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Includes a poster with each animal found in the book and its corresponding letter in both upper and lower case. In this extra-magical edition, follow Abby down the rabbit hole into Wonderland! Together with Frankie, Robin and Penny, she'll encounter talking rabbits, mad hatters, bossy caterpillars and mean queens — and attend an unforgettable tea party.

But if she can't solve a curious riddle in time, the girls could be stuck in Alice's story for good! This special edition contains fun bonus content! Young Abigail Price is excited about spring in her new Birchtown home. This first picture book set in historic Birchtown, Nova Scotia, opens a window into the life of a Black Loyalist family in the early years of the historic colony.

In the depths of winter, a woman wanders off in the snow. A full-blown search begins. Meanwhile, Derek is staying with his new girlfriend and her parents while his family is out of town. When he disappears the same night, questions arise. Did he run away? Or did something happen to him? Two disappearances in one night. Someone knows the truth. You can be an absolute expert on all things soccer — from sports history to the latest gear, from stats on your favourite athletes to facts about little-known regulations!

In this sequel to Apparition , Amelia is caught up in a series of paranormal mysteries that threaten to unravel everything she believes in. With the rivalry intensifying between Kip and the ghost of Matthew, Amelia's heart is more conflicted than ever. Some scientific discoveries come about by logic and reasoning. Others happen because of blunders, fumbles and freaky circumstances — in short, by accident. Over 80 stories about the stumbles, goofs and strange twists that have resulted in amazing breakthroughs, from laughing gas to dynamite.

Luc thought he knew what his passion was: football. He lives it, breathes it. So when his coach orders him to sign up for contemporary-dance classes to improve his game, Luc agrees. He never expected to fall in love with dance. Now Luc faces a tough decision. Is he willing to give up a future in pro football to pursue a new dream? It is In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, a fishing boat overloaded with Vietnamese refugees drifts. The motor has failed; the hull is leaking; the drinking water is dwindling. Princess Bubblegum must start her annual journey to the outer kingdoms to see her distant friends and to rejuvenate the crystals that keep their kingdoms alive.

Anne, Penelope and Hiro are still recovering from their first adventure when they are plunged into another quest — to kill the dragon queen! Anne doesn't want to kill dragons or ignite a war between people and dragonkind, but to ignore the quest could have equally devastating results! Now the friends must dodge robot attacks, survive dragon trials and navigate magical portals… or face certain disaster! Unexpectedly, a twist of fate leads to Anne being charged with an epic quest. Now Anne, Penelope and questing partner Hiro must solve perplexing riddles, travel to strange places, defeat devious foes and endure surprising plot twists.

Readers will cheer on the courageous companions as they face seemingly insurmountable odds on their journey. Miss Petitfour is an expert at baking and eating cakes. Her favourite mode of transport is by tablecloth, and she takes her 16 cats out for an airing daily; this often involves outings such as a search for marmalade or a trip to the Festooning Festival. Fetch a tablecloth and join Miss Petitfour and her feline friends for five magical adventures! From aardvark to zebra and all that's in between, little ones will love learning their alphabet with these colourful creatures.

This vibrant ABC book introduces babies and toddlers to the unique variety of animals found in Africa. An alphabet for all ages, the stunning linocut-influenced artwork brings an uncommon selection of critters to life in this lively board book. At the annual summer Africville Reunion Festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia, a young girl imagines what the vibrant community was once like — from the brightly painted houses nestled into the hillside to the pond where all the kids went rafting.

Moving between science and culture, this book takes a straightforward look at questions we all have about dying. By showing the diverse ways in which we understand death, now and throughout our history, the book also shines a light on what it is to be human. Three years ago, Skye's brother Luka died in a high-school shooting.

But Luka wasn't a victim — he was a shooter. Now, Skye must return to the town she had fled and face Jesse, her childhood crush and former best friend until the massacre tore them apart. It's Newfoundland, Fourteen-year-old Bun O'Keefe has lived a shuttered, lonely life with her negligent mother, who is a hoarder. One day, Bun's mother tells her to leave, so she does. Hitchhiking out of town, Bun learns that the world extends beyond the walls of her mother's house and discovers the joy of being part of a new family — a family of friends who care.

When Akilak must travel a great distance to another camp to gather food, she thinks she will never be able to make it. Would you be surprised if you came face to face with a red-eared slider or a brown bullhead? Would you know what to do with Dalmatian toadflax? This book identifies more than 50 species of animals and plants that have invaded British Columbia.

This fascinating book includes colour photographs, and each species listed is rated with a threat meter to identify the serious invaders! Roderick Haig-Brown, a well-known conservationist and naturalist, taught children to explore and respect our forests, oceans and rivers for years. Each bird, from the osprey to the heron, shares lessons of its life and the natural world it inhabits. Readers will learn all about their favourite hoopsters and how they became part of basketball history.

Record-breaking stats, famous quotes, history-making shots and more celebrate basketball stars since the game began in Haggis and Tank set sail on a pirate adventure. They talk like pirates, swab the deck and even search for buried treasure. Piper and Sloane are best friends. To Sloane, Piper was fierce, pretty and powerful. Sloane felt lucky to be chosen for a sisterhood that was supposed to last forever.

Now Sloane and Soup, racked with questions, must relive their painful histories with Piper. Discover how the definition of cleanliness in one part of the world may differ radically from another. In Zimbabwe, for example, cleanliness means coating your washed body with a mixture of oil and dirt!

