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John H.

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Rudolf Ernst

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Comparing Welfare Capitalism. Ebbinghaus , Bernhard , and Visser , Jelle , Trade Unions in Western Europe since Eckstein , Harry , Fred I. Greenstein and Nelson W. Social Panorama of Latin America — Social Panorama of Latin America Edlund , Jonas , a. Progressive taxation farewell? Responses to State Retrenchment , ed. Trust in government and welfare regimes: Attitudes to redistribution and financial cheating in the USA and Norway. European, Journal of Political Research , 35 3 : — Eekelaar , John , The end of an era? Sanford N. Hospital ownership and quality of care: What explains the different results in the literature?

Health Economics , 17 12 : — Ehrenreich , Barbara , and Hochschild , Arlie R. New York: Henry Holt. Watches, Jewelry, Sterling, etc: 14K rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Costume Jewelry, Set of heavy sterling flatware, sterling bowls, sterling compotes, spoons, serving pieces, porringers, etc. Barton Mt. Thursday January 24, Antique and Estate Auction.

After 25 years Bernie is closing his antique shop. Bernie never had a going out of business sale, so there is a large quantity of neat collectible items all to be sold. Complete Liquidation. Thursday January 10, Antique and Estate Auction. Fine China, Crystal, Glassware, Pottery, etc: Majolica pottery umbrella stand, Group of Majolica pottery figures, vases, plates, platters, etc. Thursday December 27, Antique and Estate Auction. Watches, Jewelry, Coins, etc.

Clocks: Antique mantle clocks, Wall clocks, etc. Great Location, Close to Shopping! Mene Whippet Dog Bronze, etc. Fine Silver: M. Thursday November 15, Antique and Estate Auction. Mid Century! Clocks: Railroad Station oak case wall clock, large Oak case antique wall clock, mantle clocks, Oak PI wall clock, etc. Thursday November 1, Antique and Estate Auction. Native Americana: Several nice Indian Baskets, hide canoes, etc. Saturday October 28, Onsite Auction.

Saturday October 20, Onsite Auction. Rainier Oil, etc. Ted wrote for many outdoor magazines beginning in the early 's. Collection of Antique Photography: Collection of D. Gonsalves, etc. Saturday October 13, Sheriff's Sale Auction. Building Materials, lots of raw lumber, pipe, plywood, beams, etc. Advertising signs, posters, banners, Vintage Monarch 40" Electric Range, Appliances, Vintage Wall Clocks, Freestanding mid century modern enamel fireplaces, file cabinets, scaffolding, lockers, world globes in assorted sizes, etc.

Thursday October 4, Antique and Estate Auction. Clocks: Antique OG clock, etc. Items of Interest: Radios, 's double light standing torchere floor lamp, misc appliances, Kitchenaid mixer, wall sconces, Eureka Oak Antique 3 drawer spool cabinet, antique buckboard wagon seat, coffee grinders, Acrosonic Mahaogany Case spinet piano, Micro Mosaic sm pill box, Heintz copper desk set, Inlaid boxes, Stereoscope, sea shell collection, wrought iron light fixtures, Mink full length long coat, Pendleton items, Coach lanterns, sled, Coffee grinders, etc.

Real Estate: Downtown Auburn, 3 Bedrooms, 1. Thursday September 20, Estate Auction. Sterling: Sterling flatware, bowls, serving pieces, frame, candlesticks, etc. Indian Items: Carved Horn Spoon, Mini hide covered canoe, carvings, totem, 3 native carved masks, mini snow shoes, etc. Thursday September 6, Estate Auction. Sterling: Sterling flatware, bowls, coasters, master salts, spoons, etc.

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This was found in a local Washington estate and is one of very few examples known. Estate Fresh and Guaranteed Authentic. Fine Art: Charles Marion C. See Photos , Text Catalog , and hammer prices. See Photos. Contents sold via silent auction bidding ending in 3 stages following real estate offering.

Jean-Léon Gérôme - Orientalist painter - HD

Clocks: Antique clocks, mantle clocks, shelf clocks, wall clock, etc. Also an English military portrait painted miniature by C.

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Here is a chance to purchase the art from nationally acclaimed NW artists, at very comepetitive prices, with part of the proceeds going to supporting the education of deserving local artists. See photos and hammer price results. Chew, etc. See photos , catalog pdf , hammer price results session 1 and session 2.

Prices Achieved

Thursday, October 27, Estate Auction. Christmas: Carole Towne village collection, Hawthorne village collection, Lemax village collection, figures, etc all in original boxes, Nativity sets, etc. Thursday, October 13, Estate Auction. Saturday, October 1, Estate Auction. Thursday, September 29, Estate Auction.

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Thursday, September 8, Estate Auction. LaTurner, Walt Meldrich, P. Daneker, Stan Chraminski, etc. Wei diptych surrealist landscape oil, etc. Mid Century: Uldum Mobalfabrik set of 6 Danish rosewood chairs, Rosengaarden rosewood round table with leaf, danish rosewood china cabinet, Verner Panton modernist wave rug, etc. Asian Antiquities: Shoji Hamada attr. Chein tin windup Santa Clause, Schuco windup monkey, Popcorn Steam Engine, Antique table-top electric Cigar Lighter, Black Americana "Watermelon Eaters" lithograph in painted wood watermelon frame, 4 large carved African elephant ivory tusks, large antique wood Ship's wheel, English period long grandfather clock, primitive grain painted hope blanket chest, Vickar period carved religious bench on bench, etc.

