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Talbot House: the First World War refuge that's now a hotel
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The quake measured 9. Eyewitness accounts and dramatic photography put you in the terrifying path of the huge wave that washed ashore in many countries. Volcanoes Beneath our feet, a molten hell brews and its boiling fury can no longer be contained within the Earth's thin crust. The world is about to change. Find out why volcanoes erupt and the strange, changed landscapes they leave behind. Eyewitness accounts and dramatic photography tell the story of the world's deadliest eruptions. Witness to disaster series A factual series about the world's natural disasters.

Bone sparrow, The Ten year old Subhi is a Rohingya asylum seeker, born in an Australian permanent detention centre, Life behind the fences is all he has ever known and Subhi needs the stories of others to build memories. One night, Jimmie appears from the other side of the wires, bringing a bone sparrow necklace and a notebook, written by her dead mother. As their tales unfold, Subhi and Jimmie might find a way to freedom but not until each of them has been braver than ever before. Usually read by Years 9, 10 or above.

No stars to wish on Taken from his home in the middle of the night, Jack is placed in a home for 'Orphans and Unwanted Children. There are no names, only numbers on shoes, and Jack has become Number The spirited, ever-optimistic Jack struggles in the loveless, cruel environment and begins to wonder if he will ever return to the family he misses so much. Wisp Idris is a child refugee, born into a world of tents and fences.

He has known no other life than this. He has no memories of the world outside. Then the Wisp arrives, floating in on the evening breeze. Everyone who holds it finds their memories reawakened, their hopes of freedom reborn. But what about Idris, who has no memories? What will happen when he holds the magical Wisp? Diary of a young girl, The During the persecution of the Jewish people in the Netherlands in World War II, Anne wrote in her diary of how her family hid for two years in a few rooms.

Born to run: Cathy Freeman, my story Cathy Freeman's own story of her childhood, her loving family and her sporting achievements. Cathy shares the personal philosophy that has led to her success and the joy she has always found in life. The book details her life, from growing up in poverty in the Australian outback and the inspirations behind her decision to join the Convent and establish the Congregation of the Sisters of St Joseph.

Hair of the skeleton When the residents of Tiger Beach Village claim to be visited by a ghost, Jake, Peter and Ruby set up a stake-out to catch the ghoul. Their surprise to find that the ghost is definitely not dead soon turns to determination to figure out who it is. Mary's Australia Mary MacKillop watched Australia grow from a collection of small colonies into a nation.

Follow the changes Australia underwent during her lifetime. Murderer's apprentice, The Like her father and mother, Merrith is apprenticed to become an assassin with the Murderers' Guild. But, Merrith is hopeless with a dagger and sword, inept at mixing poison and doesn't want to kill people. Her talent seems to lie elsewhere. Willow tree's daughter, The Max escapes being made a king and marries Salizia, a tree dryad. Their daughter, Betony, has magic powers. Centre of magic, The A power-hungry wizard has let loose the Wild Magic, and every creature in its path is transformed. An earl becomes a cat, a coachman turns into a ferret, the chancellor is suddenly a hobgoblin, even King Max begins to change.

Will Floramonde ever be the same again? Princess Betony and Prince Basil are determined to find the wizard and rescue their country, braving wolves, giants and other dangers along the way. But they need help, and it comes from a surprising source. Victor's challenge Prince Victor must complete three challenges before Valerian's father will consider him as a suitor for her hand in marriage. Victor knows he can be brave and persistent but he is very worried about the cleverness test.

When your heart is pure and true, anything can happen even where fierce dragons and enchanted mountains are concerned. Victor's quest Prince Victor of Serendipity solves some sticky problems like finding the princess. Fortunately, he is aided by his horse, Quince, who is smarter than Victor. Willow tree's daughter, The With a king for a father and a tree spirit for a mother, Betony is a reluctant princess who prefers the simple, outdoor life. This is the story of her life at the palace, her adventures with wizards, hobgoblins, unicorns and dragons, and her love for the gardener's apprentice.

Windrider This story centres on Princess Betony, half human, half dryad. When the great dragon Windrider bewitches her father, King Max, she journeys to the high country to obtain his release. With the help of her friends, Basil and Clover, she tries to achieve her aim without changing into a wood-nymph. Snow White in New York An innovative retelling of a fairy tale set in the jazz and gangster era of New York in the s. The wicked stepmother, a classy socialite, looks for herself in the Mirror newspaper.

Barney and the secret of the french spies In orphaned Barney Bean now has a flourishing farm in the New South Wales colony and everything he ever dreamed of But when Elsie falls ill and Barney rushes to be by her side, he finally learns the deadly secret she has been hiding. Who is this strange and beautiful girl who will not speak? And could France ever attack the isolated colony? Barney and the secret of the whales Barney Bean is keen to make his fortune and he hears a secret. A sailor's secret about the treasure of the colony. But, Barney wonders how chasing whales can make you rich, and whether an adventure at sea is worth leaving everything he loves.