The gross factor ensures that young readers will find the book both entertaining and enlightening! College freshman Liv is more than just a fangirl: The Starveil movies are her life With the help of her best friend, Xander, steampunk cosplayer extraordinaire, Liv launches a wildly successful online campaign to bring her beloved hero back to life. A trip to DragonCon with Xander may be just what she needs now. The truth about Kellan Turner has cost Romy everything — friends, family and community.

But when a girl goes missing and Romy learns of another assault, she must make a choice. Nobody believed her the first time, and nothing has changed, but is the cost of her silence more than she can bear? River has betrayed Kazmin and regained his dark powers. The witches are planning to take over the Empire. Facing dark magic, a perilous journey and a standoff with the witches, can Kazmin, Lusha and Tem find the star and save the Empire?

In this joyful celebration of the months of the year, experience a world of colour, wonder and silliness through the eyes of a young child. July is for swimming upside down, September is for crunchy piles of leaves and December is for a kingdom all in white. Experience a whole year of play and merriment! This title is also available in French as La ronde des mois. A slice of Alligator Pie — sized for little ones! One of the best-loved Canadian poems of all time, Dennis Lee's timeless rhyme is now paired with whimsical artwork by Sandy Nichols, winner of a nationwide competition to find the perfect illustrator for this iconic poem.

After a family friend comes into her bedroom one night, year-old Jewel — who now understands why her sister ran away — is on the run. When his girlfriend disappears, Tony Shepherd joins forces with troublemaker Charlie Wolfe to find out what happened. But Charlie's investigations aren't always legal, so when another missing girl is found dead, Tony learns that doing right sometimes means doing wrong.

Together, they must find a ruthless killer and stop him before someone else dies. Shepherd and Wolfe. They're definitely not the Hardy Boys. The town of Glory is famous for seedy businesses and suicides along the Indigo River. Marsden, desperate to escape her predestined fate, needs money and ends up skimming the bodies that appear along the Indigo. There she meets Jude and, as they grow closer, the two unearth secrets that could allow them to move forward… or chain them to the Indigo forever.

W. R. S. RALSTON, M. A.,

Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Andrea Sfiligoi is an Italian indie game designer. Tales of Beasts and Perils, Volume One (Tales of Blades and Heroes ). Become a creator of worlds! Tales of Beasts and Perils is a gamemaster's guide to writing and running adventures for the Tales of Blades and Heroes fantasy.

Most of all, Charlotte is exposed to new ideas, and in Ghana, this is both exciting and dangerous. When the Ghanaian government is overthrown in the middle of her freshman year, Charlotte quickly learns that politics and power are a treacherous game. For centuries, the human brain has been a mystery. Scientists have only started to unravel its secrets, and there is still much we don't understand. Joey Cornell collected everything — anything that sparked his imagination or delighted his eye.

His collection grew and grew until he realized that certain pieces just looked right together. To the delight of his family, he assembled his doodads to produce wonderful, magical creations out of once-ordinary objects. Based on the childhood of artist and sculptor Joseph Cornell. From Just Grace and Fashion Kitty author Charise Mericle Harper comes the first volume in a funny and charming new graphic-novel trilogy for elementary-age readers about a little girl who can craft her way out of any situation.

Each volume includes fun and simple instructions for do-it-yourself crafting activities. Get your paws ready for crafty time! As a girl, Amelia Earhart aspired to a future that would take her beyond the problems of her younger years as well as the restrictions imposed on her because she was female. Celebrated for her long-distance flights, her disappearance during an around-the-world flight in remains an unsolved mystery. Each primary-source artifact offers the reader significant clues to the civilization's technologies, cultural traditions, foods and conflicts.

This awesome book explores the culture and achievements of ancient Egypt through the examination of artifacts that have survived through the centuries. Each artifact offers the reader significant clues to the civilization's technologies, cultural traditions, foods and conflicts.

The ancient Mayan civilization thrived in Mesoamerica, and the Mayans are famous for their calendar, which followed the solar year. This exciting book explores the culture and achievements of the ancient Maya through the examination of artifacts that have survived through the centuries. Fifteen-year-old Jim believes that war is a glorious adventure and he cannot wait to fight. But what Jim discovers in the trenches dispels any romantic view of the war, and his longing for adventure is replaced by the need to survive.

The final tragic outcome is one he never could have imagined. He puts on his boots and his coat, pulls on his goggles and heads out for an adventure. He splashes in puddles and gets tickled by worms. How is he going to fix his mess? She presses one button, then another, until the plane takes off. Now available as a board book, this Munsch classic was originally published as an Annikin in , and as a picture book in When Angela's father gets lost at the airport, she looks for him everywhere. Angela looks under planes, on top of planes and beside planes… then she looks inside a plane.

Luckily, she finds the button for the control tower! Can Angela bring the plane back down? To Angus, shiny objects not only look beautiful, they also crackle, buzz and go whiz-bang-POP! His unique ability is lost, however, when Angus wears his grandma's beaded necklace to school, and his classmates tease him. Saddened by their laughter, Angus stops hearing the sparkle.

But a kind gesture from a friend helps to restore his sparkle. What are two things that small children love? Animals and big machines, of course. In this energetic board book, the two are combined, along with a single word, to show how the actions of seven animals mirror those of seven mighty machines. A small elf-like creature appears on every spread, giving toddlers something else to discover.

