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This we have not done, for the fear of YHWH and His awesome word is both the beginning and fullness of all wisdom. Simply put, we have paraphrased and reversed some word orders to properly fit the original Semitic languages into understandable English. Nevertheless we have managed to remain true to the text, without major changes. Unlike many crafty translators and their translations that do not admit to an underlying agenda in their publications, The Restoration Scriptures True Name Edition Study Bible has an overriding and clear agenda in publishing this project.

We admit that! It is our most sincere desire and heartfelt prayer, that this translation will help end the exile of our people, by bringing believers from all backgrounds into their Hebraic heritage. Many folks sent many dollars in advance and waited for this NT, thinking that it would be an original translation from Aramaic and Hebrew manuscripts, as James claimed in promotion.

The Way has been described as a secretive, cultish group, but really that is not the relevant issue here. Obtaining this version is difficult. Mostly the AEINT was known to members of the Way International, and in addition some men who specialize in the rather small world of Peshitta translation. These issues will be also addressed. For now, the focus will be on his academic claims. We see emails as far back as , where James was pushing his books and theology as Doctor James Scott Trimm.

Please note. They are seen as originally posted. Another excerpt from this site related to the above paragraph:. It would be most interesting to know what degree programs James Trimm had actually seen and evaluated. Other than the GED course which can be studied for, or not.

Proverbs 5 -6 Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him. Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar. He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. There really is a lot of info on this site. One can also gain a lot of insight by doing a simple Google search using the name James Scott Trimm.

The ARTB restores hundreds of specialty ancient words missing from other versions.

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Put away the reference books and enjoy the outpouring of insights! Some I love for reading, some for study. You probably have a similar pile. So why do you need another bible? How is this possible? Back up for a moment and think about the great breakthroughs in bible study. And how about J. For the first time, the bible lover in the pew could view things that were previously only available to scholars.

But I found that as I was doing bible study, I would have multiple reference books, multiple versions of the bible and checking out details on the computer. Often I would lose the sense of the text just trying to figure out all the information I was given from other sources. I was ready for a new approach. Are you?

The Translinear method was born from a detailed scientific analysis of several bible versions. The light went on for me when I realized that the reason we needed things like cross-references and Interlinear bibles because none of the bibles that had been published to date were close enough to the original language. They have extra words, are missing many unique words, and were not utilizing English consistently with the original language. So all the classic bible study tools were needed to find out what the ancient text really said. Or think about the number of footnotes in a typical study bible.

So the number of footnotes is dramatically reduced. So the word translinear was born to convey that this is not a normal translation. Transport yourself to the Ancient Roots of the original language with the most exact methodology ever published for completeness and consistency. Join me and enjoy the outpouring of insights. Are there any plans to work on some of the other books that were not included in our present cannon — i. I started the Greek New Testament several years ago.

Would it be interesting? A significant aid to understanding? So, it is a legitimate question whether its the right thing to do it from the Aramaic. You get caught with the wrong words and you end up with the problem of needing to reuse English words. But I decided to finish the Aramaic NT first for all the reasons above. Does the above seem like a flawed system to you? Translation is translation. As most biblical scholars and translators know, translating the Bible from Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek into English or any other language is not easy.

How does a translator clearly communicate the meaning of Hebrew words to English speaking people? Because the task is difficult, the result is that today we have many different translations of the Bible. Now the problem has been solved. The aim of the Ancient Roots Translinear Bible is to solve the problem that different translations of the Bible create for the average reader.

Thus, every unique English word matches every unique Hebrew word. Now you can save some time and money. How did this translator produce a Bible that solved the problems translators have struggled for centuries to solve? How was this done? It was easy!

The translator, A. Any one who has translated from Hebrew to English will agree that the approach taken by Ancient Roots Translinear Bible is very simplistic. The index is designed to help students find a phrase or a word and compare how the same word was used in another section of the Bible. As such, professionals and amateurs alike must consult a number of contextual tools to reconstruct these cultural backgrounds. It seems to me that this new Bible will be consistent in translating the same Hebrew words into English, but it will be a Bible which will fail to communicate the beauty of the biblical message and the intricacies of the Hebrew language to its readers.

