afterlife to suffering and Divine providence, . Which is right, atheism or organised religion? Answer: Neither. What's wrong with atheism? The intolerant radical "New Atheists" of today champion the theory of.

Hawking's explanation begins with quantum mechanics , which explains how subatomic particles behave. In quantum studies, it's common to see subatomic particles like protons and electrons seemingly appear out of nowhere , stick around for a while and then disappear again to a completely different location. Because the universe was once the size of a subatomic particle itself, it's plausible that it behaved similarly during the Big Bang, Hawking wrote.

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That still doesn't explain away the possibility that God created that proton-size singularity, then flipped the quantum- mechanical switch that allowed it to pop. But Hawking says science has an explanation here, too.

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To illustrate, he points to the physics of black holes — collapsed stars that are so dense, nothing, including light, can escape their pull. Black holes, like the universe before the Big Bang, condense into a singularity. In this ultra-packed point of mass, gravity is so strong that it distorts time as well as light and space.

Simply put, in the depths of a black hole, time does not exist. Because the universe also began as a singularity, time itself could not have existed before the Big Bang.

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Each chapter of The One God is a revelation given to provide a new teaching about the Source of our lives and our purpose for being in the world at this time. Each chapter opens before you a new vantage point from which you can glimpse into the heart of God, back to the origins of the universe and forward to the unfolding Plan of God for this time and for the times ahead.

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The New Message from God will ultimately be contained in six individual volumes. Each volume contains two or more books and each book is organized into chapters.

The One God

The New Message from God contains the largest body of Revelation ever given to the world. It addresses nearly every aspect of our lives, while presenting new realities never revealed before.

The Society is endeavoring to make as much of the New Message books and spoken revelations available and accessible to the world. Currently, The Society is able to offer a large number of the original recordings of the Voice of Revelation.

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Never before has it been possible to hear the original Voice of Revelation. The compilation of the entire New Message is a work in progress being undertaken over an extended period.

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In addition, the Revelation continues to this day with new teachings being given every year. As a result, the selection of teachings in each book may likely change.

With this, the title of the books may change as well to reflect the growth of each book. You are living at a time of Revelation and witnessing the process of Revelation unfolding before you.