Originally published as a picture book in Highlighting the work of the Toronto Wildlife Centre TWC , this book describes how wild animals are rehabilitated after being rescued from perilous situations. True stories demonstrate the efforts of the trained professionals who rescue, treat, rehabilitate and release orphaned, sick or injured animals.

Readers learn about the wild animals that they may encounter and get tips on how to protect and support urban wildlife. In an engaging question-and-answer style, children are introduced to playful activities that they share with other animals, such as playing tag gazelles , blowing bubbles grey tree frogs and dancing honeybees. What seems like playtime for the animals is actually the way they forage for food, build strength or care for their young.

A fun and educational introduction to animal behaviour. In this newest title, youngsters learn how bowheads raise their babies, where they live, what they eat and other interesting information, like how they can eat when they don't have any teeth! Mixing fun-filled animal facts for young readers with detailed illustrations, Animals Illustrated is a charming non-fiction series focusing on Arctic animals. Children learn how muskoxen raise their young, how they protect themselves from predators, what they eat and how they forage, and the adaptations they exhibit that allow them to live in colder habitats than many other animals!

In this title, children will learn how polar bears raise their cubs, what they eat and how they hunt, where they can be found and other interesting information, like the fact that polar bears actually have transparent fur and black skin! Learn how walruses raise their young in the cold Arctic ocean, what they eat and where they can be found, along with other interesting information, like the fascinating uses for their tusks.

This book was created by a variety of Coast Salish artists who have been generous in sharing their culture, art and insights on their unique relationships with the natural and supernatural world. Stranded in the rain, the animals are all too happy to board a boat two by two. At first, the animals find ways to amuse themselves like playing leapfrog and hide-and-seek. Will the rain ever stop? This title is also available in French as L'arche des animaux.

Going to the art gallery is boring for Anna — everything is old and there are so many rules — until she gets to peek inside a mysterious, secret workshop. Filled with representations of many famous and not-so-famous paintings, this picture book is a celebration of how art can capture the imagination.

Then wild, brash and outspoken Anne crashes into his life. Anne is all he thinks about, desire consuming him. Henry will do anything to be with her, but will their romance destroy them both? Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert wanted to adopt a boy to help on the farm; instead they get brash, redheaded Anne, who has always dreamed of finding a real home.

Could Green Gables be it? Marilla and nosy neighbour Mrs. Lynde are not so sure Anne belongs. Anne must prove what she knows in her heart — that Green Gables is her true home. Annie and her big brother, Simon, are mostly good friends, but even friends disagree sometimes. Now this offbeat duo return for a third warm and gently funny early chapter book featuring three short stories. Annie and Simon highlight the best parts of being siblings and are a testament to the fact that there isn't just one formula for the perfect family.

Princess Misty of Beldora is captured by Lord Badlug, the ruler of Grimoire, who intends to marry her and conquer Beldora. Misty is determined not to be another damsel in distress… she is going to be the hero of this story! None of the other foxes share Marco's curiosity. So, when a magnificent ship adorned with antlers arrives at the dock looking for a crew, Marco volunteers, hoping to find other inquisitive foxes and answers to his questions about the world.

The motley crew finds adventure, peril and possibility on their journey — and Marco discovers that finding friends is more important than finding answers! This accessible title helps kids understand anxiety and offers practical ideas for coping. Filled with information, quizzes, definitions and helpful hints, this book helps young people identify and deal with the different ways that anxiety is expressed, from phobias to panic attacks, in settings as diverse as home, the schoolyard and the mall.

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Strategies for kids coping with anxiety are included. When she has a fictional encounter with some very curious children, they end up collaborating on a fantastical story within a story. Here is a world where kids can become part of the story and let their imaginations run wild… and maybe they will be inspired to create stories of their own.

Jaden and Cali live in different cities, but they connect online almost every day, playing their favourite game, Cross Ups. Cali is unhappy and she keeps changing her gamer tag. What is she trying to hide? Ara loves BIG numbers. She wants to count all the stars in the sky In this STEM adventure, Ara and her sidekick droid, DeeDee, use smarts and grit to solve a BIG problem and discover an amazing algorithm of success — coding, courage, creativity and collaboration! When their dad died, Justine became caregiver for her autistic brother, who has now been accepted into a group home.

Before he moves in, the twins want to create the perfect memory. Each spread has a clue, and kids will see hints of her scattered throughout the pages. A winsome armadillo goes to Paris, accompanied by his grandfather's journals, to meet the Iron Lady. But who is she? Each spread has a clue, and readers will see hints of her scattered throughout the book. Sixteen-year-old Sloane is given an incredible opportunity — the chance for a film school scholarship. Then she discovers a bald spot on her head and is diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that has no cure and no definitive outcome.

Determined to produce her video and keep her condition secret, Sloane is forced to make the most difficult choice of her life. Politics is more than just adults governing society and making laws; politics is how we make decisions. How we get along. And it is influenced by all people — even you! Readers will come away equipped with the knowledge they need to understand current events and elections, and maybe even be empowered to civic action themselves! But the more art she sees, the more mixed-up she gets When Finley, Olivia and Henry make some art-rageous portraits of each other, they discover the power of art!

Finley makes her mark in a Fin-tastic way. During his life, Vincent van Gogh was mocked for being different. Children and adults alike called him names and laughed at him. Nobody bought his art. But he kept painting. Arto has lived his whole life in the cold North. When his family prepares to spend a year in the South, Arto is not happy.