Freshly rendered from the original Greek into enjoyable modern English by Stern, a Messianic Jew, the Jewish New Testament challenges Jews to understand that Yeshua Jesus is a friend to every Jewish heart and the New Testament a Jewish book filled with truths to be accepted and acted upon. At the same time, while reaffirming the equality of Gentiles and Jews in the Messianic Community, it challenges Chritians to acknowledge the Jewishness of their faith and their oneness with the Jewish people.

Horrible translation of the Greek, December 10, While Dr. To have one man translate scripture as opposed to a committee is always an exercise in folly and this is a perfect example of reckless scholarship. This is a trick on behalf of missionaries to lure Jews into their ranks. Be forewarned.

Please use your common sense. Why the Yiddish? I asked Dr Stern why he had done this; he replied that it was to add to the Jewish flavor of the New Testament. That sums up the book — deliberate sloppy scholarship to convey a false flavor of Jewishness. This consistency should be reflected in the translation as well.

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Those of you who know the Word of God, understand that we are now under a better covenant — grace. Paul, like myself, was not anti-law, or anti-Jewish, he was simply pro-grace. These are just a few of the major concerns that need to be addressed as it relates to this book. For no translation should be independent of the Spiritual anointing that is needed in order to receive divine truth and revelation of the Word of God.

In reality, however, Jews are deeply offended by the overtures made to them by those in the HRM. The Complete Jewish Bible is perhaps the greatest unifying factor in our movement. The Complete Jewish Bible is the least controversial and perhaps the most useful tool produced yet by the Messianic Jewish movement. Jews are challenged by the implication that without it the Tanakhis and incomplete Bible. Christians are challenged with the fact that they are joined to the Jewish people through faith in the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua Jesus — so that because Christianity can only be rightly understood from a Jewish perspective, anti-Semitism is condemned absolutely and forever.

In my opinion, that is one of the finest statements on the Bible and the relationship between Jews and Christians that I have read. There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. Again, I am not anti-ethnic anybody. The agenda to sway Christians toward Torah observance disqualifies, in my opinion, the Complete Jewish Bible from consideration for use. May God grant you wisdom and discernment as you consider these things. Messianic Jews are not Hebrew Roots Movement folks.

I should have specified that fact in the post above. Excellent study. General study helps, discernment, and apologetics sites can be found HERE. I appreciate what you are trying to do, but in my opinion you have a few problems with your position. First, you are lumping together groups that do not go together. True Messianic Judaism is not the same as the Hebrew Roots movement. This is illustrated by the error you make suggesting that Dr.

That is not true and is not even a potential implication of the words you quoted from my blog. Sometimes an outsider yourself looking at a diverse community, has trouble seeing distinctions. We believe that Acts 15 only makes clear what was already legislated in Torah — that Torah is for Israel and not for Gentiles. Second of all, you have a problem because your view of the role of Israel does not match Romans You have failed to allow the New Testament to inform your view of the Jewish people. Read the numerous Christian theologians who would support my statement.

You view Jewishness as a mere ethnicity. We agree that much that uses the name Messianic Jewish and Hebrew Roots is harmful and theologically bankrupt. That is what my blog is all about derek4messiah. I welcome any dialogue you would like to have about this. My email is derekblogger gmail. Romans I am talking to you Gentiles. Inasmuch as I am the apostle to the Gentiles, I take pride in my ministry 14 in the hope that I may somehow arouse my own people to envy and save some of them. If you do, consider this: You do not support the root, but the root supports you.

