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Spillers Records us! We have continued to trade in music ever since from our premises in Cardiff. Created by Jeff Lemir Young Robot boy TIM and his companions struggle to stay alive in a universe where all androids have been outlawed and bounty hunters lurk on every planet.

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Collecting : Descender Get A Copy. Paperback , Trade , pages. Published September 24th by Image Comics first published March 4th More Details Original Title. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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To ask other readers questions about Descender, Vol. What is the difference between the plots of A. Willie Krischke The similarities are superficial. Both are about boy robots who survive when their owners are killed. It happens on a post-apocalyptic Earth where humankind is extinct and robots are the dominant species. Descender is about a robot whose code is identical to the mysterious robots who attacked humankind and then suddenly disappeared.

He is the key to surviving the next attack, but most of the system this isn't on Earth but in a fictional system of inhabited planets has become very anti-robot, so some are hunting him to learn from him, and some to destroy him. Tyler I just finished the volumes There's no nudity or sex. Violence is pretty prevalent but not overly graphic. Language is moderate no f bombs that I …more I just finished the volumes Language is moderate no f bombs that I can recall. If it were a movie it'd be rated pg13 less.

See 2 questions about Descender, Vol. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. May 29, Samantha rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites My skin is cleared. My crops are flourishing. View 1 comment. Dec 14, Bradley rated it it was amazing Shelves: graphic-novels , sci-fi , worldbuilding-sf. Do you remember the film AI? I loved that, too. What if I could get all the delicious goodies from that film and mix it with a complex galactic empire beset by huge robots called Harvesters that are a lot larger than the Death Star?

Oh yeah. Ohhhh yeah.

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But don't stop there! Make sure your heroes are full of pathos and mythic qualities, mix in some good storytelling and fantastic art Just how many factions, be it aliens, robot haters Do you remember the film AI? Just how many factions, be it aliens, robot haters, robot sympathizers, and robots are we dealing with, here? I'm gonna start loving this series. My only complaint is in waiting for more to come out! View all 21 comments.

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Dec 14, Jan Philipzig rated it really liked it Shelves: image , politics , sci-fi , family , friendship , globalization , war. Space opera with an edge as well as a heart - I love it! Lemire explores territory here that immediately brings to mind Star Wars and A. Artificial Intelligence , but he infuses it with his own brand of storytelling To the point that I probably would have enjoyed the story even more if Lemire himself had also done the artwork - which is almost absurd to say, as Dustin Nguyen's beautiful watercolors bring the story to life very convincingl Space opera with an edge as well as a heart - I love it!

To the point that I probably would have enjoyed the story even more if Lemire himself had also done the artwork - which is almost absurd to say, as Dustin Nguyen's beautiful watercolors bring the story to life very convincingly. And yet, I don't know, there is just something about Lemire's writing that seems to call for his own, idiosyncratic, delicate, sweet, melancholic, humanistic, slightly awkward yet very expressive drawing style, and Nguyen's style in that context occasionally feels almost too smooth or slick or pretty.

Then again, the surprisingly epic Descender is going for more of a mainstream appeal than most of Lemire's work, so a little slickness probably can't hurt. PS: I just reread this first volume to get back on track for the rest of the series, and it was even better the second time - I may eventually have to bump it up to five stars.

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Nguyen's artwork is fantastic! He sketches, paints and colors it all by himself, and it beautifully compliments Lemire's effort to give the story a heart underneath all the cold metal and artificial intelligence. View 2 comments. Aug 29, Sam Quixote rated it it was ok. The distant future. The United Galactic Council is attacked out of nowhere by mysterious Galactus-sized robots called Harvesters killing millions of citizens and leading to a massive robot cull.

Fast forward ten years. A child companion robot called Tim awakens on a moon mining colony, surrounded by dead bodies, the only survivor. Various factions are alerted who want Tim whose tiny body potentially contains the secrets behind the Harvesters - run, robot Pinocchio, run! Descender, Jeff Lemi The distant future. It seems Lemire is incapable of creating anything original.

Review: Descender Vol. 1 Tin Stars

The story is very uninteresting. Quon, the guy who created Tim and robots like him, joins Telsa in looking for the kid robot while fighting Scrappers, mercenary aliens who hunt robots. Except why make him sentient? The characters are written as total flatlines and are as unoriginal as the rest of the book. Tim is an annoying kid while the rest of the cast are similarly archetypical. Am I supposed to be rooting for Tim? Descender, Volume 1: Tin Stars is an uninspired and poorly thought-out patchwork comic of popular sci-fi movies. It's here, people: the intergalactic "oh-shit" moment. These giant robots 9 of them have appeared next to every one of the core planets of The United Galactic Council.

One terrible attack later, billions are dead and the gigantic robots simply vanish with nobody knowing how they did it any more than why. Thus commences a time of civil unrest, of rivalry resurfacing after hundreds of years, the robots get rounded up and destroyed.


Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Captain Tim & the Tin Machine Vol. 1 file PDF Book only. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Captain Tim & the Tin Machine Vol. 1 at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our.

Almost 10 years later, a companion robot named Tim wakes up. Som It's here, people: the intergalactic "oh-shit" moment. Something went horribly wrong in the mining colony where he lived as the companion to the son of one of the miners. When he tries to call for help, he finds out what's happened but him being in the system attracts the attention of the authorities and other beings and thus his flight begins. Why one child-like robot is so damned interesting to everyone?

Good question - read the comic if you want answers! The structure of the UGC, how quickly it all pretty much fell apart after the attack, the people going after Tim Of course, it helps that Tim is darn cute and his companions the mining robot Driller as much as dog-like robot Bandit are funny.

