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Much have i travelled in the realms of gold and many
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It feels so strange while reading your post cause I can totally relate. But due to our family constraint, super conservative thinking of south east asian parents, leaving your job to explore the world seems impossible in my case. I am 27yo legal counsel for an organization and still given the opportunity to travel once in a while. But leaving the job to live on the backpack everyday, is not something that our family would allow us to do at least for me. So, I am thinking, not leaving my profession is not that bad while I can still travelling once in a while.

But I wish that I have such a courage like you. This is my first time reading your blog. Someone I know, or follow, on FB posted a link to this post, which I admire a lot. Were I your age, I would do everything you have done. However, your older self might pause a minute to wish that she had made better provision for her later years. It would have taken so little effort and meant going without just a bit had I begun early enough.

It seems like, it is, a lifetime away, but it comes way faster than you ever could imagine it would. I could really relate to everything in your post, and being a norwegian I feel the same way as you about the north! Once you realize that this is who you actually are, a whole new world opens. This was so perfect. I have 10 years on you, but can completely relate. I halved my hours at work to be home with my babies and then went a step further and hubby and I bought a RV to live in it full time, travel, and grow as a family.

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My 20 year union is coming up and it will be an interesting discussion when it comes to careers…I work to pay the bills and get to the next awesome adventure. Anyway, this resonanted so much with me. Thank you for sharing your heart. And started travelling 3,5 years ago. Because I can, because I want to, and because every time I think of settling down I think of the time before I started travelling. Day in day out, doing what people, society expected me to do.

And it left me unhappy, deeply unhappy with myself. A lot of people would call that being ungrateful I guess. But is life really about pleasing anyone else but yourself? Because guess what: nobody else will do that for you. Keep chasing the stars, sister! Listen to Linda.

And remember you had a solid grounding when you were young. Without that, you may well have become a drop-out with no prospects — not a woman who knows herself, if not her future. You have options — without your earlier heavy work, you may not be in such a pleasant position — with money in the bank just needing organisation. I have worked all my life except for child rearing years and now on my own, find that I have just enough to lead a comfortable life, which will shortly include three months in Italy learning the language — which I have tried to do for the last ten years on the internet — with little success.

Congratulations for all you have achieved. Have a good life. I absolutely agree. I was at university studying an engineering degree, and very focused on getting a career in the well paid oil industry. For my second year at university, I went for an exchange to Malaysia, and after that I backpacked around Southeast Asia. Once you taste freedom, its hard to go back to how you were. Wow, you are such an incredible individual. I just stumbled upon your site through your article about your experience with living in Japan.

My boyfriend lived in Okinawa a few years, he often says he wants to go back! Thank you! Wow, that is such an uplifting comment! I sold all of my possessions over 13 years ago, mostly to pursue a professional sports career. After 12 years, it ended over 18months ago, but after living out of a suitcase for so long, I have gotten used to travelling and a minimalist lifestyle. I am not motivated by money, but am happy to stick around for a while if there are opportunities of paid work that I find enjoyable, or maybe have a greater meaning.

As long as you are listening to your heart and your inner desire. I think travel softened certain parts of my ambition, but it strengthened my desire to be a good person despite my flaws and at least try to make the world a slightly better place. Aah sorry, I think you might have misunderstood my point here! The only ambition that has been killed was my misguided career ambitions.

It was really upsetting to be part of that system, and see people put their careers and salaries above the well-being of the people they were meant to be helping. So I got out. Now the efforts I make to help people have nothing to do with how much money I could make helping them, which is a much healthier balance for me! I just worry young people may draw a false conclusion of passivity toward tackling the harder global problems in lieu of a simple life. I guess I just hope you realize it is not a limited sum game.

There is room for the ambitious AND room for you both to work hard for a better world. I think we need to balance our zen with vigor. There should always be a little tension: a yin and yang between enjoying life and what is simple, and sweating and working hard to allow others to do so. I say this from my own experience… because I sometimes feel like I let my pursuit of calm and zen hold me back from getting my hands dirty with trying to sustainably improve the world of course, while working with people as partners and with cultural humility.

It truly feels liberating to know that it would be okay regardless of whatever you do.

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Great Nature! Will definitely be reading your blog in the future. Overall Product Weight 4. Assembly Warranty Manufacturer provides days warranty. I hope that you can find that security eventually and pursue your travel dreams! I love this article, and read it from time to time as reminder that not everything is planned out.

So thank you. Thank you so much for your honesty and optimism. What a blessing, right? I can really relate to this one. My life before i started traveling was only to follow my parents plan.. Sums up my life completely! Been traveling around for the past 3 years, having adventures here and there! I believe ambitions are a collective pieces from others success and life careers which for me yours is very inspiring and I am grateful for you. I found the good job with nice pay and benefits.