Birrung the secret friend Birrung, a young indigenous girl, lives with the family of Richard Johnson, chaplain to the Australian colony in When Birrung befriends orphaned Barney and Elsie, a mute, the Johnson family also takes them in. As Barney's feeling for Birrung grow, he is advised that his friendship with a 'native' girl, and all that she taught him about her language and lore, must remain a secret, forever.

Camel who crossed Australia, The Bell Sing the camel has come from Pakistan to accompany Burke and Wills as they attempt to cross Australia from south to north, but Bell Sing yearns for water and freedom on a tough journey. Diary of William Shakespeare gentleman The world knows the name William Shakespeare, but what of the man behind the name- the husband, lover, son and poet? Was he happy with his riches?

Who was the woman he truly loved? And could the acclaimed playwright put down his pen forever to become a gentleman? Written by Australian Children's Laureate Jackie French and based on new documentary evidence, this story is a fascinating glimpse into a life that might have been and a story that has never been told. Donkey who carried the wounded, The An inspiring read about the famous partnership of Simpson and his donkey.

Written in the voices of Jack and the donkey, their story, and the horrors and comradeship, of Gallipoli, come to life. Facing the flame There have been fires before, but not like this. In , as the hot wind howls and the grass dries, all who live at Gibber's Creek know their land can burn. But when you love your land, you fight for it. For Jed Kelly, an even more menacing danger looms: a man from her past determined to destroy her.

Finding herself alone, trapped and desperate to save her unborn child, Jed's only choice is to flee - into the flames. Heartbreaking and powerful, Facing the Flame celebrates the triumph of courage and community, and a love for the land so deep that not even bushfire can erode it. Fascinating history of your lunch, The An entertaining book about food origins, which covers the development of sandwiches and other familiar lunchbox items including soft drinks and chocolate.

Ghost by the billabong, The When seventeen year old Jed Kelly turns up at Drinkwater Station, claiming to be the great-granddaughter of Matilda Thompson's dying husband, she has no evidence and won't even reveal her real name. Badly-wounded Vietnam War veteran, Nicholas, is haunted by ghosts and his changed life. As Jed settles in to life on the Station, she feels part of a real family for the first time.

Her secrets remain hidden, for now. Set during the turbulence of the late s, a time of hippies, anti-war demonstrations and Australia's vital role in the unforgettable first moon walk. The man Flinty loves returned from war so changed and distant. Her brother Andy 'gone with cattle', leaving Flinty in charge of their younger brother and sister and with the threat of eviction from the farm she loves.

A brumby muster held under the watchful eye of the legendary Clancy of the Overflow offers hope. Goat who sailed the world, The Isaac, twelve, has joined Captain Cook's ship as a master's servant. He's not considered good enough to fetch hay for the goat who provides fresh milk. Over time, a special friendship grows between the goat and Isaac. Some coarse language in context.

But we survived. Now we need to learn how to live, and love again. Hitler's daughter While waiting for the school bus, Mark, Anna, Ben and Little Tracey tell each other stories to pass the time. He and his mate reckon they'll become bushrangers, buying a brumby stallion, covered with scars and refusing to bend to any man's will. Jackie French has used, in context, language and opinions of the times which are now unacceptable.

How to guzzle your garden This book enables the reader to select seeds, grow, cook and eat the produce. I am Juliet This is the well-known story of Juliet Capulet and her love for Romeo, and the increasing helplessness Juliet feels as she realises that unlike young men her age, her life will effectively be determined and controlled by others, who see her having an arranged marriage of alliance and becoming a breeder of sons.

I am Juliet closely follows the well-known and loved plot of the play, and also Rob, the year-old boy who is the first to play the role of Juliet on the Elizabethan stage. He is overwhelmed by 'all those words' that Shakespeare wrote. But Rob realises that the story of love and tragedy is a somewhat simple one and the words are there for their extraordinary beauty and meaning. He will be Juliet and let the power of the words sing. If blood should stain the wattle It's in Gibber's Creek, and across the nation, the catchcry is, 'It's time'. As political ideals drift from disaster to the dismissal, it's also time for Jed Kelly to choose between past love, Nicholas, the local Labor member, and Sam from the Halfway to Eternity commune.

It's time too for Matilda Thompson to face her ghosts and the life that took a young girl from the slums of Grinder's Alley to being the formidable matriarch of Gibber's Creek. During this period of extraordinary social change and idealism, modern Australia would be born. And although the nation would dream of a better world, it would continue to struggle with opposing ideas of exactly what that better world might be. Just a girl Set in Judea in 71 AD, this is the story of 14 year old Judith who lives a simple life in her rural village. But one night the Roman army invades, stealing food, killing and enslaving the villagers and destroying her home.

Saved by the foresight of her great grandmother, Rabba, the pair escape along with her younger sister and a stubborn goat. They hide in a cave and Judith must use all her skills to provide for her remaining family during the long, icy winter to come. Rabba has much wisdom and many stories to share, but the one Judith and her surprise guest, Caius, want to learn more about is the story of Maryiam, Rabba's extraordinary friend and mother of Jesus.