And, of course, there is a deeper mystery to it, as is hinted upon in Tim's dream s. At times, the story had relatively generic elements the ugly bad guys for example. However, how the overall story is written is wonderful and the stunning watercolour art underlines that brilliantly. Speaking of which: it may have something to do with me not having read many comics yet, but I've never come across a comic with art like this before.

I'm reading the digital versions and the colours and details, the whole look thanks to the watercolours used So I'll be continuing with volumes 2 to 5 straight away. View all 16 comments.

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The annual flood of the Niger River is a result of the heavy rainfall in the headwaters of the Niger and Bani rivers in Guinea and northern Ivory Coast. Language is moderate no f bombs that I can recall. Six brand new tracks featuring deep guitar fuzz and growling bass take the listener on a journey through the woods, alternating lightly groovy rhythms with sludge-doom cadences. The story is told in a current time and with the use of flashbacks to show history or back stories-the story develops slowly. Flower Wall Poster. Between the 12th and 14th centuries, Timbuktu's population grew immensely due to an influx of Tuaregs , Fulanis , and Songhais seeking trade, security, or to study. While it is indeed singular in the comic medium, it does have some imperfections to my eyes.

Feb 25, Liz Janet rated it it was amazing Shelves: favourites. Descender tells the story of a robot kid named Tim, his creator, and the crew that is sent to find him after he wakes up from a dormant year long sleep. This created a big distrust between robots and humans, which led to their eradication, and an even bigger ri Descender tells the story of a robot kid named Tim, his creator, and the crew that is sent to find him after he wakes up from a dormant year long sleep.

Therefore, everyone wants a piece of Tim, they want to know what he knows, who he is, and why he is so darn important to the mystery of the giant attackers. Plus, it is blurbed by Brian K. As always, Jeff Lemire manages to bring forth a wonderful story that keeps all entertained.

In the past year he has brought forth Plutona , a comic about a superhero and the kids who find her body, All-New Hawkeye , a follow up to the best rendition the character ever got with Matt Fraction, Green Arrow, whom he saved after a disastrous run by other writers, Moon Knight, whose first issue was brilliant, all without including the masterpieces he has published throughout his career. So it was no surprise this was going to be a hit, it even has been motioned to become a film by Sony Productions, which I am extremely excited for.

It is a series that will end at around 40 issues, and here we get a glimpse of the prelude to the story, it is an obvious beginning to a series, setting up the nice and trusting kid character, the robots willing to help him at all costs, the creator that send him to his family, the daughter and officer that is sent to rescue him and her companion, the evil villains that hold grudges and want to conquer the world, and the mystery of a maybe robot-controlled planet.

I am ready to see these characters grow in a proper Lemire fashion. The art is by far the best thing. We are shown a contrast between dark and light, with extensive pastel tones, and it is simply, a delight. A wonderful thing done in one of the issues was using each side of the page to tell a different story.

The pages to the left are depicting what is currently happening to the main character, Tim 21, while the right side is recounting the memories Tim 21 has of his creation and life with his family in the outpost colony. Anyways, what I knew was going to happen happened. I hope everyone gets the same feeling as I did, it is a truly wonderful work of science-fiction.

View all 6 comments. Oct 29, Chad rated it it was amazing. Another great series from Jeff Lemire. Dustin Nguyen has made a visually stunning universe with his painted water color art.

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View all 5 comments. Oct 11, Cheese rated it really liked it. Edit: 2nd Read. This is top quality sci fi. My first Jeff Lemire book.

Descender vol 1: Tin Stars by Jeff Lemire & Dustin Nguyen

I'm now a big fan. I really enjoyed this, full of surprises and twists, I'm looking forward to reading more. The only gripe id say about this gn is the inking. Quite bad actually. Some characters left uncoloured or scratched. I prefer neat colours myself. Mar 07, Connor rated it really liked it Shelves: comic-books. This was really good! It took me a little to adjust to the art style as I'm used to harder lines, but the art is fantastic once you get into it. I really like Tim so far, and think the series will just continue to get better!

Can't wait to get my hands on the next volume! Feb 14, Kaitlin rated it it was amazing Shelves: sci-fi The artwork of this comic is incredible. I truly love the style of watercolour and I envy those who have real flair and talent with that medium as it's a tricky one and this comic not only embraces the style, but does so beautifully. The story of this series is about a young robot called TIM who is the only remaining robot in a solar system years after a galaxy-wide catastrophe.

There are no other robots as they have been outlawed, and when TIM comes back online suddenly he's instantly the f The artwork of this comic is incredible. There are no other robots as they have been outlawed, and when TIM comes back online suddenly he's instantly the focus of many different groups and people who want to find out what he knows. TIM is a loveable character right from the start, both in the way he is drawn and the way he acts.

He's sweet and kind, and makes friends quickly. However, he's also rather trusting and this does get him and the other 'good guys' into a bit of trouble sometimes. I feel like the story has only just got going by the end of this. The first few issues are set up and introduction and even though they are beautiful it takes a few to truly understand the nature of the worlds these character inhabit.

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With that said, I do think by the end few issues we're really into the start of a story and it's a very fun and exciting one. On the whole, I think if you like Sci-Fi and you enjoy water-coloured imagery then this is a wonderfully put together series. Jul 26, David Schaafsma rated it liked it Shelves: gn-superhero-scifi-fantasy.

I liked this quite a bit. I like Lemire's work, generally, though I like his earlier, edgier Essex County and Sweet Tooth stuff, with his own rough, sketchy drawing, but I liked the fairy tale romance Trillium, and most times unless it is his superhero writing, which I dislike , I am inclined to like his work. What seems central to much of Lemire's work is the abandonment of the son by the father, or parents, but usually the father, and the search for reuniting them.

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