Secret Sins

The Secret Sins You Don’t Even Know You Are Committing
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If he sees the fault, it ceases to be a fault. If he admits it, he becomes worthy of forgiveness.

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If our inner being was to be turned outward, and our outer being turned inward, we would appear more wounded and diseased than Prophet Ayyub pbuh. For each sin that we commit and each doubt that enters our mind, inflicts wounds on our heart and our spirit. The wounds of Ayyub Alaihissalam were of such a nature as to threaten his brief worldly life, but our inner wounds threaten our infinitely long everlasting life. Now we will take a look at some of those grave sins of our heart. We hear that well known hadith like many other believers, but do we really worry that we might have an iota of pride in our heart?

Could it be that pride took root in our heart let alone an iota of it? It is like the fish are not aware of the water they live in, and we, humans, are not aware of the air unless we pay attention. Being proud of some qualities we personally have is a sin of the heart, as is to think that you are better or more important than other people i. To live in hypocrisy and showing-off in order to sell oneself is a serious illness of the heart that cancels out good deeds and worships. To be jealous of people and to envy the blessings given to them by Allah swt is actually a revolt to the Mercy of Allah swt and is a serious illness.

Being cold-hearted and merciless to other people and living beings is a grave sin. Extreme selfishness is also an evil that disregards the value of human. The lack of sense of justice like disrespecting the rights of people, and even animals and other creatures, is one of the grave illnesses of the heart.

How To Deal With Private Or Hidden Sins.

Being friend with the enemies of Allah swt and being hostile towards the friends of Allah swt are in no doubt among the greatest dangers that can mislead someone. There are many other sins of the heart like those. As Imam Ghazali said those sins are also the causes of other sins. Other sins are like the mosquitoes hatched in a swampland and the sins of the heart are like the swampland itself. Unless the swampland i. Now that the sins of the heart are so much dangerous with the possibility that we may not even notice them although they have taken root within our heart; then what should we do to realize those sins?

The great Muslim scholar, a great mutasawwif Sufi and a specialist of the illnesses of the heart, Imam Ghazali says that human can see his faults which he cannot realize in himself in four ways in his book The Alchemy of Happiness:. Therefore, as believers we must ask our Lord to forgive our sins in practice and sins of heart together while repenting and asking forgiveness. But only one who comes to Allah with a sound heart. We ask our Lord that we become among the fortunate servants on whom Allah swt bestowed repentance by guiding them to see their faults in this world.

And we ask Him to make us come into His presence with a sound heart in the Day of Judgement. They have an impact on our outer actions, because they are often the cause of other sins. Imam Al-Ghazali once wrote: […]. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content We must recognize the sins of our hearts -which are, in fact, the cause for many other sins- and repent to our Lord in sincerity. How to diagnose the sins of the heart? The common measure of sin is the notoriety of it. But I do not believe in that.

A sin is a sin, whether done in private or before the wide world. It is singular how men will measure guilt. A railway servant puts up a wrong signal, there is an accident; the man is tried, and severely reprimanded. The day before he put up the wrong signal, but there was no accident, and therefore no one accused him for his neglect.

But it was just the same, accident or no accident, the accident did not make the guilt, it was the deed which made the guilt, not the notoriety nor yet the consequence of it. It was his business to have taken care; and he was as guilty the first time as he was the second, for he negligently exposed the lives of men.

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Now, be it known to us all that sin is sin, whether we see it or not-that a sin secret to us is a sin as truly as if we knew it to be a sin, though not so great a sin in the. Then He said to me, "Son of man, do you see what the elders of the house of Israel are committing in the dark, each man in the room of his carved images?.

Do not measure sin by what other people say of it; but measure sin by what God says of it, and what your own conscience says of it. Now, I hold that secret sin, if anything, is the worst of sin; because secret sin implies that the man who commits it has Atheism in his heart. You will ask how that can be. I reply, he may be a professing Christian, but I shall tell him to his face that he is a practical Atheist, if he labours to keep up a respectable profession before man, and then secretly transgresses.

