Facility Planning and Maintenance. Topic 2: Facility Planning

Introduction to Facility Management, Business Planning and Service Delivery
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Facilities Master Plan

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A list of all existing tutorials is available online. They can be delivered at the Software Engineering Institute or on another specific location. Statutes were enacted in setting higher goals for the energy code. Erosion is a particular problem for solids handling in pipework, ducts and dryers. It occurs primarily at sites where there is a flow restriction or change in direction including valves, elbows, tees and baffles.

People spend 87 percent of their time in buildings. See what goes on behind the scenes.

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Improve operations for space optimization, lease accounting, capital projects, energy management and maintenance. Launch interactive demo. The distinction between physical and digital infrastructure is increasingly blurred. This is most prominent in facilities management, where buildings and workplaces are major generators — and consumers — of data.

What is facilities management?

To do so, organizations are looking for facilities management solutions that are comprehensive, integrated and intelligent. A comprehensive system uses all aspects of building and facility management. It allows for IoT monitoring of space, water, energy, utilization, indoor air quality and more.

The data collected is part of an integrated system of facilities technologies that communicate and understand each other. Data is analyzed and tagged by location or asset type and associated with business rules.

Transforming facilities management with cognitive IoT

Commute Ontario has launched! See what goes on behind the scenes. The IWFM also has a number of special interest groups SIGs and regional groups who help support facilities managers through networking and career development. Inspection Checklist - Pediatric Unit pdf. Work experience Pre-entry experience is desirable and a placement year in industry from a relevant degree can be particularly useful for gaining skills and building a network of contacts.

Rules trigger algorithms to not only detect but predict and respond to anomalies. The solution can then intelligently identify opportunities for efficiency and predictive maintenance; uncover root causes and deliver recommendations to human personnel; or adjust assets and devices by itself. Beyond these capabilities, lies the opportunity for facility managers to create rewarding even aesthetically pleasing environments. Although cost-control measures and flexibility remain key objectives, creating compelling, emotionally rich experiences is the new frontier.

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As artificial intelligence is integrated with building systems and IoT devices, it has the potential to improve occupant experience, increase operational efficiency and optimize space and asset utilization. Read the case study.


Activities held within sport and recreation facilities can encourage participation, promote health and wellbeing and foster a sense of community. However, planning a sport or recreation facility is an involved and sometimes difficult task. To "get it right" may take time and involve a range of skills, many of which can be found within your community. This paper provides an overview of the facility planning process for a specific sport or recreation facility.

Together they provide a planning framework for providers of sport and recreation facilities.

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Buy Facility Planning and Maintenance. Topic 2: Facility Planning: Read Books Reviews - lycifyjibegi.tk Facility Planning and Maintenance. Topic 2: Facility of Architects standards of performance mapping training course (the original version 2) [Paperback].

A preliminary task to planning a sport and recreation facility is the preparation of a strategic recreation plan. A recreation plan identifies existing facilities and services, the broad recreation needs of the community and the action required to meet identified needs.

Facility Planning and Maintenance. Topic 2: Facility

It outlines the priorities for sport and recreation facilities and services, ensuring that provision is equitable and efficient. The preparation of a recreation plan may identify a range of development requirements. If the recreation plan identifies the need for a specific sport or recreation facility, the facility planning process should begin. The first phase in the facility planning process is to undertake a facility specific needs assessment. This process will verify whether a new facility is required or if the need can be satisfied in some other way. It will also provide clear direction with regard to the most appropriate scope, scale and mix of components for the proposed facility.

The needs assessment should involve broad consultation. Discussions should occur with various members of the community, key agencies e. Once all the information is gathered and analysed, a report is completed recommending to either modify or abandon the proposal, upgrade or amalgamate existing facilities, or to develop a new facility.

If the needs assessment recommends the development of a new facility or significant redevelopment of an existing one then the next phase in the facility planning process is to undertake a feasibility study. The purpose of a feasibility study is to enable an objective decision regarding resource allocation to a sport or recreation facility. The study will refine the concept and then test that concept to determine if it will perform both practically and financially.

Community consultation should occur throughout the feasibility study to determine particular requirements such as size, usage, access, functionality and affordability. Once completed the feasibility study should enable an objective decision regarding the resource allocation to the proposed facility. At this stage an evaluation is concluded to either proceed, modify, postpone, stage or abort the project.

Strategic Facility Planning Report: Part 2

If the feasibility study recommends to build a facility, the project then enters the design phase. It is at this point a management plan is finalised, a design brief is developed and a design consultant or team is appointed. The management plan is then used in the development of the design brief -that is, the functional requirements of potential user groups and activities are translated into a set of design specifications.

ServiceNOW - Facilities Overview

A comprehensive design brief is critical if the expectations of the client and community are to be realised. The requirements of the project design brief are incorporated into drawings prepared by the design consultant s.

A detailed cost analysis is undertaken and all statutory approvals are obtained.