But they were broken off because of unbelief, and you stand by faith. Do not be arrogant, but tremble. Otherwise, you also will be cut off. Glad to do that edit! I do appreciate your perspective, agree with you, and should have made that distinction originally. There was some weird formatting thing going on putting spaces like 30 or 40 lines worth! It took me over 2 hours to get it back to reasonable. Ok, vent over. To the problems you see with my position: 1 Lumping people together — addressed and corrected in the body of the post.

Because it is the only English version fully Jewish in style and presentation. It includes Dr. Other features of this Bible: a comprehensive introduction, a pronouncing explanatory glorssary, a reverse glossary, and special maps to aid Bible understanding. See, I tend to look at how things were set up before the Fall.

There was no Jew or Gentile. No slave or free. We are again one, but in Christ Gal Yet we all bear the marks of history. Jews are chosen and special in His plan. Yes, He has a past, present, and future unique plan for them which I did mention in my post. We are one in Christ, yet maintain our uniqueness in Christ. A child-like faith. We all need to remember to go that place of simplicity. The Gospel. Love God.

Love others. And yes, we agree that much that uses the name Messianic Jewish and Hebrew Roots is harmful and theologically bankrupt! On a personal note, you and your wife have a beautiful family! Eight children! We are blessed, are we not? Law Keepers — Part 3 — Thoughts on the Sabbath. About Law Keepers — An Overview.

Wow, None of what you are speaking up has anything to do with what I accept as true and what I have learned in the HRM. Never have I been asked to question the Cannon, and even though I have read some interesting things about some Texts like Matthew and Hebrews being originally in Hebrew, the received Text is in Greek and that is authoritative. Even most Traditional Christian commentators say this. Derek is a good source. I disagree with him on a few things, but mostly he is a bright guy and his blog is worthy to be read. Also, you clearly state that we are Heretics. That is a very dangerous word and to be uses cautiously.

And my goodness, how do you find all of these weirdos anyway. Thanks for being willing to come to JGIG and check it out. Sean, I would never presume to label you a Heretic. I do not know you. And unlike someone like Calvin, if I were to lable anyone a heretic, I would not call for a burning at the stake.

The HRM is like chili, my friend. There are lots of different recipes out there. An excerpt:. Is their view soley from scripture or is there Rabbinic influence there? When the work of the Cross is mentioned, it is in terms of what Christ did not do there, not in terms of what He did do there. The focus is primarily on Torah, not on Jesus, and in my opinion, with that being the case, FFOZ is a skewed resource for serious scriptural study for the born-again believer. I so totally understand where you are coming from. I was once deeply involved in Hebrew Roots.

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I am pretty clear on their perspective and their teachings. In my opinion, Wendy has done an excellent job of explaining their position.

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Both passages are detailed in another comment reply to you. Then he complains that he did not die as soon as he was born Job. The verb here is not in a stem or in a tense which requires us to render this as an imperative. Wisdom would tell us that a team of scholars would be preferable to an individual translating, as there would be built in accountability and strengths and weaknesses in linguistic expertise would balance out. Kim, Seenam.

However; most of what Judaism believes and adheres to comes from middle ages perspectives and instructions. The Rabbinical system was built long after the first century and hundreds of years after the resurrection of the Messiah. I am aware that the Talmud was composed CE, but the debates and interpretations were added from the middle ages, and contains multiple volumes of information, including kabbalism.

The Talmud has quite a few references that are aimed at discrediting Yeshua in the most denigrating statements. If what the Rabbis studied, interpreted and taught of the Tanakh does not reveal Yeshua Ha Mashiyach, then how can one truly believe that they have anything to offer in understanding of the Messiah, the Brit Chadashah [NT] or keeping Torah? There is so much more I could say on this topic. It has been a focal point of my research and study for several years now, but I think you have enough to chew on : I would enjoy reading through any response that you might be willing to share.

I have practised Orthodox Judaism through Netzarim www. Before that I was a devoted Christian for 6 years. The research of world-recognized authorities for example Barrie Wilson; in this area implies that Ribi Yehoshua was a Pharisee a Torah-practising Jewish group — who according to 4Q MMT a Scroll found in the Qumran-caves practised both written and oral Torah. That Ribi Yehoshua was a Pharisee implies that you need to practise his Torah-teachings if want to follow him.