He wears his woolly clothes in the desert, pretending he never left the North. But when Arto makes a new friend, he slowly sheds his layers and discovers that it's not so bad to adapt to your surroundings. Outdoor art, from Halloween decorations to a fish display strung up at the school, starts disappearing from all over the neighbourhood! Since Attila hated working on those fish for his community service, everyone thinks he is behind it.

Wherever Christopher Rowe goes, adventure — and murder — follows. Even a chance to meet King Charles ends in a brush with an assassin! When Christopher discovers the attacker's true target, he and his friends are ordered to Paris to investigate an ancient curse on the French throne. Now Christopher, Tom and Sally are in a race to find a hidden treasure — before someone else is murdered! Will has what it takes to become a classical violinist, so when given the chance to take part in a prestigious summer program, he seizes the opportunity.

But Will is unprepared for performing in public and he has all the symptoms of performance anxiety — sweating, shaking and heart-pounding panic. What happens when the one thing you need to achieve your dreams is something you find utterly terrifying?

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Maddie and Ivan have been friends forever. Should she tell someone and get help?

What does betrayal look like when your best friend is in trouble? Count goldfish as they swim about the tranquil pond. Watch as sunlight moves across the water. Spot a water lily blossoming, frogs and water striders hopping through, a heron flying by. With a simple text and rich, lifelike paintings, Werner Zimmermann has created a peaceful meditation on nature and a unique and beautiful world for all readers to enjoy. From Atlantic puffin to zooplankton, this board book includes lots of interesting Atlantic Canadian animals like the lobster, brown bat, moon jellyfish, porcupine and more!

This book is your passport to a world of hidden possibilities! Audrey is a cow with poetry in her blood who yearns for adventure. When she discovers that she is headed for the slaughterhouse, Audrey must leave her home and friends sooner than she ever imagined. Cleverly written as an oral account, this unique illustrated tale of an animal on the run is full of heart and humour.

A touching and insightful story. Covering his childhood in Arizona to first overall draft pick for the Toronto Maple Leafs, this exciting book helps readers find out how the hockey player has skated his way to stardom. Iranian-American Daria Esfandyar is proud of her heritage. She and her friends think of themselves as the "realest" kids in school. But when Daria learns something shocking about her past, she starts on a journey of self-discovery.

It seems everyone is keeping secrets. As everything in her life starts spinning out of control, can she figure out how to stay true to herself? Twelve-year-old twins Ashley and Ryan are skiing with their parents in Wyoming when there is a ground-shaking rumble and unstable snow rushes downhill, burying them in icy whiteness. An avalanche! It will take all their knowledge and grit to survive! Stay calm. Stay smart.

Real-life avalanche and wilderness survival tips are included. Avis Dolphin is sailing to England on the Lusitania. War is raging in Europe, and German U-boats are a real threat. Avis meets a kindly professor whose story of a magical island helps her face an uncertain future. Not knowing what to do, she encounters many animals who want to help. Celebrating the revitalization of Cree dialects and traditional methods of storytelling, the book includes a pronunciation guide and the recipe for bannock.

Love shines through in the scribbled sticky notes they leave each other.

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Neither Matt nor Free ever imagined they would be playing American football in Paris with a team from a poverty-stricken suburb called Villeneuve. And Free just wants to play football and forget Texas. The fearsome witch of folklore needs an assistant, and brave Masha needs an adventure.

Now, to earn her place, Masha must pass a series of tricky tests… Russian folklore icon Baba Yaga mentors a lonely teen in a wry graphic novel that balances gleefully between the modern and the timeless. Caillou has finished his bath and is getting ready for bed. Young children can help Caillou by looking under the flaps to find his pajamas, his favourite book and his teddy bear, along with a few surprises! A fun and sturdy book for toddlers. This CD is a celebration of 20 years of making beautiful music for children.

Reid-Naiman has gathered the best of her songs, rhymes, tickles, knee joggles, dances and lullabies for babies and put them together on one classic CD. Lindy has been working hard cleaning and doing odd jobs around the neighbourhood to earn money for a school trip to the Arctic. When an elderly client pays her a larger amount of money than normal, Lindy keeps it to pay the early-bird rate for her trip. But then a schoolmate learns what she did and starts blackmailing her, forcing Lindy to make a hard choice. This documentary, investigating a perceived threat in the rural Maritimes following a fatal coyote attack, could be used in a high school setting to convey how the expanding human population is encroaching on animal territory.

Locals react to the attack by concluding that a new super species is infiltrating their communities: part coyote and part wolf. But is there any truth to this suspicion? From Cleopatra to Coco Chanel and Marlene Dietrich to Madonna, female style rebels have used clothes to shake things up and break the rules. With an energetic, appealing writing style, Croll demonstrates how through the ages, women — often without other means of power — have used fashion as a tool, and how their influence continues to shape the way women present themselves today.

Once there was a bad mood and a stick. The stick appeared when a tree dropped it. Where did the bad mood come from? Who picked up the stick? And where is the bad mood off to now? You never know what is going to happen… sometimes it takes a bad mood to make everything right! Twelve-year-old Cody loves basketball, but his shaky self-confidence is undermined by a much better-off player who targets him. The newbie seems to take an interest in Cody on the court, but his "helpful" hints are undermining Cody's performance.