I discovered I loved to travel rather late. I finally found that in myself when I dove in head first, booked a month long vacation and went to Europe. Im currently trying to save 40k yes, not noticed you have an article on how to save about that much — have not yet read it so that I can head out and explore.

I think I can get make it work in American and it would be hard to be across the world from family, but it would also be a fun adventure. Great post! Bravo for following your heart and allowing your focus to shift. Be happy x. Such wise words! I could not keep a job for more than a year. I would save up enough money for a plan ticket. I have found a job that has allowed me to travel to all corners of the world.

I am an Overlander. I drive big trucks full of amazing people who love the same things we do… scenery, culture, food, camping, hiking, etc. The company I work for is Dragoman, but there are lots of overlanding companies out there looking for people with our type of passion. Thanks for sharing, I imagine it could be an ideal job for a lot of people. First, I want to say this is a very good story and you are very talented writer.

My niece shared your post, perhaps as a way of letting us know how she might be feeling at the moment. Reading your story could easily have been her.

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I imagine she might feel a bit confused now. She is in the Navy as some sort of medic and not long ago they returned from a Round the World Ocean assignment. She had an amazing time, saw some amazing things…. Is it any wonder she has got itchy feet, wanting to keep moving…. Was like one big holiday. Now that they are ashore…. Can be hard to settle down after living like that…. I get it. At 30 I moved to Australia on my own, only knowing a couple people.

Been here for 24 years now and it IS my home. My map for my life did a the moment I landed in Australia and my priorities are much different now….

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I used to Live to work…. Things will usually work out how they are meant to be…. Life teaches you lessons you may need later to help you. Anyways, just wanted to tell you I enjoyed your article and you do have a talent for this sort of thing. All the best! Thanks for your sweet comment, and I hope everything works out for your niece I suspect it will!

Excellent post! I can certainly relate to the ease of saving after travel. Why would I buy that? My old one is not broken? I know where that was made, the conditions are appaling! And if all you are wanting to purchase is your next trip you need significantly less to get by. I now find it baffling that people require so many things, even more so that I was once one of them. The good news is that my degree thanks young neurotic Kimberley is recognised in many countries and school holidays allow me to explore the world where ever I may be.

How the hell did you decide on Norway? Sure, we have some beautiful nature, but so does the US and many other countries. After high school, I found a university degree that combined my passions and fell in love with the program environmental governance. As part of my degree, I was offered to go on a bilateral exchange, so I chose a school in the south of Germany to further my knowledge in politics. Living here, I have met so many people and have experienced so many things, and of course traveled a lot!

I have been all over Europe, constantly exploring new towns and cultures, each weekend that I have been able to get away from class. I enjoyed the idea of being in a new place, and looked for more places to explore. I started to adore the European lifestyle. Although it has been an amazing experience, and I, too, ended up losing my ambition for a few months. There was a short time where I felt like I was lingering from city to city without purpose, but enjoyed learning and seeing new sights anyway. However, coming out of my exchange — I leave in a few months, I have found my passion again.

And I have become even more enthusiastic about my home country, Canada. Travel does something to you. I love this article, and read it from time to time as reminder that not everything is planned out. There is still so much out there to discover. Thank you for this wonderful piece! I believe in this so much. Languages are powerful. Not everyone can easily communicate their viewpoints wherever they go, which is a constant struggle for some.

Also, people appreciate it if you take the time to learn ever just a few words in their language. It just shows so much respect. Thankyou so much for sharing this post, could relate whole heartedly. Oh I can so relate! I think sometimes you just have to follow your intuition and then give your all to whichever path you choose! Holy moly I related to every word! Personally, I think your choice to live in a way that is true to you — and then share this with the world — is one of the most selfless and important impacts you can have.

My job takes me around the globe and it is refreshing to to serve that our thinking is congruent in so many ways. Like you I see the good and awesomeness in every place I have visited whether in first or third world and at the end of the day we are alike I need so many ways. Norway does really sound amazing and although I have visited a few cities I would like to explore more regions. Look me up whenever you are in the Chicago area. Other than that — nice and interesting writing.

Other have to seek other options ;. I should clarify that I saved that money in Japan, not Norway, teaching English in a program with people from all over the world. Your article truly resonated with me — a middle aged woman from Western Pennsylvania who has no long-term travelers in her family or friends.

The Life Where I Don't Travel

The kind of traveling we do is not always easy but the bug has bitten us. All we can do is follow our muse. My friends are startled, but this adventure has been eye opening — better late than never, I say. I am happy that you discovered your passion for travel much sooner than I did. I just want to share a quote with you that embodies our ethos:. Most people just exist. That is all. Yes yes a million times yes! Because you write about how experiencing the world can educate you in a way that no school can.

