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Put away your lives that you may find them. Are you certain, Ladies and gentlemen? Yes, the home you left was brighter. Judith, are you still beside me? Lead me, loved one, I will follow. Mounted is your younger brother. Lead me, husband, I will follow. Are you anxious? Do you linger? A nail had caught it for a moment. Open is the castle doorway. Bluebeard, hear me! No, you led me and I followed.

And there would mourn and there would perish. Bluebeard embraces her. Let the door be shut behind us. Nincsen ablak? Nowhere windows? Always somber? Never can the sun enter here? Ever icy? Darkness always? Would divulge what lay behind it. Why speak of omens? Darkness rules within your castle. She feels her way along the walls; then, starting with fright: Vizes a fal!

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Andre Vecsei's Bluebeard's Seventh Door is set in s Montreal and post WW II Yugoslavia. The novel begins with the protagonist. The Seven Locked Doors of Bluebeard's Castle. One after the next, swayed by Judith's relentless demands, he reluctantly gives her seven keys.

Oozing water! Can it be that stone is weeping? Can a castle feel its sorrow? Lightly as the sound of laughter. Quiet, quiet, my beloved. Nothing, nothing.

Must you, Bluebeard, live with sorrow? Sobbing, she kneels before him and kisses his hands. Judith, what led you to come here? Let me, husband! Let the sun in! The air itself will ring with blessings! Nothing will enlight my castle. I would see your home completely.

Seven sinister portals! Seven doors that bode of evil! Motionlessly, Bluebeard watches her. Tell me, Bluebeard, why you lock them? That no eye may look behind them. Nekem nyisd ki! Open, open, open them at once! Why do you ignore the omen? Light must end the reign of darkness. Nyisd ki!

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Mi volta ez? What was it? Who is sighing? What moans in there? Tell me, Bluebeard! Frightful, frightful. Chilling darkness. The very walls entreat me. As though they sighed with longing. Gyere nyissuk, velem gyere. Let us end it, we together.

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No, the task is mine alone! Would I open, open. And I will use them as I love you. She rests her head on his shoulder. Grace be on your hand, my Judith! The keys clink in the darkness as he gives her one. Be thanked! She returns to the first door. Quickly I will open all. A sharp click is heard as the key turns in the lock, and deeper moans are heard.

Listen, listen! What is there? Now you see my torture chamber. Torture chamber? Dreadful, dreadful! No, I fear not. The light is here. Blood it is that streams before us. See, beloved!

O see it! All of them must open for me! Do you know what they are hiding? All the other keys, I want them! Bluebeard, give me all the others. Open quickly. Why do you so crave to have them? Because I love you. For us both, beware of danger. He gives her the second key; their hands meet in the red light.

Softly, surely. All the ghastly tools of warfare. Now my armory is open. How ferocious is your power! Blood on all of your store of weapons! All the other keys, release them! Judith, Judith!

Streams before us. See it! For us both, be careful, Judith!

Bluebeard, give me all the others! Do you know what they are guarding? As I loved you, so I came with you, Itt vagyok, a tied vagyok. Open every door within it! Joy that is alive, invades it. Judit, Judit! Soothingly release their sorrow. Three is all that I can give you. Never question what you see there. Give me what you will, but hurry! Come, unlock it! Are you frightened? No, the lock is in the shadow. Put fear aside; fate has willed it.

Oh, be sok kincs! Fabulous riches! Infinite wealth! Flashing crowns of fiery diamonds! Now you see my treasure chamber. Who could ever count your riches! Crown your splendid youth with diamonds! Blood is smeared on all your treasures!

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The crown of diamonds is bloody! Let the fourth door now be opened! Illatos kert! Hedged by gloominess, a garden! Now you see my secret garden. How magical! That perfection could not enhance. Never dreamed I such a garden. To renew their fragrant beauty. Judith suddenly bends over the flowers. Blood beneath each rose and lily! Wearing beauty, paying homage. Who has bled upon your garden?

Do not ask what is forbidden. Judith, go, unlock the fifth door! All is mine, all mine its grandeur. Your domain is endless, Bluebeard. Blue beyond the park, the mountains. Your domain is lovely, Bluebeard. Make the moon and stars your servants. Red as blood, the clouds have gathered! Bluebeard, tell me where they come from! Oh, Judith, bless you, bless you! He opens his arms. Let my grateful arms embrace you! Two doors still remain unopened.

Leave the doors in peace, my Judith! Let the castle ring with music! Come, my open arms are waiting! When the curtain rises, we find ourselves in "a vast, circular, Gothic hall. Steep stairs at left lead up to a small iron door. To the right of the stairs seven enormous doors No windows, no ornamentation.

The hall is empty, dark, and forbidding like a cave hewn in the heart of solid rock. Each of the castle's seven doors conceals a different aspect of Bluebeard's world. The Duke surrenders the first five keys willingly, and as the doors open one after another, beams of light begin to illuminate the castle.

The first two doors-the torture chamber and the armory-represent the aggressive side of the male personality, the next two-the treasury and the flower garden-symbolize its poetic aspect. When the fifth door opens, Bluebeard's entire universe is revealed in all its splendor. The scene of the fifth door is the musical and emotional climax of the entire opera. Since the work begins and ends in the key of F sharp, it is noteworthy that this passage is in C major-the greatest possible distance from F sharp, the opposite pole on the tonal spectrum.

This climactic moment, however, is also the beginning of the end: Judith is completely overwhelmed by the vastness of Bluebeard's world. The contrast between the full orchestral sound including organ and offstage brass accompanying Bluebeard and Judith's unaccompanied, shy vocal line shows the irreconcilable polarity of the two characters, and also the impossibility of all understanding between them. From here, the descent into tragedy is a rapid one. Bluebeard gives Judith the last two keys only with the greatest reluctance. As the sixth door opens on the lake of tears, the castle becomes noticeably darker again.

And by the time the seventh door opens and Bluebeard's three former wives appear, to be inevitably joined by Judith as the fourth and last woman, the hall is again shrouded in total darkness. Judith disappears behind the door, and Bluebeard stays behind, doomed to eternal solitude. His largest composition to date, it represents a synthesis of all the major concerns he had had as a composer reaching maturity during the previous decade.

The original combination of ancient Hungarian and modern French elements gives Bluebeard a unique character. But questions of national identity aside, the opera broke new ground as a fascinating musical psychodrama and gave rise to many different interpretations without ever yielding all its secrets. The John F. Box Office Hours: Mon. Search: close.

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