To play better, Cody has to come to grips with the bullying, become more self-reliant and take advantage of his skills playing the sport. Bagels are the best thing about Sundays. But their weekly tradition is disrupted when a tumble on his tuches means Zaida is housebound — and bagel-less! Will they all be hungry for bagels on Sunday? Is there something Eli can do? The Bernsteins are heading off on a cruise without the family pets. When Bagels sneaks aboard the ship, Josh and his little sister, Becky, must keep him a secret! But then an onboard mystery begins to unfold, involving two potential spies and a mysterious woman with a secret envelope.

Can Bagels help crack the case? Look out, Bagels is back! The Bernstein family vacation to Sasquatch Lake is off to a rocky start with no TV and a leaky cabin roof. Josh keeps seeing a hairy figure lurking in the woods, and even Bagels is nervous. And are Sasquatches real? Prepared in conjunction with Canada's National Ballet School, this is an inspiring resource for boys and girls interested in ballet. So when the entire family, except Balthazar, disappears, the only Fabuloso without real magic must find them. Balthazar teams up with a long-lost lunatic uncle and the loathsome Pagan Fistula against a force so evil that even powerful magicians cower before it.

What hope does a ragtag crew of misfits have? Follow along as a fictional researcher observes and makes journal entries about their field trip through the Shunan Bamboo Forest ecosystem. Outstanding photographs highlight the animals, plants and people that inhabit China's oldest bamboo forest. Simple graphs show facts about the forest, and the final report describes efforts being made to preserve it. Separated from his family when they are forced to flee their home in Burundi, young Deo lives alone in a refugee camp in Tanzania. Resources are scarce and gangs steal what they can.

One gang leader has begun targeting Deo, who finds comfort in making a banana-leaf ball. When a coach arrives and organizes a soccer game, everything begins to change. Pip craves adventure and the chance to right the injustice he sees all around him — just like his hero, Robin Hood. An offer to go to the Bradford Fair allows him to escape his dull life for a few days. Can Pip and his Band of Merry Kids save the day? The massive volume of information available today makes clarity a key component of data literacy, and visual representations of data are the clearest and quickest way to share information.

Using engaging activities and relevant, real-life examples, this book teaches young readers how to organize and clearly present data using bar graphs, and explains how to interpret data in this form. Meet Barnaby, an unforgettable bunny with a few blind spots! Barnaby has an excellent memory. He remembers to brush his teeth and he always remembers when it's ice-cream night. So how could he forget something so important? As Barnaby finds out, sometimes the thing that's slipped your mind is right under your nose or right above it.

Jim Webb and his grandfather are supposed to be on vacation, fishing for barracuda in the Florida Keys. But with a deathbed request for help, a generations-old crime and attempted murder, everything changes. Webb discovers that what lurks in the shallow waters of the Keys is much more dangerous than a slashing game fish.

And along the way, he learns an important truth about himself and his own past. There is so much more to baseball than throwing, hitting, running and catching. Behind the game is a wealth of science, folklore, mathematics, psychology and fascinating, little-known facts. This entertaining, informative and highly visual book gives young baseball fans a front-row seat to colourful details, surprising insights and new discoveries in baseball knowledge. Die-hard fans and casual spectators alike will want to get their hands on this book of fascinating basketball facts.

Find out about the origins of basketball, how much players are paid, the evolution of the basketball shoe and the secret for hitting a perfect shot. Lots of humorous illustrations and a fun trivia quiz make this book a slam dunk. In this engaging and informative title, animal activist and biologist Rob Laidlaw sheds light on these famously shadowy mammals, from their habits and habitats to their importance for maintaining biodiversity, and the conservation efforts being made to protect them.

Nathan loves animals and longs for a pet. When he discovers seven orphaned baby squirrels in his backyard, he is keen to help them. With assistance from Batcat, a neighbourhood stray cat, Nathan learns to care for the squirrels. But all babies must leave the nest eventually. Will Nathan finally find a pet to call his own? This board book features full-colour photos of animals with a two-word description underneath. At the end, a child is shown having a bath, with the question "How do you take a bath?

Cricket McKay and her best friend, Shilo, are enjoying the last few weeks of summer vacation at Grandpa McKay's farm when they make a disturbing discovery — dead bats! The girls learn that the migrating bats are flying into the blades of the new wind turbines. Now they need to figure out how to get the power company's attention and save the bats! In this action-packed third instalment of the MetaWars series, the Uploaded have crossed into the real world.

Now the fight for control of the Metasphere and the off-line world has become a savage battle between the virtual and the real. Jonah, on a mission to save the Metasphere, faces an even more complicated future — and must make a terrible choice about his own uploaded father. But the war rages on, and the three young men find themselves reunited at the notorious Libby prison in Virginia.

Nate is a guard, Sunday is a slave, and Walt is a prisoner. Can these three battle-scarred soldiers hope for anything more than survival? A vibrant health and creativity magazine set in a bustling city in outer space and filled with short stories, comics, recipes, puzzles, crafts, jokes, interviews, sports, true stories, fun facts, prizes and more!


Specializing in publishing youth work, the magazine focuses on nutrition, personal care, healthy lifestyles, character development, eco education — all in an imaginative and zany style! Can anything eat prickly sea urchins? Can dead jellyfish still sting you? V Battlemaps - Dungeon Rooms Vol.