Why, is he not an Atheist, who will say there is a God, yet at the same time thinks more of man than he does of God? Is it not the very essence of Atheism—is it not a denial of the divinity of the Most High when men lightly esteem him and think more of the eye of a creature than of the observation of their Creator? There are some who would not for the life of them say a wicked word in the presence of their minister, but they can do it, knowing God is looking at them.

They are Atheists. There are some who would not trick in trade for all the world if they thought they would be discovered, but they can do it while God is with them; that is, they think more of the eye of man than of the eye of God; and they think it worse to be condemned by man than to be condemned by God. Call it by what name you will, the proper name of that is practical Atheism. It is dishonoring God; it is dethroning him; putting him down below his own creatures; and what is that, but to take away his divinity?

Brethren, do not, I beseech you, incur the fearful guilt of secret sins. No man can sin a little in secret, it will certainly engender more sin; no man can be a hypocrite and yet be moderate in guilt; he will go from bad to worse, and still proceed, until when his guilt shall be published, he shall be found to be the very worst and most hardened of men. Take heed of the guilt of secret sin. AH, now if could I preach as Rowland Hill did, I would make some people look to themselves at home, and tremble too!

It is said that when he preached, there was not a man in the window, or standing in the crowd, or perched up anywhere, but said, "There, he is preaching at me; he is telling me about my secret sins. And when he had done his sermon, they would hear a voice in their ears, "Can any hide himself in secret places that I cannot see him? Do not I fill heaven and earth? Come my hearer, what is it?

The Secret Sins

Bring it forth to the daylight; perhaps it will die in the light of the sun. These things love not to be discovered. Tell thine own conscience, now, what it is. Look it in the face; confess it before God, and may he give thee grace to remove that sin and every other, and turn to him with full purpose of heart! But this know—that thy guilt is guilt discovered or undiscovered, and that if there be any difference it is worse, because it has been secret. God save us from the guilt of secret sin!

One danger is, that a man cannot commit a little sin in secret, without being by-and-by betrayed into a public sin. You cannot, sir, though you may think you can preserve a moderation in sin. If you commit one sin, it is like the melting of the lower glacier upon the Alps; the others must follow in time. As certainly as you heap one stone upon the cairn to-day, the next day you will cast another, until the heap, reared stone by stone, shall become a very pyramid. See the coral insect at work, you cannot decree where it shall stay its work.

It will not build its rock just as high as you please, it will not stay until it shall be covered with weeds, until the weeds shall decay; and there shall be soil upon it, and an island shall be created by tiny creatures. Sin cannot be held in with bit and bridle.

Nobody will see it; I shall be in bed directly. You may as well ask the lion to let you put your head into his mouth. You cannot regulate his jaws: neither can you regulate sin. Once go into it, you cannot tell when you will be destroyed. You may be such a fortunate individual, that like Van Amburgh you may put your head in and out a great many times; reset assured that one of these days it will be a costly venture. Again, you may labour to conceal your vicious habit, but it will come out, you cannot help it. You keep your little pet sin at home; but mark this, when the door is ajar the dog will be out in the street.

Wrap him up in your bosom, put over him fold after fold of hypocrisy to keep him secret, the wretch will be singing some day when you are in company; you cannot keep the evil bird still. Your sin will gad abroad; and what is more, you will not mind it some of these days. A man who indulges in sin privately, by degrees gets his forehead as hard as brass.

The first time he sinned, the drops of sweat stood on his brow at the recollection of what he had done; the second time, no hot sweat on his brow, only an agitation of the muscle; the third time there was the sly, sneaky look, but no agitation; the next time, he sinned a little further; and by degrees he became the bold blasphemer of his God, who exclaimed, "Who am I that I should fear Jehovah, and who is he that I should serve him? Launch your boat in the current—it must go where the current takes it. Put yourself in the whirlwind—you are but a straw in the wind: you must go which way the wind carries you—you cannot control yourself.

The balloon can mount, but it cannot direct its course; it must go whichever way the wind blows. If you once mount into sin there is no stopping. Take heed if you would not become the worst of characters, take heed of the little sins, they, mounting one upon another, may at last heave you from the summit and destroy your soul for ever.

