Facebook Wealth: 5 Steps to Success

Billionaire Michael Lee-Chin’s 5 Principles of Wealth Creation
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As per this strategy, you need to find a good email list generator. Please note, we are talking about an email list generator and NOT about an email extractor or email scraper or email harvester. NEVER use an email extractor, harvester or scraper because you are going to waste your time because an email extractor will simply harvest email addresses from the internet and give you the list of collected email addresses. There are so many problems in using an email extractor, harvester or scraper. Second, it will also collect email addresses from the websites of business firms, companies, lawyers and doctors etc.

Definitely, you would not like to send a friend request to a doctor, lawyer, advocate, carpenter or an accounting firm. It can put you in a serious problem. So, do not even think about collecting email addresses from the internet and using them to send friend requests. Makes sense? An email lists generator generates lists of supposed email addresses using common names of the people of the countries you want to target. These email addresses belong to the general public and not to the companies, firms or business houses.

The best thing is that you can use different combinations of the names, keywords, domain names and random numbers to generate the lists of millions of unique email addresses by repeating the task. Using an email lists generator you can target any market in any country you want. For example, you can generate lists of email addresses of those people who are interested in making money, losing weight, poker, credit cards, music, websites, SEO, Twitter or Facebook applications etc.

Not only this, you can also target any country you want e. I downloaded and tested different email lists generators, one after another. I found this tool very impressive because there are two main reasons behind that. First, it is the cheapest one in price amongst all the tools I tested and rejected. The best feature is that it saves email addresses lists in the text file format. It is really cheap in price and you can easily afford it. I know that I am taking risk by openly recommending a product. You might think that I want to sell you this software, right?

This is not a crappy e-book which contains affiliate links from Clickbank or Commission Junction websites to make sales and earn commission.

The 5 steps used by the Jamaican-Canadian Billionaire to create his wealth

Your profile should look like a profile of years old girl. This can be through either paid or organic efforts. It may be about a particular subject you like for example a celebrity, computers, mobiles, laptops, games, dating sites, matrimonial, weight loss, health tips or anything. Plus you can automate your online business so once you frontload the work, the business keeps paying you again and again, even while you sleep. Now there's new help to build one.

I am recommending this software because I have already tried many other softwares after wasting a lot of time and money and I do not want you to waste your time and money like I did in searching for the right tool. To give you a clear idea, so that you do not get confused, I have designed a small image just for your understanding.

Glen Henry: 5 Steps to Releasing Your Genius

While using email list generator from www. Means, if you generate a list of email addresses then will be real ones and this is a fantastic figure.

The 7 Point Formula For Financial Freedom

You do not need to send emails to these people. Facebook has a special feature to invite these people. I have noticed that few websites are cheating the customers by promising that they will give you Acute Email IDs Production Engine at a less price but it is a fraud. Either they will take your money and will not give you anything or they will give you another software which will be of no use to you.

Even if they give you Acute Email ID software, they would not be able to give you license key because the activation is online. So just avoid these websites as there is no need to take risk. I bought my email list generator i. So, do not give your money to any scammer or any other website, simply visit www. Step 4: Using your email lists generator, generate an email addresses list and save it in a text file. It should not take more than 60 seconds.

How To Become Rich - 3 Steps For REAL + LASTING Wealth (With Dan Lok)

If you are going to choose a different email lists generator then make sure that it has this feature because it is very important. Now, we can use this email list to invite people on Facebook but Facebook does not allow uploading an email list directly on its platform.

The email list must be in special format to upload on Yahoo mail. I have uploaded this format for your convenience on my website.

5 Steps to Creating Wealth

Make the following settings. After doing these settings, click OK and file will open. After opening, this file will look like as below. This is an empty file, because it is just a format which Facebook accepts. Step 6: Now, open your Text File in which email addresses list you just generated was saved.

Leave all other columns blank. Was it difficult? I do not think so! If you think it was difficult, then simply read it again and apply these steps while you are reading. Create a new Facebook account. Your profile should look like a profile of years old girl. It should look simple, sober, natural and real. Generate an email list using an email list generator of your choice.

Do NOT use any email extractor, harvester or a scraper. You can instantly order it on www. Always beware from the scammers so go straight to www. Is it clear? Creating Yahoo mail is a 60 seconds task. Step You will see the next window. Your email list will be imported into Yahoo mail account. Step After successful import, it will show you the total contacts in your Yahoo mail. You will see a lot of options to add personal contacts on this page. Yahoo mail is also one of them. Now, enter your Yahoo email and password on next window and your entire Yahoo contacts will be imported into new Facebook account.

Step Now, Facebook will show you the list of contacts, it found in Yahoo Mail. Facebook will send invitation to all these people. If the people on invitation list are already on Facebook then they will get friend request on your behalf and if they are not on Facebook, then they will get an invitation to join Facebook to become your friends.

Now, upload this file again on Yahoo and import into Facebook by repeating the same process.

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You can do it as many times as you want by generating fresh email addresses every time. On first day, I sent invitations to people and it took just 20 minutes! It is a very easy process. Apply this process while reading this e-book, it will make things a lot easier. Follow this practice only two times a day. It takes only 2 minutes to generate hundreds of email addresses. Like I said earlier, consider yourself very lucky that you have got your hands on this method while others are still struggling to make money.

Not only this, the chances of your success are high enough because most of the people are lazy and they will not act on this report or they think that this method will not work for them. By the way, I can not find any logic behind such thinking. May be they are too pessimistic or so unlucky to be successful. Anyhow, it is good for you because when only few people will act on this report, your chances to WIN will be more because of low competition.