See Devarim Deuteronomy Torah gives authority to Halakhah as I said see the glossaries-definition at our website. I read your story on and explored the website you recommended. You have had an interesting journey thus far. It is clear that you have chosen to leave your Christian faith and join a sect of Judaism which is not Biblically based. To base a belief system on the theories which each source sets forth is spiritually perilous.

I pray that the love and grace of God would speak to your heart and mind and bring you to new life in Him. I will praise you, O Lord my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever. For great is your love toward me; you have delivered me from the depths of the grave. Psalm A Parsitic and vicious doctrine that is raping the Church. God bless the man who wrote this.

May Jesus richly bless you. You are very sadly mistaken on your view, I am a well studied person very well. And it is wrong if you dont understand old test helps confirm new by understanding the hebrew. I run into so much false doctrine teaching by those who rebuke the power of Hebrew. I am not a Jew but i do know hebrew, and i can thru the hebrew teach those the meaning of new test scriptures. Like predestine, election and other very poorly understood things in new test. I feel for those who lead others to not find the truth!!! Hebrew is the language of the Old Testament, a tool, that God used to communicate His Word to us at a certain time in history.

Just as Greek is a language, a tool, that God used to communicate His Word to us at a certain time in history. God has allowed both the Hebrew and the Greek Scriptures to be translated into many languages so that His Word could be communicated to all tribes and nations. His desire was to redeem mankind. That was the promise given when Adam and Eve were driven from the Garden. God chose Israel to in part carry out that promise, but we must keep HIM central and look through the lens of the Redemption He provided for us as we search the Scriptures.

The lens which we must use is the Gospel, not Hebraicism. I have a few questions that will hopefully allow you to think reasonably about this concept. Does that seem rather unlikely to you? Also, I assume that your belief in Jesus Christ was made real to you in spite of not knowing Hebrew at the time. Were you ever curious how Jesus spoke to the Greeks in the NT who did not know Hebrew, but yet healed them and they understood who He was? Did it ever make you stop and think that when the disciples came out of the upper room they were speaking many languages [and none of them were Hebrew] in tongues, declaring the wonders of God?

Was the jailer actually saved? Please give some thought to the unrealistic approach that to understand the Bible and to know God one needs Hebrew to be the foundation. I think you will discover is it a false dichotomy and a trick to sway people away from the truth. Love the Chili comparison!! Living with a person who believes in Hebrew Supremacy is no fun! Anyway, seriously…. As far as the articles go they hit the proverbial nail on the head. Thanks for getting the info out there. For someone without any minimal hebrew knowledge, you have no business writing this blog.

Is it your position that God cannot reveal Himself to those who speak English? Is God, in your opinion, that limited? This is not what I said and you know it. With your arrogant attitude you think that you are now qualified to show a father how to make children, when you have no children yourself. A little humility will help…. What makes you an expert on Hebrew roots, when you have no Hebrew knowledge? I would say there is much debate over textual critisim. Read the post again, David. Your comment illustrates beautifully why those in the HRM seek out such faulty versions of the New Testament.

I understand your writings here are to discourage misunderstanding of what Jesus ushered in by the shedding of His blood on Calvary and through the NEW Covenant promised to the Jewish People and Gentiles. However, I do believe that the Church has went overboard in their rejection of sharing its Jewish Roots and have even made the mistake that Paul warned the Church at Rome of doing of cursing the roots in Romans Chapter Boast not against the branches.

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But if thou boast, thou bearest not the root, but the root thee. Thou wilt say then, The branches were broken off, that I might be grafted in. Well; because of unbelief they were broken off, and thou standest by faith. Be not highminded, but fear: For if God spared not the natural branches, take heed lest he also spare not thee. In Ezekiel 9. And I will give them one heart, and I will put a new spirit within you; and I will take the stony heart out of their flesh, and will give them an heart of flesh: That they may walk in my statutes, and keep mine ordinances, and do them: and they shall be my people, and I will be their God.

