How to Build a Small Brewery: Draft Beer in Ten Days

How to Build a Small Brewery
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Stop by and grab a couple of bottles before they are gone. This is on draft only. Does friendship inspire brewing, or does brewing inspire friendship? It was fun. It was good. Many taste buds were saved. Over two decades later, after divorces, career challenges, personal peaks and valleys and a plethora of batches of homebrew later… it is still fun, and still good. When times were tough, when the future was uncertain, the comforting constant that kept us talking, laughing, creating, and enjoying life?

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Brewing good beer. We are. Brewed by friends, brewed for friends. Old friends, new friends, brew friends. Friendship inspires brewing, and brewing inspires friendship. Enjoy your friendships. Enjoy our Friendships! Our taproom is limited in size. We do have some outdoor seating available when the weather is nice. We simply cannot handle large, unexpected parties. If you are stopping by with more than 10 in your group, please contact us a week in advance to give us the details.

We will need to bring in extra staff to cover your party. We can take your information and we will try everything we can to accommodate you. Please understand that we are a taproom for a brewery and we simply cannot take large parties unexpectedly. Friendship Brewing Company. Generally speaking, states are easy to work with. States will happily take your money and with the additional tax revenue and licensing fees.

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At least in the North Dakota, you can send them a check and get a license in the mail. At the federal level, however, it can take 6 — 7 months for them to get back to you after submitting paperwork needed to get started. The city you decide to start and operate business can also present challenges.

How To Build A Brewery for craft beer in 2 Minutes

For example, the owners of more established bars, restaurants, or craft breweries can make getting started more difficult if they happen to be friends with high-ranking city officials. These can be challenging to fill out so if you can get guidance from a mentor on this piece that will make the process infinitely easier. Many brewers express that it took them a few days or a couple weeks to complete the first time. Many entrepreneurs need to amend their filings based on the request of the government later as well. Equipment not as expensive as you might think. Sam was able to order all the metal equipment from China and handled his own importing. The fermenters purchased are plastic, which is a lot less glamorous and a little harder to work with, but saves a lot of money when starting out.

You need to be more careful with plastic fermenters because if the plastic gets too hot it will wreck the beer. Sam also built a cold room himself. All this work added up to massive savings in startup costs that similar businesses should expect to incur. All that being said below is the list of equipment costs Sam incurred while starting the brewery business:.

Fermentation in these tanks will take about two weeks for the wort and yeast to transform into real beer. This will also be used for cleaning tanks. This will depend on the size you need. Shelving Units: These are utilized to stack grain, malt, hops, yeast and other ingredients.

You can get shelving like this affordably at Amazon or from a home improvement store. However, this might not always be possible due to the way in which your location is setup and regulations. Make sure to ask your network for referrals of good contractors and get multiple bids to understand the price range of services. It pays to be prepared! As you can see by getting creative in the ways described above you can save a fortune in startup costs. As highlighted in both the audio interview and equipment costs section there are the three key areas you can focus on to save money when opening a brewery:.

Each brewery has different sales numbers.

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Some of the larger craft breweries do hundreds of millions of dollars in sales annually with dozens of tap rooms, national distribution, restaurants, and generate revenue in all sorts of ways. A good example of one of the biggest craft breweries is Stone Brewing. This demonstrates tremendous upside in the market to grow. At the time the podcast interview was recording, Sam was in the first year of his business.

Where to Buy Craft Beer Downtown

Understandably, in your first year of business you should expect the lowest sales numbers since it takes time to gain traction. The other important point to keep in mind in terms of revenue is that Drumconrath Brewing Company is only open four days per week from 4 p. If the brewery were to be open seven days a week it would immediately increase the monthly sales that would add up over the course of the year.

Your the one that gets to set the hours of operation around your ideal lifestyle. Sam is also able to keep expenses to a minimum due to being a one-man operation. Sam currently brews all the beer and works the tap room. Due to the combination of low labor costs and running the brewery out of a lower cost suburb, the monthly overhead for the business is very low.