Because the most important thing anyone can learn is how to appreciate what life has to offer and most of it is free. What do people do with a paycheck? I loved it! Oh that makes me feel so happy as well! Thank you for your post. I think it admirable that you have gained such latitude of experience in culture and diversity, which you have rightfully characterised as broadening your horizons. What I think you fail to demonstrate or understand, is that your lifestyle is a product of many people applying their minds to complex set of problems, in the complex world we live in that you acknowledge.

The fact that you boast good health, is surely attributable to advances in medicine, to which you are a causal beneficiary. What is most is remarkable about your post, is that you appear able bodied, educated and have potential to effect change in a world desperate for it. Lastly, I want to emphasise not to take my comments at ad hominin. I myself, cannot lay claim to making any ground breaking impact to society, but in my own way, trying to bring about change by employing my skills and talents as best I can. What I want to encourage is critical thinking to the subject at hand; I think its insufficient to proclaim to be uninspired by anyone or anything, as a reason not to take up a career, yet gain utility from the fruits of labour.

I hope this reaches you well and I look forward to hearing more. I mean that as a good thing — you made me nostalgic! In fact I get private messages and emails every week in response to this post, saying that it gave people inspiration and even comfort. Anyway, hope that clarifies things a bit! This resonated with me so much! I was driven to be a professor until I realized it was possible to travel half the year.

It was the hardest decision I ever made, but the best. We sacrifice living standards to get the lives we want. It takes thrift and planning to live this way, but also luck. I acknowledge mine, I grew up in a white, stable, middle class family. I actually went to Lofoten for six weeks this summer! I camped out at Henningsvaer the whole time, rock climbing and hiking and running. Finnmark and Svalbard are also amazing. Good luck and reach out if you want pictures!

I am about halfway through your country count and have many of the same thoughts. Way to go spirit sister! Amazing article. Other EU countries are struggling everyday and their people, to reach at least one opportunity, to start with your passion work…if you fail, it means another years of working regular job, paying for errors. But anyway, some people have luck, others no. I am so happy to have stumbled across this post! Thank you and I look forward to visiting Norway to see how it won you over!

Just found your blog and love it! My husband and I are going to Norway for the first time next month! We are super outdoorsie and love hiking and camping!! What are some hikes you recommend and areas? Also, I want to stay in a cute bead and breakfast sometime during our trip so if you know of any:. I love this article! I am currently taking a semester to study abroad in Brisbane, Australia and I found myself agreeing with everything you just said!

I started off college with a clear idea of what I wanted to do with my life, and my experiences here have shaped my idea of my perfect life. I feel like there is something to be said about letting your travels make you a better person rather than your studies making you a more qualified applicant in a job market.

I have been DYING to travel the world but the only thing holding me back is that I am afraid to travel alone as a young solo female. Also how to make money while I am traveling and so many other thoughts that cross my brain everyday as I continue my boring routine.


Do I really just jump? Find a place I want to go to, buy a ticket and figure out the rest as I go? I am trying so hard to get in contact with travel bloggers and people who are currently traveling the world. I know nothing about Romania. But how do I start? Do I just plan and go? Do I make connections first? There are lots of travel Facebook groups that might be helpful — like Girls Love Travel — if you want to connect with other female travelers and locals!

But people do. Maybe the day will come. Wow this really resonated me! I came to the US as a kid on a tourist visa with my family from Jamaica. Was lucky to get to travel in Europe and Asia for 6 months last year and I had the time of my life. Especially because NYC is so ridiculously expensive, you can have a higher quality of life in another country for a third of the cost. I love your article and everything you say in it!

I am with you girl! Keep following your passion and inspiring others to live :-!! I really enjoyed reading your post and feel in a similar conundrum right now! I quit my job 7 months ago and have been travelling all around the world but am getting tired of packing my bags for now at least! So will head home shortly… the idea of settling back down again though terrifies me more than continuing with he ubexpected.

I am definitely much less motivated about my career than I once was but I feel totally okay with that now. I think my priorities have re-aligned too.. Thanks for your blog.. I enoyed reading it! Are you on Instagram by any chance? This all sounds so romantic. Like, what if you get injured or sick and need expensive treatments?

Or if you get pregnant? Or what about old age? I mean, those plans or better said Non-Plans for the future are all so idyllic and beautiful but what if life suddenly hits you hard and you need money that you never saved? I live very cheaply, so even when I was working at a supermarket I put a minimum of usd away in savings every month. Because I agree with you, savings are so important.

This was such an honest and helpful post. Will definitely be reading your blog in the future. Keep it up!! This post resonates so much with me! I always enjoyed going to school, however, for me, it was all about the people and learning something new. Grades were never of interest to me. I am a slow learner and needed to study double as hard as most of my peers just to pass, which was all that I really wanted to do. In retrospect, it was a really healthy attitude that got me through school and uni, without losing my mind.