What ordinances, what statutes? Those of the Torah! Now before you get upset with me, bare with me as I explain my thoughts! When the Epistles were being written, the New Testament writers were studying the Old Testament scriptures. The New Testament was being written. Jesus took these upon himself and nailed these to the cross! Also, we read in Hebrews, the Sacrificial system was replaced with a better way of reconciling believers to the God of Israel.

What has not been done away with is the Moral precepts of the Law or the Law. How else would we know what is sin and what is Holy? When the writer of the book of Galations lists the works of the flesh in chapter 5, he lists them one WORD at a time. However, this was because he was referring back to the Scriptures they had at that time from the Old Testament. So when the writer lists fornication as sin, they knew he was referring to the Torah passages which outlined sexual sin like that in Leviticus chapter You might say by cursing the roots freedom from the law did not result, but in a sense lawlessness!

I have talked with practicing homosexuals who say they are Christians. When I point out that the practice of homosexuality is sin, they say to me that this was under the Law, but we are in Grace. Just as bad, the church has lost its understanding and deeper meaning of many of its observances. I remember my own daughter questioning baptism and where is that in the Old Testament. The minister told her that this was a New Testament thing.

But thank God I was able to enlighten her to where this came from. It was based on the Jewish practice of the cleansing ritual called the Mikvah.

The Roman church in its councils said it was a sin for a Christian to practice Passover or any of the feats especially if they were Jewish converts. I recently sat in a first communion Mass I am not a Catholic and listened to what the priest told my grandchild about communion. And he knew this would be his last meal with them. While this in itself is no great sin, I was saddened that there was no teaching that this was the Passover and Jesus used the elements of the Passover Sedar before him.

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Every Passover, Jewish children are told the wonderful story of deliverance by God as Moses led them to freedom from a wicked Taskmaster named Pharaoh. The elements on the Passover table help the children remember what their ancestors went through as they were redeemed by the God of Israel. We as children had no problem understanding this Biblical Truth because the Passover Meal beautifully typified the message! But how much more beautiful communion would be for our children if they realized the Old Covenant message and the New Covenant message that are expressed in the Passover meal.

While Israel was freed from the bondage of a wicked Taskmaster named Pharaoh, so we through the new Covenant are freed from the bondage of sin and the slave master named Satan. The blood of the Passover Lamb applied to the door of the Jewish people protected them from the Angel of Death. And the blood of the Lamb of God applied to the door of our heart brings eternal life!

The names of the disciples and jesus Himself are listed as Hebrew names. For Jewish people like myself who are trying to help our unsaved Jewish relatives and friends embrace Jesus as their messiah, it helps us explain that Jesus and his disciples were Jews. Something they would never know today if they sat in most churches. Anything Jewish has been removed from the church and many things have been added by various denominations that have pagan roots. I believe that what is happening with the Jewish Roots Movement is that God Himself is helping to bring the fact that Christianity is built on the foundation of the Old — and as often happens when there is a lack of truth being emphasized or ignored, there is an over reaction and even anger expressed by those who discover such truths.

I understand Exactly what you are saying!!! The first Christians were Jews and the last will be Jews…. What happened to my previous comments? Just wondering. Too threatening? Why would you not publish them?

Additional possibilities?

Please advise. Thank you. Hi Jennifer, I sent the following to you on August 6th via your email addy provided with your comments:. I am familiar with the points you brought up in your comments and would be happy to discuss them with you. Again, the issue was not the content of your comments, it was the lack of relationship of the comments to the post on which you chose to comment and the length of the comments.

One should be careful on the warnings Jesus gave to us on taking out and removing parts of scripture to conform to our doctrine. Our Lord and Master is a Jewish Rabbi, lived a Torah lifestyle which confirms Him to be the perfect sacrifice for our sins! For us Gentiles to remove the Jewishness of the scriptures is wrong. Amen to that! Traditional translations do not try to take the Jewishness out of Christ.