See photos and PDF catalog , hammer price results session 1 and session 2. Parcel Historic Everett Estate Auction. Real Estate Features: Fabulous Fixer! See photos and PDF catalog. Thursday, August 4, Estate Auction.

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See photos , PDF catalog. See photos , PDF catalog , hammer price results session 1 and session 2. Thursday, June 23, Estate Auction. Thursday, June 16, Estate Auction. Thursday, June 2, Estate Auction. Thursday, May 26, Estate Auction.

May be you will be interested in other books by Daniel Ankele:

Hood Oil, Lionel Salmon Mt. Rainier watercolor, Scott McDaniel small Mt. Nicholson was good friends with Tobey and the works date from the 's to the 's. Many of her works will also be included in the sale. She was a well respected artist and teacher with very few works released to the market. Callahan early mystic mountains oil, K. Fine Glass: Daum Nancy large enameled cameo glass flower vase, Daum Nancy large cameo glass landscape vase, pair of L. Tiffany favrille candle lamps with shades, pair of Legras cameo glass vases, 19th cent. English cut glass gilt decanter, Moser style enameled glass vase, pair of Benjamin Moore NW glass vases, etc.

Fabulous collection of antique Lap Desks and Inkwells! French boule lap desk, antique India ivory and porcupine quill lap desk, antique gyptian revival sphinx plated inkwell, English figural dolphin horn inkwell, India carved sandalwood lap desk 19th cent. Items of Interest: Several 19th cent. Russian silver icons, 18th cent. French gilt bronze reliquary casket, English 19th cent.

Saturday, May 7, Real Estate Auction. Madison Valley Estate Auction. Great Location, Madison Valley Fixer! Saturday, April 30, Real Estate Auction. Genesee Estate Auction. Great Location, Genesee Fixer! Thursday, April 28, Estate Auction. Thursday, April 21, Estate Auction. Thursday, April 7, Estate Auction. See photos and Catalog. Thursday, March 24, Estate Auction. Asian: Antique Carved Small Asian cabinets, 2 marble top Asian console cabinets, 4 panel pierced divider screen, Dishes, etc.

See photos , catalog and hammer price results. Thursday, February 24, Estate Auction. Art: Oil paintings, Watercolors, 2 Elton Bennett silkscreen prints, framed prints, etc. Thursday, February 17, Estate Auction. Items of Interest: Antique Oak barrells, antique round top wood slat trunk, framed NW scenic photos, Salem ships bell ships clock, Sessions mantle clock, fishing items, rods, reels, tackle, antique frames, studio pottery, Cinnabar boxes, Deco base world globe, Boeing memorabilia, Airplane photos, Airforce 1 photos, Scale model of Marquardt Corp Supersonic Ramjet Engine on stand, 2 antique steam whistles, etc.

Thursday, February 4, Estate Auction. Mid Century: Long walnut frame low sofa, kidney coffee table, Teak serving cart, pair black upholstered wood frame armchairs, paintings, Modern Studio Art Glass, etc. Art: Antique oil paintings, Modern oil paintings, Antique engravings, vintage framed photos, prints, etc. Saturday, January 22, Estate Auction. Kennedy Serigraph, etc. See photos , auction catalog and hammer price results. NW Contemporary, Rambler Fixer! Thursday, December 30, Estate Auction. Dolls: Doll Collection, Madame Alexander Dolls in original boxes, lots of contemporary bisque head dolls in boxes, etc.

Thursday, December 16, Estate Auction. Thursday, December 9, Estate Auction. Thursday, December 2, Estate Auction. Thursday, November 20, Estate Auction. Thursday, November 11, Estate Auction. Linsley Harbor Scene Oil, M.

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Helm Oregon Mt. Hermann Denmark Sterling Basket, etc. Davenport Co. All original and complete with original saddle bags. This motorcycle has been maintained with factory parts its entire life. From original owner with 20, original miles. Saturday, October 23, Estate Auction. Book Collection: We are please to offer the personal book collection of famous Northwest author, James Stevens.

We have his personal author's copies of each novel including his first copy of Paul Bunyan. Also an unpublished manuscript by him. Collection includes books, photos, letters, personal writings, prints, artworks, certificates, etc. Also included are books from a descendent of the Denny Family with a large group of early Seattle, Northwest, and Exploration books. Large Art Reference Books and Catalogs. A very historic grouping! Saturday, October 9, Estate Auction. Thursday, September 30, Estate Auction.

Thursday, September 23, Estate Auction. Silver: Sterling trays, flatware, serving pieces, chocolate pot, carving set, lots of silver plate serving pieces, antique candle snuffer, etc. Jewelry: Fine 14K gold pocket watches, 14k gold rings, large Opal pendant, strands of pearls, pearl tierdrop lavaliere, vintage garnet earrings, fine costume jewelry, etc. Vintage Designer Women's clothing, beaded dresses, gowns, beaded purses, compacts, shoes, Mink stoles, Furs, etc. Craftsman 5. Great Location - Ravenna Fixer! Thursday, September 9, Estate Auction. Large collection of contemporary Northwest Art ordered to be sold by the US Bankruptcy Court, including estate consignments.

Jones, Colin D.