At the time of recording this interview, Sam was generating sales exclusivley through his tap room. You can use this formula to help project the profit for your own beer. A batch of beer is a approximately 17 kegs of beer.

We are assuming you plan to utilize standard 5-gallon keg sizes for this estimate. As you might expect, the costs of ingredients required to make different styles of beer will vary in cost. You could also increase the average profit margin of your beer by raising prices. Be sure to test price points to determine the best pricing model in your area. As you already know, the ingredients needed to make the beer are low. But the time and labor required to make an enjoyable craft beer is high. Sam has a passion for brewing and loves the craft so doing it himself this is part of the reason he got into this business.

Finally, keep in mind the other basic expenses and overhead that go along with operating any type of business. Note: Sam is in talks to distribute his beer locally through restaurants and bars, which would add an additional sales channel and revenue to for the business in the coming months. From a time frame perspective you should be able to complete these steps within 4 months if everything goes smoothly and as planned.

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It took Sam about 9 months to go through the opening process due to delays with the city and paper work at the federal level. If you want to build in a buffer of time to resolve unanticipated issues or delays getting started a 6 month time frame from start to grand opening is reasonable. Over communicate why you want to open a brewery.

It is very hard sometimes for both the entrepreneur and spouse. Sam recommends finding a business mentor that can help you get started. Preferably this would be someone that owned a brewery in the past.

Siren Craft Brew | Craft Beer & Real Ale Berkshire

Someone that has owned a bar or restaurant will have a lot of transferable experiences that you can learn from. Why make an already difficult journey more complex by not asking someone for help? This is a great way to meet other brewers and find out what strategies that are working.

See if you can get hooked up with local owners. Second, find out how much money you have can get access to. Access how much personal savings you have in a checking account, stocks, savings, K or other retirement fund, and even figure out what you would be able and wiling to convert into cash like an unneeded car. Then figure out how big of a loan you can get either through a second mortgage or business loan. The goal is to get a clear understanding on paper of the different funds you have readily available.

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Starting a brewery as a business is not a low-cost endeavor. As a general rule of thumb, stay away from investors if you are able as it will complicate your business operations in the future. Try to negotiate better terms for yourself and shop around for different locations. When you start outfitting the brewery, look for tasks that can be completed by you or a friend. If you can buy second hand furniture and install it yourself in the tasting room go for it.

Look for second-hand kegs and other equipment if you can find it. As a business owner must get into the habit of always asking for a better deal and looking for lower cost alternatives to getting things done. Each dollar you save reduces the debt burden and will helps expedite the profitability of the business.

One of the ways that Sam plans to increase his overall revenue is by adding the sale of t-shirts, hats, and other apparel that includes his business logo. Sam cited this article in the podcast interview as a guide for giving him some creative ideas for earning income for his brewing online. Smaller towns and suburbs are often an untapped gem, however. Believe it or not, before prohibition every town had a brewery. Still, buying all things local when you can is a mega trend.

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How to build a small brewery: Draft beer in ten days [Bill Owens] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A ten gallon brewing system can be built in a couple of weekends. Bill Owens shows you: How to build a mash tun from a camping cooler - How to convert a.

People like to see local things succeed and enjoy regional beers. Three barrel system is the most versatile size for the money. If you put in one long day of work, you can produce two batches of beer. You could make about 4, barrels annually with a three-barrel system if you had some reliable part-time help. Input cost would still remain very low even with hiring employees. It is time consuming.

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I actually decided to close Sunday and Monday to be able to spend time with the family. You can do this a couple days a week if you want to keep your full-time job for financial stability. As you might expect these are the two most profitable days of the week. The business does leave money on the table by not being open every day, but this is actually the type of business you could realistically start part-time with a job and run only weekends if you wanted. This is what a typical work week will look like for a small, independent brewer.

Come in and open up my brew software. Turn the water on and start filling the tank. Weigh out my grain. Start dumping grain and mixing it up. Do inventory, figure out what I need, order materials.