I, Issue 1 Threat Record Vol. I, Issue 2 Threat Record Vol. Shock: Livre de base 1. Pantalla Piratas!! El primer juego de rol con tornillos Laberinto. Juego de rol Las 7 Puertas Liber Rolis. Contenu Menu Recherche L'appel de tout lu. Lien publicitaire. Jeux pros. Jeux amateurs. Chronologie du jdr. Wanted - Ouvrages. Wanted - Images. Identifiez-vous pour Proposer une fiche. Inscrire un Jdra. Fournir un scan. Derniers ajouts. Planning des sorties. Salons et conventions. Proposer une news. Grog d'Or. Concours et sondages. Perles du jdr. Art of Grog.

Proposer un article. Section de l'association. I find it intriguing that while this novel would be considered "manly" the women were portrayed better than most masculine stories. By masculine I don't mean that sword and sorcery is more masculine than any other genre, but masculine as far as the setting and most of the characters in lead roles being predominantly male. There are quite a few female characters, but mostly quick secondary roles. I must say I hope to see more Rusilla and Merelda though. As far as females in the story go, one woman in particular actually seems to have had more control over the story than any other character, albeit in a background role and not in a fighting role.

Her power and strategic planning made her as intriguing as Egil and Nix. Egil and Nix often were taken aback by the blatant disregard the lady characters had for their chivalry. The scenes would play out as the duo trying to do some damsel saving and finding that said damsel doesn't need their saving and can handle things on their own.

More often than not the guys were pawns to great and overwhelming feminine power, you know like men in real life. Nix goes as far as saying that maybe he doesn't know women as well as he think he does. Poor lad, none of us do. Understanding women is like trying to ascertain what the number nine smells like. The ending was very rewarding.

Seldom do people get their just deserts to me, often justice rears its ugly head and people get away with their machinations in the name of righteousness. Blah, I like Hammurabi's code myself, and was pleased to see some just desserts dispensed. But the dispensing isn't half as bad as I'm letting on, and those who like lawful goody two-shoes heroes would probably be just as pleased with the ending as me. I think it's more of a compromise between justice and revenge. Overall there are just a couple of lulls in the action in the middle that I didn't like as much.

There was a bit of a drag where I felt like I was waiting for something to happen. And I would have liked to see a little more flash, some added sorcery or power from our heroes. But in the end it was a great story and I will be reading the next Egil and Nix story. View 1 comment. Apr 14, Stefan rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley-arc , fantasy. I was very excited to read this one as Paul was able to bring his flair for dark, flawed characters to a world of his own creation.

The Hammer and the Blade is swords and sorcery at its best. The book opens with Nix the Quick, a thief with some talent for magic, and Egil, a priest of the Momentary god, robbing a tomb. The duo hope this will be their last adventure and plan to buy their favorite tavern and put their adventuring days behind them. The guardian of the tomb they kill is part of a pact between House Thyss and House Norristru and set in motion a chain of events that are the basis for the central plot of the book.

Egil and Nix are the perfect compliment to each other, Egil is slower to act, more introspective, but when he does speak it is usually profound. Nix, on the other hand has a tongue as sharp as his sword and quick to act, yet has secrets he keeps from his closest friend. Their witty and sarcastic banter give the reader a clue to how deep their friendship runs and makes you wonder about the adventures these two have experienced together.

The time period in which the book takes place marks a perfect place for the series. The stories that follow could be their previous adventures or a follow-up to this one. I personally would like to see the former, as I would love to know how Egil and Nix met. Paul drops a few hints about their past that wets the appetite for more. Paul paints the characters, especially Egil and Nix, not in black in white but shades of gray.

They are flawed and have done many things they regret and their reflections on these events, especially Nix, give greater depth to their characters. His villains are not the standard one-dimensional bad guys, but complex and compelling characters. Their motivations are understandable and even pitiable. I was highly entertained by this book and look forward to reading more.

The next book in the series, A Discourse in Steel, will be available in He has also written several Star Wars books as well. I give this book 5 stars and highly recommend it. The Hammer and the Blade is available for pre-order now. Aug 01, Mia Darien rated it it was amazing. I think I'm now in love with Paul S. Is it because he wrote a great story? No, even though he did. Is it because he wrote prose that was engaging and easy to read?

Is it because he managed to do the "life long friend" banter that so many try and fail at, without it seeming forced? Is it because he wrote a seamless story where all noted details from character or setting were not forgotten and used at the latter part of the book? No, even though he I think I'm now in love with Paul S. Is it because he managed to write three-dimensional, grey-shaded, believable characters, who can do right or wrong like "real" people but you still like and cheer on? Is it because the end was, indeed, as one reviewer said, 'disturbing and fulfilling' and, to me, full of poetic justice?

No, the reason why I am now very much a fan of this author is because of this. Sexual violence against women is over-used in much fiction, particular thrillers and fantasy. It can be done "properly," but rarely is. Most often it is gratuitous. It reads like a cheap ploy that is considered "okay" to over-use. This is a fast way to get a bad rating from me. It offends me when applied in such ways. I get a twitch especially when it's male authors writing it quite so flippantly, without any consideration to its true horror.

Why does is bother me more than "regular" violence? I don't know. Just does. We all have our things and anyone who has read enough of my reviews knows that this is one of mine; if I can't see it "justified" or "treated right" in a story, that story bothers me. Tonight while reading this book, I came upon this passage on page "A word moved through Nix's mind, a foul word, an appalling word irreducible beyond the horror and pain it evoked The story "got it.

Of course, the fatalist in me worries that I'll read something in another novel that will ruin my good opinion Even so, this one was a winner for me. My "favorite author" slot might just have competition. May 22, Richard Guion rated it really liked it. This is a great fantasy novel for people who loved Conan, Fafrhd and the Grey Mouser, or other classic sword and sorcery stories. Egil and Nix are at first glance very much like the famous Fritz Leiber duo, but they really share a great banter back and forth and there are many funny lines of dialogue between them.