There is a great danger in secret sins. But I have here some true Christians who indulge in secret sins. They say it is but a little one, and therefore do they spare it. Dear brethren, I speak to you, and I speak to myself, when I say this—let us destroy all our little secret sins.

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They are called little and if they be, let us remember that it is the foxes, even the little foxes, that spoil our vines; for our vines have tender shoots. Let us take heed of our little sins. A little sin, like a little pebble in the shoe, will make a traveller to heaven walk very wearily. Little sins, like little thieves, may open the door to greater ones outside.

Christians, recollect that little sins will spoil your communion with Christ. Little sins, like little stains in silk, may damage the fine texture of fellowship; little sins, like little irregularities in the machinery, may spoil the whole fabric of your religion. The one dead fly spoileth the whole pot of ointment. That one thistle may seed a continent with noxious weeds.

Let us, brethren, kill our sins as often as we can find them. One said—"The heart is full of unclean birds; it is a cage of them. Christians must not tolerate secret sins. We must not harbour traitors; it is high treason against the King of Heaven. Let us drag them out to light, and offer them upon the altar, giving up the dearest of our secret sins at the will and bidding of God.


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There is a great danger in a little secret sin; therefore avoid it, pass not by it, turn from it and shun it; and God give thee grace to overcome it! And now I come, in finishing up, to plead with all my might with some of you whom God has pricked in your consciences. I have come to intreat you, if it be possible, even to tears, that you will give up your secret sins. I have one here for whom I bless God; I love him, though I know him not. He is almost persuaded to be a Christian; he halteth between two opinions; he intendeth to serve God, he striveth to give up sin, but he findeth it a hard struggle, and as yet he knoweth not what shall become of him.

I speak to him with all love: my friend, will you have your sin and go to hell, or leave your sin and go to heaven? This is the solemn alternative: to all awakened sinners I put it; may God choose for you, otherwise I tremble as to which you may choose. The pleasures of this life are so intoxicating, the joys of it so ensnaring, that did I not believe that God worketh in us to will and to do, I should despair of you. But I have confidence that God will decide the matter. Let me lay the alternative before you:—on the one hand there is a hour's merriment, a short life of bliss, and that a poor, poor bliss; on the other hand, there is everlasting life and eternal glory.

On the one hand, there is a transient happiness, and afterwards overwhelming woe; in this case there is a solid peace and everlasting joy, and after it overflowing bliss.

I shall not fear to be called an Arminian, when I say, as Elijah did, "Choose you this day whom you will serve. If God be God, serve him; if Baal be God serve him. Do not say you will take up with religion, without first counting the cost of it; remember, there is your lust to be given up, your pleasure to be renounced; can you do it for Christ's sake?

Can you? I know you cannot, unless God's grace shall assist you in making such a choice. But can you say, "Yes, by the help of God, earth's gaudy toys, its pomps, pageantries, gewgaws, all these I renounce? Sinner, thou wilt never regret that choice, if God help thee to make it; thou wilt find thyself a happy man here, and thrice happy throughout eternity. You may say that I am puritanical in my preaching; God will be puritanical in judging in that great day.

I may appear severe, but I can never be so severe as God will be. I may draw the harrow with sharp teeth across your conscience, but God shall drag harrows of eternal fire across you one day. I may speak thundering things! God will not speak them, but hurl them from his hands. Remember, men may laugh at hell, and say there is none; but they must reject their Bibles before they can believe the lie. Men's consciences tell them that. Sirs, will ye keep your secret sins, and have eternal fire for them?

Remember it is of no use, they must all be given up, or else you cannot be God's child. You cannot by any means have both; it cannot be God and the world, it cannot be Christ and the devil; it must be one or the other.

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They are your deceivers now, and will be your tormentors for ever. God will reveal his secret sins: the sinner will not then say, "Lord, I thought my secret sins so sweet, I could not give them up. You say now, "Sir, you are too precise;" will you say that to God Almighty's face? You will not dare to do it then. Methinks I see him; there he sits upon his throne. Now, Caiaphas, come and condemn him now! What do you stick at, man? Are you afraid of him? Now, Bar abbas! Swearer, now is your time; you have been a bold man; curse him to his face now.