I love living in new places and deeply exploring them and always make it a point to travel between moves. For work I do whatever I enjoy doing and moving and traveling is something that you just gotta make happen. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, I foundd it really interesting and love your writing!

Could I receive new posts via email? Could you sign me up if at all possible? Please let me know. I think you need to ease up on yourself with all that angst about not working hard enough, not having a career or ambition. You have ambition enough for what you are doing now, that comes out clearly from everything you write, and you seem to have made travel, and things related to it your career. It probably separates more than in most countries the false notion that people have to be paid more in order to encourage them.

But then, having travelled the world you know all this, but for some reason, you still seem to be guilt tripping yourself too much! Maybe you are still too American at heart? Allow that inner Norwegian to take over a bit! Would you mind telling me how you manage to make this work out money-wise?

Any tips would be really really appreciated, thank you. After college I worked for two years in Japan and basically saved all the money I made. It took a lot of years of work before I was able to travel full time for a living, so you need to have some patience! Yes, yes, yes! Have you ever considered settling down with a life partner and having kids?

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Would they just be something that would slow you down? Have you ever met people who move around to different countries every couple of years? Are people who settle down and those constantly traveling simply two different types of people? Hi, just found your post and loved it. You did a very nice post and it quite relaxing. I read more posts from your blog and enjoyed the same way.

Your email address will not be published. Once a full-time nomad, I'm now trying to find a balance between continuing to explore off the beaten path places around the world while also building a home in Norway. Want to know more? Head to my About page!

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Subscribe to my newsletter for exclusive updates and stories from my world travels and life in Norway:. Enter your email address Comments I totally get what you mean! Honestly, any logistical advice you have would be so welcomed! Hi Shayden, I would love to learn more about your business and how you got started. Yeah that sounds like the perfect job ever. Work for 3 months travel for 9…. Sounds familiar not the travelling lots bit, unfortunately. The goal of life is to be as happy as possible.

That is the ambition! The only job ambition there should be is to do one you love! The outline of a foot on the Gokstad Ship gives us an inkling of what it might have been like for Vikings to cross the ocean. The Norse society did not die out due to an inability to adapt to the Greenlandic diet. Ring with Arabic inscriptions found in Swedish Viking grave. More than a thousand years ago a blacksmith died.

His tools were buried with him. Now they give us insight into the work and status of a blacksmith in the viking society. The status of Viking women may be underestimated due to the way we interpret burial findings. This policy details our commitment to protecting the privacy of our users and contributors who visit ScienceNordic. A particular type of wax that accumulates on the surface of plant root cells is vital for their nutrient balance, new study shows. The results truly challenge the way we think about plant growth and plant root adaptations.

Computing society needs to promote more gender equity and better ways at working together.

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We present our experiences on trying to do so. A small town in northern Iceland has gone almost CO2-neutral. Researchers went there to find out how they did it and what we can learn from them. Drug-resistant infections are increasing globally. One new member of the superbug family has already caused severe illness in hospitalized patients. Here is what you need to know.

Today CO2 is removed from industry by using molecules called amines, which react with CO2. DTU has developed a new method using molecules from the human blood to remove CO2. The new technology could help prevent climate change.

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MUCH have I travelled in the realms of gold,. And many goodly states and kingdoms seen;. Round many western islands have I been,. Which bards in fealty to. Much have I traveled in the realms of gold And many goodly states and kingdoms seen; Round many western islands have I been Which bards in fealty to Apollo.

Babies who were just 10 months old and who later received a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder took less initiative than other children to communicate with adults. New research suggests that long-term stress is transmitted from human to dog. However, scientists from Syddansk Universitet are on the case using statistics to save endangered animals.

A neurotransmitter in the brain affects whether we gain or lose weight, a new study in mice suggests. In a democratic society, we need to teach children to become critically aware and understand how data processing and digital technologies really work. Biological insecticides are naturally derived pesticides that represent an environmentally friendly alternative to many of the existing pesticides used in agriculture.

More recently, spider toxins have been employed to develop highly specific pest control agents that have been introduced to the market. Snoring triggers a vicious cycle that can cause sleep apnoea and difficulty swallowing, according to Swedish research. Some serious cancers have been linked to an increase of certain proteins in the blood as early as years before a person becomes ill, a series of Swedish studies shows. More and more elderly people are seeing a sharp reduction in kidney function, while other people live well into their old age with healthy kidneys.

A new report shows that the shame many individuals feel causes them to withdraw and become lonely. Half say they often go hungry and few have permanent places to live, according to a survey of 88 migrants. Another study confirms that the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella does not lead to autism. Irene Berg Petersen.