Ok, when I sent invitation to friends on first day, people were already on Facebook and they got friend requests immediately and the remaining people who were not on Facebook got invitation to join Facebook via email. I added 26 friends in 1 hour only. You know, Facebook activities go viral. When you add a friend, it is displayed on walls of both of you and a lot of other people notice your profile and because you have a girl profile, they also want to add you as a friend. Your work is just to accept these invitations. See, how many friend requests I got within next 2 hours.

Yes, there were 39 friend requests and my job was just to add them one by one. I added all of them as friends and now I had 63 friends in just 3 hours. After around 8 hours, I checked again and got amazed that I had more than friends in my Facebook account. That was a fantastic figure! Means, I got more than Facebook friends in just one day! That was more than enough for me. This time I invited around people. Again, those who were already on Facebook got friend requests on my behalf and those who were not on Facebook got invitations via email.

I was doing this process just 2 times a day so I was spending only minutes daily for this work. On late evening of 2nd Day, I checked my profile and found that I had more than friends. I was taking screenshots every day, because, I was an active member at Digitalpoint Forum and was sharing my progress in this thread. The forum members were so excited with the results that they started sharing their Facebook accounts urls and their personal email addresses to add even more friends, faster.

It was against Facebook as well as Digitalpoint rules so forum moderators had to delete the thread. Anyhow, now I was getting friend requests daily and was adding a lot of friends every day. I was using a fresh email list everyday as there is no limit on the number of email lists that you can generate using Acute Email IDs Production Engine. Look at the huge jump in the number of friends.

Day — 3 Actually, Facebook does not allow you to send 20 or more friend requests manually but, when you invite them through this method, this limit does not apply. On 5th Day, I had more than friends. Now, I was getting thousands of likes for whatever I was sharing. Just have a look at this screenshot. You can share any item in which everyone is interested like images of Apple iPhone, Beautiful Cars, Romantic Quotes etc. As you saw on the previous page, that I reached at friends in just 7 days but still, there were a lot of pending friend requests and when I tried to confirm them I got this message.

So after I reached this number of friends, people could not send me friend requests anymore. If someone would send me a friend request he will see the following error message: When you have friends, you get immense exposure to anything you post. Look, I got likes in just 20 minutes to a simple message I posted on my FB profile. See, how many friends in my profile have birthday on same day, because I had a large number of friends, so there were a lot of birthdays on same day. Visit www. Get a good email list generator. Yahoo Mail would not accept any format other than this one.

Leave other columns blank and save it.

It will import all email addresses from contacts. After import, Facebook will show all the contacts. Do this process twice a day and you will get friends in just 7 days. Still, if you think that it is difficult, then you should start doing this wonderful activity while reading this ebook. Go for step 1 and once it is completed, read and complete step 2 and so on. In that way, the time you will finish reading this ebook, you might have added significant number of FB friends to your account.

In order to make money from your Facebook account you must have a Facebook page. As soon as you have just friends, you can create a Facebook page and start making money from the same day. That means, if you start today, you can start making money within 4 days. Adding friends takes 3 days only and you can create a Facebook page and start making money from 4th day. It may be about a particular subject you like for example a celebrity, computers, mobiles, laptops, games, dating sites, matrimonial, weight loss, health tips or anything.

All you need is a Facebook account and if you have a Facebook account with friends which is very easy with email list generator , then you have gold in your hands! After creating a Facebook page, you can start making money from the same day. Most Important Lesson - Remember Before creating a fan page, you must have at least friends. That does not mean that you can not create a fan page without having friends but if you create a fan page before having friends, then your page will not get enough exposure and it will be difficult to earn money from it. Let's move to the next step Add an attractive image to your page to gain more attention.

If you want to create a picture yourself then you can visit Google Images to get an idea. If you find anything incomplete in your fan page then complete it first before asking your friends to join it. Besides it, your page should have an attractive and meaningful name which is related to the type of product you can easily sell. Because you do not have a website or a product to sell, so we will take help of Clickbank.

It is one of the most popular website for those people who want to make money online without any website or a product. It is completely free to join. Clickbank is that website where hundreds of informative products like ebooks, softwares and the membership sites are sold every day. They are the sellers actually. Generally, the products sold on Clickbank are downloadable.

Customers - Those who buy the products from Clickbank website. Affiliates — Those who spread the links of these Clickbank products on the internet to let people know about these products. When someone clicks on an affiliate link and buy the product, then affiliates earn commissions. Note: You are going to work as an affiliate in this system. You will earn commission as soon as someone buys something after clicking on your link.

You will get this money transferred to your bank account whenever you want. Your work is just posting the links of Clickbank products on Facebook. When someone clicks on your link and buy any product, you will earn commission. As soon as a sale is done through your link, the commission will be credited to your account and you can withdraw it whenever you want.

Clickbank pays commissions via bank cheque or direct bank transfer. You can choose the option in your account. Creating a Clickbank account: So just visit at www. Fill in all the required details in your account to complete it in all respects. A Secret Tip In case you do not find your country name in the signup form on Clickbank, then do not worry.

While signing up on Clickbank, enter any fake address and choose any country like USA. Now, please do not share this tip with anyone. At this page, you will see an option to find the products: Enter any keyword to find the products according to your taste. After entering the keyword, you will get a list of lot of products. You must read this article which tells how to choose the best products to promote. But do not make it so hard, just choose any product whose price, commissions and the website appeals you.

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