Nor are we told to look at everything from a Jewish perspective. The Pharisees did that, and they totally missed Jesus! Paul did that, and Jesus had to make him blind to be able to see! The Gospel has the amazing ability to reach into all cultures and languages and redeem people of all tribes and nations, Praise God! That is something the Law could never do. Thanks for the encouragement to write about it. I re-visit them periodically and work on them and publish them after prayer and as I feel released to do so.

First of all, the assertion by Andrew Gabriel Roth for Aramaic Primacy the belief that the Scriptures written to the Body of Christ, the New Testament, were originally written in Aramaic must be examined. Wikipedia has an article giving the basic overview of the Aramaic Primacy position.

After gaining a grasp of the Aramaic Primacy position, one should understand the Greek Primacy position. Same thing. There are some good links included in both of those posts regarding Greek Primacy. Also important with any translation, who is doing the translating? Is it an individual or a team of scholars? Wisdom would tell us that a team of scholars would be preferable to an individual translating, as there would be built in accountability and strengths and weaknesses in linguistic expertise would balance out.

For instance, the Statement of Faith page at Aent. We happen to be Netzari Jews. If you read through the article linked to above, you will not find any elements of the gospel. The last paragraph of the article which is an attempted explanation of a misprint in the original printing of the AENT reads thus My additions in the brackets [ ]. Bolding also mine. We earnestly hope that as each soul meditates upon and judges the teachings [what about the work of Messiah?? Sound a little New Agey to you? One need to go no further than the first paragraph to know that this author is not in touch with the Gospel according to Jesus Christ and His apostles, whom Jesus entrusted the writing of the Scriptures addressed to His Body Bolding mine.

JGIG, Thank you for your reply. I did not find it among my e-mails of that date, Aug 6. I am just not wired to communicate in sound bytes, although I do try to distill my thoughts and use words with great economy. I am not always successful, and this is of such import, that sound bytes do not do it all justice. I am open to correction where I am in error, or whenever I do not make myself clear.

Thank you for being willing to discuss some of the points with me. I will visit the link, and I appreciate your input. Thanks for your gracious reply and your offer to discuss some of the issues that I raised. Bible Study is a necessary exercise in getting the most out of understanding God and His Word. God left a document that reveals understandings for the diligent as well as for the casual reader. However, we must remember that reading the Bible in whatever language other than the original language means that someone else has translated the words you are reading from an earlier and foreign language.

Even if you have the ability to read an origina transcript, you lack the cultural and socio-economic influences that change word usage. Find a reliable, scholastically correct translation when you approach Bible study. Surround yourself with Bible dictionaries, maps, and history books, and before you engage the Bible in study — PRAY that the Holy Spirit guides and teaches you. I think you are touching on a very important concept here. If the Bible needs further explanation outside texts, cultural commentaries etc.

The only sure way to understand is to seek after and be obedient to Him as best we know how and trust that He will reveal what we need to know as He sees fit which could include a cultural study that could richly add to our understanding or could consist only of reading the words from a well known translation such as the NASB. God revealed and explained His plan first through His law and feasts as revealed in OT scripture.

How can we neglect to teach the truth, turn towards pagan feasts to illustrate principles of God, and expect people to remain unsusceptible to lies? And by pagan I merely mean the symbology is not what God established to point towards His Son. If the Old Testament is the ultimate yardstick by which all is measured, then why did Jesus add so much depth to understanding the Old Testament?

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And why does something like this in the New Testament show up:. If anything, the whole Bible should be viewed from the Promise of redemption after the Fall not with the institutions of Feasts to the fulfilment of that Promise — that is through the lens of the Gospel. Therefore, its obvious our yardstick for determining who the Messiah is and for understanding the truth revealed in the NT is the OT. This is why God revealed that part of His message first.