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The principal is in much better shape than her school. Santiago allegedly used school funds to finance this private gym. Teachers say the room is always locked and not accessible to other staff, much less students. Share Selection. Lois Weiss. Jonathon Trugman.

Now On Now on Page Six. But Mr Adhikary just laughed and told us our logical thinking would help us pass the maths exam. I asked a student where his home-work was. He replied, "It's still in my pencil. The boys in my class often used the teacher's desk to play table tennis during recess.

bbmpay.veritrans.co.id/dating-app-de-mntrida.php After having seen many such matches through, it finally gave way and one of the table legs came off. Even more unfortunate was the fact that we had Sanskrit right after and our teacher was quite scary. So the boys placed the flat top on the remaining three legs and hoped she wouldn't notice. They had terrible luck, though-as soon as she stepped in, she leaned against the table, and down she went with a loud thud. She screamed bloody murder and our entire class stood outside in punishment for the rest of the day.

My sixth-grade class would not leave me alone for a second. It was a constant stream of "Ms Osborn?

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Then, from the back, a soft voice said, "Um I taught English at a college in Nainital for many years. I remember teaching tenses to a class of undergraduate General English students, and asking, "What is the past tense of sit? One morning, I was rushing to get to the class I taught, but had to make a stop at the library first. I was so late I barely had time to wear my slippers before running out of the house.

At the library, I noticed the librarian eye me strangely. After a moment, she asked, "Is everything okay? Of course," I said. I looked down and realized I was wearing a colourful Kolhapuri chappal on one foot and my husband's heavy black slipper on the other.

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Jill Barrowman's request from the Chamber found several of our members helping on the evening of September 26th. She was massive. I turned a corner and felt compelled to go back again. On the third day I was admitted to the presence of the young mother and her first-born. He has great ability. Someone helped me and I believed it was an angel or my guardian angel.

No wonder my feet felt so uncomfortable! Performing Mozart should have been the highlight of my middle school chorus class. But after a few uninspired attempts, an exasperated student raised her hand and said, "Mrs Willis, we want to sing music from our generation, not yours. My dad was also my teacher and would call me a baboon's kid whenever I didn't get something right. Other kids in the class would laugh at me. They'd laugh harder when I'd retort, "But that would make you a baboon!

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I guess it's harder when your parent is your teacher. To my German-language students, I'm 'Frau Draper'. One girl gave me a pin she'd made with my name on it. Unfortunately, it wasn't big enough to include my entire name, which meant that she presented me with a badge that read FRAUD. Kar was a lugubrious maths teacher whose lazy walk into the classroom always ended at the teacher's desk. His routine was to open the rickety drawer and take out a piece of chalk and the dusting cloth. One day a whippersnapper decided to place a frog inside the desk to draw some sort of emotion from Kar saar Bengali for 'sir'.

As always, Kar saar's walk ended at the table, and all of us were very quiet as he reached inside the desk, expecting mayhem.

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The drawer opened and a large green frog looked at him with unblinking marble-like eyes. Kar exhibited excitement much like a ruffled Jeeves, his eyes opening a fraction larger, and said in a matter-of-fact voice, "Eki He then started teaching as though nothing had happened. A junior in my English class gave a big thumbs-down to the autobiography he'd read. His reason: "The author talks about only himself. The maths teacher in our school in Udaipur would often hit us with the fat copies of R. Sharma's textbooks, whenever he was having a bad day, it seemed.

It didn't help that he was four-feet-nothing. Obviously, no one sat on the front and side benches. It was quite entertaining to watch him get angry and not be able to reach us, and get angrier still. To annoy him further, the tallest girl would put the duster out of his reach. School kids can be mean! One day while teaching playschool kids, I asked, "Who gives us eggs?

As I welcomed my first-grade students into the classroom, one little girl noticed my polka-dot blouse and paid me the ultimate first-grade compliment: "Oh, you look so beautiful-just like a clown.