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There he encounters Stephanie Anders, an artist as sensitive as he. Two spend their time arguing, the other waits for the weekly visit of the fourth, so he can relieve his dearest memory.

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This ensuring his survival for another week. Jump to: navigation , search. Zine Title I was working on Eridani Triad with Gail Barton and Dee Beetem , and she was there with artwork, and with a story she hoped we would print. I read the story; it was a Nurse Chapel story. I was never very sympathetic towards Nurse Chapel stories, and this was a regular horror story. I put my teeth on edge Very good. Gail and Dee were not enthusiastic to print it either, for the same personal reasons. We worried about telling her because she was our friend, and we didn't want to hurt her. All three of us talked to her and told her that it was well-written but grated on our personal sensibilities.

She took it well. We helped her find another zine to print it in. And that's the story of how Eridani Triad turned down A Handful of Snowflakes , one of the most popular and controversial Trek stories ever written. I don't regret it, though; it was just not my cup of tea. I can distinctly remember the first time I showed this story to a fanzine editor.

I can also recall her look of puzzlement as she handed it back to me; she had no idea of what I was attempting to convey. Apparently there are fans other than myself who are not afraid to turn over rocks and examine what dwells on the darker side. To them I dedicate this re-print.

Who would have thought a few snowflakes could turn into an avalanche! To Don C. Thompson who printed the zine with no payment except heartfelt gratitude. To Josi Williams who did a yeo-person's job of helping with the typing and put up with my critical comments besides. To Ardie Haydon who burned the stencils and lent her own special brand of humor to an otherwise too-serious soul. To Claire Gabriel and Marnie Ellington for gentle critiques and steadfast friendship.

To Liz Slocombe who volunteered financial aid even though she's not sure what all the madness is about. To everyone who wrote asking about the story and my writing. And of course, to "the Beautiful One" -- because you are! My thoughtful family had given me tickets as a birthday present.

podpiska.kovalev.com.ua/assets/wuqyh-azithromycin-buy.php Caro was there, too, but we didn't know each other yet. More portents. Little did we all know the far reaching effects that evening was to have on my life. Among the dozens of artifacts, gimcracks and genuine plastic souvenirs regaling the eyes of the faithful at Big Mac's huxter -room-in-the-round, one modest table sat laden with free flyers for things of fannish interest, like—to name an example at random—a zine called "A Handful of of Snowflakes", by Steve Barnes.

So, we're fond of this zine for more than its literary value. It's been a good starting place—'lucky', if you don't mind a slightly superstitious choice of words, for Steve, Caro and I. We wish the same enjoyment and inspiration to all of you! Notable authors in this issue included Jacqueline Lichtenberg , Anna Mary Hall who was becoming a frequent fanzine contributor , and Barbie Marczak.

This story, featuring Christine Chapel and Spock , became legendary in the annals of fan fiction , chiefly due to its being mentioned in Star Trek Lives! Star Trek Lives! One of the stories mentioned was M. After Impulse went out of print, Steve published this story, along with three others she had written, in More reviews came in for this 'zine than for any others reviewed in this issue.

Steve is to be congratulated on making them available again. The reviewers gave the fiction in this 'zine a high 9 rating almost excellent but ranked the artwork somewhat lower. The sexual content is hauntingly beautiful and well-handled. This 'zine contains four stories of different kinds of love—nightmare love.

Kirk and Spock's caring for each other love, a lay -Spock story, and a retirement story. Beautifully written, plotted and characterized, this is some of the best serious TREKlit around and is a must for collectors. Highly recommended. The price is damn reasonable. To sum up, I think this is a very good zine in general.

If not, maybe you could get a loan off a Harry Mudd The author tells us in the introduction that she received so many letters from fans asking about this story and her other works, she was encouraged to publish them; this zine is the result In addition to the title story, a short piece told from Christine Chapel's point of view, there are two novelettes and another short story, plus four poems and five illustrations. One of the longer works, 'I Need You, Baby', offers a familiar ST theme: Kirk is infected with an alien life-form that is using his body to incubate its young.

The aliens prey on his mind, causing excruciatingly real and erotic hallucinations. If the evading spores aren't killed soon, they will hatch, killing Kirk and everyone else aboard the Enterprise, and endangering the safety of the galaxy. Spock has to link minds with Kirk to lend him the strength and mental discipline to fight the invaders, in spite of his extreme reluctance to do so.

The other long story, 'Almost a Legend. The author's assumption is that Spock's ego was very bruised after T'Pring's rejection and he needed a brief but passionate love affair with a sympathetic human girl to restore his self-esteem Doesn't Spock ever meet any nice Vulcan girls? A meeting with a relative of T'Pring helps bury that ghost from his past.

Both of these stories are re-workings of familiar plots in fan fiction, but they are nicely handled and quite enjoyable to read. Kirk is in a nursing home for retired Starfleet officers, decrepit and senile; Spock is still his faithful friend, visiting him every week. It's a touching character sketch, but I hope their lives don't really end that way. In summary, these are good stories even though they sound suspiciously familiar. Anyone who likes ST fan fiction is almost sure to enjoy them.

There, Spock visits him and tells him stories about the Enterprise to keep his hopes alive, while it is actuality lost or destroyed. I was reminded of Tennyson's poem about Ulysses. In it, Ulysses is an aging king who has outlived his heroic past. Tennyson suggests that the heroes of yesterday become tyrants of tomorrow, unless, perhaps, we do away with them today.

Handful of Snowflakes

I found the story well-written, but depressing. I don't agree that Captain Kirk would become that useless hero-turned tyrant. For one thing, he would not shut himself off from the world.

A man whose life has been spent in the exploration of the strange and bizarre would not be afraid of change, whether it can be sudden tragedy, or the inevitable old age. I envision him a the founder of a new colony, open to alien climates, exulting in life, possibly starting a dynasty at last. Kirk would watch the young men vying for leadership in this new world. He'd work with and nurture those showing courage and promise; circumventing the destructive ravings of others.

A realist, always able to roll with the proverbial punches, Kirk would be in no danger of becoming a senile old fool. He would accept tragedy and turn it around to use in building an exciting and different world for himself and those to come after.

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These four tales re personal expressions of the author - she states this openly - so they must be read with this firmly in mind. As it stands, it will have to settle for being the finest more-than-two-players incarnation. Bookmark the permalink. Well this was creepy. I played only two player or solo. In a two player there is a lot of space. Some games we played, war about some systems occure, some games are without interaction between us. Surprisingly, this game is very straight. Not typical for Mr. Good game. Pingback: Best Week The Refined! You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Very odd : Could be to do with getting hacked during the event and the GM returning my items after the event had finished! Comment by OneMoreBook Is the winter vale achievements shareable with your alts? Michel Drolet. You will then receive either mistletoe, holly or a handful of snowflakes. And each man fixed his eyes before his feet. Dead mountain mouth of carious teeth that cannot spit. Under project manager Luca Celotti from Azimut Space, the researchers baked simulation regolith into bricks , and then pumped energy into it to measure heat storage.

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