The book starts off with great action right away, as they are robbing a tomb prot This is a great fantasy novel for people who loved Conan, Fafrhd and the Grey Mouser, or other classic sword and sorcery stories. The book starts off with great action right away, as they are robbing a tomb protected by mystical wards. Later they have some hilarity over a new business venture and then the plot thickens when they are "recruited" to rob yet another tomb.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Nick Poedhl - awesome job and he is the perfect person for this material, he really makes it come alive. Poedhl is now on my top flight list of narrators. I do recommend getting this on audio if you can. Oct 22, Purple Penguin rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , adventure. I'm not much of a fantasy novel type simply because of the overdone tropes but I wound up loving this story!

Looking back it's a pretty basic concept: Two rogue adventurers get in to trouble and things are't what they seem. Add in a couple damsels in distress and there you go. BUT once I actually sat down and got in to the story I was hooked by the depth of the characters. Witty writing, humor and realistic personalities shined through along with the twisting storytelling. I'm very likely to read the next book in the series which is very unlike my usual reading habits but that just attests to how unusually good I found this tory.

Jun 27, Lillith rated it it was amazing Shelves: beloved-books. I fell in love with this story within the first two pages. It is dark, humorous, scathingly witty, and full of action and magic and WIN. And LOLs. I snuck through a few pages at work and had to stifle chuckles-out-loud. Mar 07, James Cox rated it really liked it.

A good read. Lots of adventure and who doesn't like a good sword fight. The Hammer and the Blade is a fun romp that centers around the two main characters, Egil and Nix. I don't have enough to say for a full review, other than this book was exactly what I was expecting it to be--a near-cinematic experience that, while not necessarily as deep and rewarding as other books, still embraces its role as an adventure tale. Egil and Nix are given good chemistry, and I really bought in to the relationship between the two of them. There are also nice arcs and relationships wit The Hammer and the Blade is a fun romp that centers around the two main characters, Egil and Nix.

There are also nice arcs and relationships with the side characters of the books, and I even felt connected to the red shirts of the story. I will say I wish Egil had been a bit more developed, or as much so at least as Nix, but I also am glad the book did not ruin its fast-paced nature by spending too much time wallowing in backstory and whatnot.

Generally speaking, I would have given this book four stars, as it was an adventure I had a lot of fun reading. However, I am not a fan of the ending and the morality of it. Reading the conclusion made me uncomfortable, and nothing up until that point in the book makes me think I'm supposed to confront that discomfort and question the deeper meaning of the choice--instead, the "big damn heroes" tone of the story makes me think I'm supposed to be cheering at the conclusion.

Instead it left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Not enough to make me despise the book, by any means, or to stop me from picking up A Discourse In Steel, but it was definitely a noticeable blip in an otherwise entertaining read. If you're looking for something lighter and more about fun and adventure than, say, grim tidings and depression, then I do strongly recommend picking this book up!

I'm a bit weary of leaving another review of this type, but here goes. I always feel obligated to give a book a chance when I receive it as a free ARC, even if its genre does not typically "float my boat". While fantasy is usually my genre of choice, the sword-and -sorcery subsection definitely isn't.

This novel is a light I'm a bit weary of leaving another review of this type, but here goes. This novel is a lighthearted treatment of the subject, alas, and so it did very little to hold my interest. I dare say, however, that if funny sword-and-sorcery fantasy is the stuff of your dreams, this is definitely one of the best of its kind.

Characters are very vividly drawn and their banter sharp. There's also strife aplenty here, unfortunatelly, not enough of the right kind of ingredients to keep my attention. Jan 06, The Abibliophobic Guy rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy. This was a surprise, and yet not a surprise.

It was exactly what I was expecting, yet more than I was expecting. A great, yet not spectacular, Four Stars. Plot : Four Stars Two career tomb-robbers do one last job and defeat a demon, only to unwittingly send themselves down a path that will risk their lives and help them find themselves. Retiring from that last job to a newly bought ' shit-hole ' pub, they are then coerced magically into accompanying a sorcerer as he attempts to sustain his power This was a surprise, and yet not a surprise.

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Retiring from that last job to a newly bought ' shit-hole ' pub, they are then coerced magically into accompanying a sorcerer as he attempts to sustain his power base that they unknowingly slighted. From there Nix for he is the focus of the narration and Egil cross a massive desert, battle creatures of sickening design, are tormented by nightmares, must battle a magical compulsion, rob a tomb, defeat a possessed eunuch, then somehow traverse three days of desert in a matter of hours and do so plausibly to save the girls they have unwittingly doomed from said sorcerer and a denizen of hell.

You couldn't make this up! When I looked at this book I thought it was going to be one of those easy, fun books that don't make much effort but are just entertaining. Much like 80s action movies - fun, but not in the weight-class of the heavy hitters. And I was right. Sort of. For it is that sort of book, the plot is that sort of plot, and no it doesn't match the heavy-hitters for gravitas and panache.

However, it is one of the very best 80s movie equivalent books I have read. It is a step above the rest. Almost like a modern day remake - has quality, polish, and an all star cast but at its heart its still an 80s movie. And I love it. The banter between the two characters, the action, the constant movement and pace just bounds you along. The amount of times I burst out laughing only to shut up fast as danger reared its ugly head, then seconds later to burst out in laughter again at danger-induced-quips.

