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I was outta my seat so much it was unreal!!

Haha yeah "I did 10 rides" "No you didnt ya only did 9" no kiss for you haha!! The bet with TRP Shawn! That was awesome!

Divv, I love all your updates, and I definitely agree with you that Kennywood is an awesome park. I can't wait to go back to the park one day most likely next summer as an East Coast trip add-on and try out some more of their amazing food! Kennywood had the best food on the trip, and finished in the top 3 for my favourite park on the trip. Cheers guys! Today was a real bittersweet day, we obviously had lots of fun but were also pretty sad at the same time since it was the last park we were all visiting together.

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Still the park was a lot quieter than we expected and we were able to not only get in all the Kings Island credits we were also able to head over to Stricker's Grove and nab the two super rare credits there. Kings Island is a nice looking park but there isn't really much there that's worth re-riding. No Rock'n'Rollercoaster though.

We did the dance on every lift hill for the rest of the day. The thing just about killed me. I shudder to think what this thing must have been like with OTSRs. Possibly the worst coaster I've ever ridden. We then headed over to Stricker's Grove which is a nice little place with two small woodies. Being that the park is only open to the public two days a year and might not be around much longer I'm delighted I got to visit.


Bibir diketap. A Gem of a Story. Anita turut bersimpati dengan penghidupannya. Lagipun dari cakap dia dalam phone dengan aku semalam, kau kan tahu schedule aku? Kehidupan itu menyimpan banyak rahsia. Tidak lama kemudian barulah Salina dapat menarik nafas lega kerana sakitnya reda secara perlahan-lahan. Aku nak pulangkan diari kau.

The rides weren't anything special but it's a place that's well kept and has a good atmosphere. Oh and they had free soft drinks too, always a big plus in my book. We then headed back to Kings Island where we dusted off the rest of the credits and generally got up to the usual Hooters Crew shennanigans.

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I just about black out on this and my head got a right doing as well. OK, maybe it wasn't his fault it but we blamed Erik as he works for Vekoma. Basically instead of hitting the brake run after doing it's thing the ride went back up towards the cobra roll and almost valleyed there, thankfully we weren't stuck for too long. Sorry we ruined your credit Nadia and Shawn!

Yeah it's a little short but what's there is really good! Probably the best unthemed drop ride I've rode. I expected good things from riding The Beast in the pitch black but it didn't deliver. I don't get the hype over this rickety thing at all. Although since it was all TPRers on the train I managed to get the whole train to do the lift hill dance on the way up! That was quite a sight! And that pretty much concludes the TPR portion of the trip. I'd just like to say thanks to Robb and Elissa for all the amazing work they put into organising it.

To anyone who's thinking of doing any kind of coaster trip I really recommend doing it with TPR, I guarantee you'll have the time of your life. That goes for everyone else on the trip too, it was great to meet you all, I hope to see some of you again in Europe next year!

ARGH! Zapped in a Ruy opening

After the park loads of us stayed up late talking and just generally having more fun which was great. We really didn't want the trip to end. I should also say thanks to those of you who pulled the all-nighter with me - really appreciated it! So that's it for the TPR portion of the trip, but fret not because there's still quite a few updates to come from me as I embarked upon my crazy solo Post-Midwest-Tour Tour Here's some Kings Island and Strickers Grove photos.

Again, thanks to Andrew for letting me use a few of his pictures. Attachments Time for the final day of the TPR trip. A real lame ride but it did give us the gift of the Lift Hill Dance! I wish more parks did this!

One of the worst coasters I've ever been on. DSCN Custom a. Even if it wasn't a great ride it was still a memorable experience and a great way to cap off the trip! It was amazing! I made some fantastic new friends and had some great fun! Thanks to everyone who was there! Aww well brought back memories of the last day!! It was such a sad moment gettin off the beast, was awful knowing it was out last ride and the end of the trip luckily yeah we all congregated in the lobby again for our last night, lotsa Hooters crew antics as usual and pizza mmm!! Was sad just looking through those last day photos!!

Can't wait to see the other updates though of the other parks you went to!!! Bring the next chapter on!! Great way to finish it off Turning round to find everyone else doing it - priceless! The ride ops were like 'why were you doing that? To be fair it was very good of them to give us the Beast for a short while at park close, even though the park had a quiet day. Great TPR trip report, looking forward to seeing the rest of your trip - a kind of taster for East Coast next year!!

But before that let me show you what you missed in the Midwest Sadly with the coasts incurred with my travel woes at the start of the trip I knew I'd have to make some changes to my schedule. Luckily I only had to incur the loss of Michigan's Adventure from my schedule. Rex : Hey, this is serious. It sneaks up on you when you least expect it, okay?

I mean look at me! You know what, it doesn't matter. Go back out there and wait for it to find you. Cure it, kill it; cook it, just get rid of the thing! Rex : Alright, fine!

I'll go first thing tomorrow. Tonight, I've gotta go to a Prom. White Knight I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that. You have your orders. Doctor Holiday : Rex, this night is going to be a special night for her.


Be nice to that girl. She's lucky you know. Nobody asked me to Prom. Rex : Quietly to himself Hmm The pretty ones don't get asked out. So, Holiday, you're not jealous I'm going out with another woman?

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Holiday laughs and leaves Oh yeah, she's jealous. Noah : Wow. That is green. Rex : Not a lot of choices when you're shopping in Six's closet, OK? Noah : smacking Rex's hand Don't ring it again! Rex : Ow! What if they didn't hear it? Noah : Of course they heard it! We heard it!

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Rex : Oh, okay, so because we heard it, they must have heard it? What if they didn't? Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Noahs Arghh!