It was a thrill ride. A roller-coaster or epic proportions. It was fun. Characters : Five Stars Okay, maybe I'm being over generous here with the star ratings. But Nix and Egil are Fun , and you can't help but love them. In fact, they are one of the best Fun Duos that I have ever read - so yeah, maybe they do deserve that five stars. Nix is a slum boy done good.

Song of Blades and Heroes Sample fight

Deadly with a blade, lock pick and his wit he is a great character. He is a hard-man wrapped around a little boy core - it even says as much in the book! You can't help but fall in love with his charm, his inner strength and outfacing bravado. And then there's Egil. Big, large, hairy priest dedicated to a dead god of moments. With a tragic past involving a wife and kid? With deep currents and a strong sense of righteousness, he is the perfect foil to the lighter, more carefree Nix.

But even that brief description is too little, doesn't do them justice. They are more than that, so much more, and combined they are just fantastic - building off of each other to sublime effect. As I said, one of the best duos around. And the rest of the cast it probably worth four stars as well. I've always said that the best villains are the ones that make sense, even in a twisted way. A crazy man going about killing randomly sure is scary, but he can be controlled and beaten. It's the intelligent ones that are worse; they plot and they scheme and they twist all around.

More than that, they make sense - their reasons for doing what they're doing makes sense. And the way that Rakor sp puts forward his argument is compelling - after all, he's just looking after his family, ensuring that it survives whilst doing what he can to survive himself. Before Nix and Egil messed it up everything was going fine. Sounds like an okay kinda guy - I even found myself feeling kind sympathetic towards him, wanted him to turn out kind of nice.

But then you remember the horrors that he's committing his sisters to, his callous regard for life, the way he created the possessed eunuch and you suddenly go 'snap, he is bad! And that's brilliant. Then you have Barras, Jayme, the sisters, the girls in the pub etc, etc. Each and everyone of them is well crafted too - no cardboard cut outs here ma'am. The whores in the tavern are probably the best and I can see them being a series regular, and can't wait to see where they go from there.

I also liked the rehabilitation of Jayme, and then how at the end he highlighted the moral character of our heroes by refusing to help - even though he had proven himself a good lad. It may have been a cheap pat on the back by the author for Nix and Egil, but I liked it all the same. Writing : Four Stars Fun, bouncy and pacey, this tale is a whirlwind adventure. Hold on tight. The narrative flows brilliantly, the banter is the best I have read in such a long while and the pacing is spot on.

Russian Fairy Tales.

Can't think of a single bad moment. As I said with the plot, this is still 80s action movie writing. But it's the best 80s action movie writing ever. It almost makes the jump to a-list panache. Loved every moment of it - I can only hope I can write this good one day. Overview : Four Stars I've said it a few times now, but this is the best of the rest. It lacks that A-list gravitas that wins award, but it's fun, witty, charming and exciting.

It's everything you could want from a book. Don't miss out on this. Read it. Have Fun Reading. May 31, Joe rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , sword-and-sorcery. Egil, the 'priest', a huge bear like individual with two hammers, and Nix, a lowly rogue who normally practices with the falchion and hand axe, make their way through tombs and loot like a duo of classic 'bad' good guys. May 03, Mieneke rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy , Kemp when I saw the first reveal of its cover art on the Angry Robot blog. While not very familiar with straight up Sword and Sorcery, I was intrigued by the blurb and I have a soft spot for thieves, so I was curious to see whether Nix would be another thief I'd fall in love with.

And though I really liked Nix and his partner Egil, it remains to be seen whether this will be a lasting relationship or just a summer fling. Sword and Sorcery is all about the action and the monsters; The Hammer and the Blade is no exception to this rule. The focus of the story lies mainly with Nix and Egil, the 'heroes' of the story. They are an amusing partnership, if a little familiar in execution. Their bantering is lots of fun and it shows a long time partnership of two people who are very comfortable with each other. There isn't much character development in this story; that is to say, from the start of the story Nix and Egil do not really change, they're rogues who think they want to settle down, but discover otherwise.

However, we do find out some of their back story, more so for Nix than for Egil. The villain of the piece and his victims are as much stock characters as anything else, they aren't very well-rounded. They carry their task of giving our heroes a purpose off well, but they aren't that interesting in and of themselves. Then again that is their function: they set the stage for Egil and Nix to shine, to be able to banter, to show off their skills, and to save the damsels in distress.

My favourite characters aside from our heroes were Baras and Jyme, two of the Norristru guards. In fact I liked all of the Norristru guards and I found their interaction with our heroes to be an entertaining break from the two-man comedy of Egil and Nix. The meat of the story is in the action and the action is off to a roaring start from the beginning.

In fact after the prologue, which shows our heroes in mid-robbery and killing off a devil in the execution of said robbery, when we move to the viewpoint of the villain, Lord Norristru, I felt a little lost and I had to push past this chapter and get back to Egil and Nix to reconnect with the book.

Apart from the occasional dice rolling sound in the background, the action is highly entertaining and never more so than once our duo is forced to join forces with Lord Norristru. Being tomb robbers by trade, Egil and Nix's adventures can come off a little like table top dungeon crawls. They are unabashedly exciting and entertaining, but at times the background noise of dice rolls can become a bit loud and a little distracting. This is clearest in the scenes where Nix is looking for traps and trying to disable them and in the final battle at the Norristru manse.