Like Judith, Maryiam of Nazareth was never 'just a girl'. Macbeth and son Luke lives in Australia with his mother and stepfather, Sam. Lulach lives in 9th century Scotland with his mother and stepfather, Macbeth. Knowing Macbeth to be a peaceful king, Luke wonders why Shakespeare made him a villain. Matilda saga series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

Nanberry: black brother white In , the new colony in Sydney is established. Nanberry is an Aboriginal boy who is raised by Surgeon John White and witnesses the struggles of the colonists to survive in the wilderness. Follow Nanberry and his white brother as they make their way in the world, as well as the young convict woman who becomes a lady in her own right.

see url Night they stormed Eureka, The It's and the Ballarat goldfields are a place of dreams and rebellion as Sam, a homeless teenager, is called back to the past. As the summer days get hotter and the miners protests are ignored, Sam experiences at first-hand the power of a united stand which will change her life forever.

While Hamlet's family stab, poison or haunt one another, feisty, intelligent and ambitious Ophelia plans a sensible rule, filled with justice and the making of delicious cheeses. Even if she has to pretend to be mad to make it happen, Ophelia will not let anything, not even howling ghosts, stand in her way. Oracle Combines history, myth and fantasy. From beyond recorded time, Jackie French takes us on another historical journey.

A chance for one girl who tells the truth to change history, and for her brother, an acrobat who accompanies a daring horse dancer across Greece, to attempt to rescue her. When a ceremony turns into a pro-Nazi demonstration, Georg is smuggled to London in a suitcase, and then across the seas to Australia, to begin a life under a different name and with a new family, in order to survive. Phaery named Phredde, A Meet Phredde, the coolest phaery in the universe. Phredde is tiny, ferocious and Pru's best friend.

And with Pru's brother turning into a werewolf, Pru needs all the magic help she can get. Pharaoh: the boy who conquered the Nile Prince Narmer is fourteen, clever and handsome and, as his father's favourite, destined to be King of Thinis one day. But, when he is involved in a terrible accident that leaves him lame and horribly scarred, Narmer decides to leave his home to travel with the Trader, whose healing skills saved his life. Phredde and a frog named Bruce Another spooky story starring Phredde, a fractious but fun-loving phaery. When your teacher's a vampire, your brother's a werewolf and a frog named Bruce refuses to try to help to save Sleeping Beauty from the Prince, something has to give.

Phredde and the ghostly underpants Another spooky story starring Phredde, a fractious but fun-loving phaery. Strange yellow puddles are appearing all over the house, Phredde and Bruce keep sneaking off and, most importantly, someone is stealing Pru's underpants. Phredde and the leopard skin librarian A school excursion goes horribly wrong. Phredde, Pru, Bruce and their vampire teacher, Mrs Olsen, head back into the time of the dinosaurs with Miss Richards, the librarian and martial arts expert.

Phredde and the purple pyramid Phredde, Pru and Bruce are back and this time they are in ancient Egypt. Phredde and the temple of gloom Prudence is invited by her father's distant werewolf cousins to their castle to hunt for some missing 'treasure'. Phredde and Bruce accompany Pru, who is well aware that if she fails then her father will have to take her place. This book is also known as 'A story to eat with a mandarin: Phredde and the temple of gloom'.

Phredde and the vampire footy team It's a new school term and Phredde and her friends in the school footy team are determined to beat the West Wallabies, who are a footy team of vampires. Phredde and the zombie librarian There's a zombie librarian tending her blood-starved books in the school library and a five thousand year old Egyptian mummy roaming the corridors.

Phredde and Pru must escape. Phredde series Any two books from this series may be read as Challenge books and up to five more can be read as personal choice books. Rain stones A collection of five inspiring and thought-provoking stories. Two stories have a fantasy theme and the others have a more conventional approach. Refuge When a boat carrying a group of asylum seekers is sunk by a freak wave, Faris wakes from the shipwreck in an Australia he's always dreamed of. There are kangaroos grazing under orange trees and the sky is always blue.

On a nearby beach, Faris meets a group of young people who have come from far different times and places. Ride the wild wind: the golden pony and other stories Stories about horses with some told by the horse. The collection includes the story of the first horse tamed by a young girl, King Arthur's horse and the special relationship between a boy and stallion.

Road to Gundagai, The Bluebell Laurence, crippled in a house fire, is rescued from her home by circus folk who warn of her imminent demise. Madam Zlosky administers a healing brew and Blue becomes Belle Magnifico, a mermaid and harem dancer who rides the pick-pocketing, gentle natured, circus elephant The Queen of Sheba.

They travel and come to Gibber's creek where the story unfolds and Blue discovers the truth about herself and the magnanimous Madam Zlosky. It is a world away from sixteen year old Midge Macpherson, at school in England learning to be a young lady. Desperate to do their bit and avoid the boredom of school, Midge and her friends start a canteen in France, caring for the endless flow of wounded soldiers returning from the front.

Midge is thrust into carnage and scenes of courage she could never have imagined. All his dreams are coming true.

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Amid the Darkness (Refuge Inc.) (Volume 2) [Leslie Lee Sanders] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. They can't shake the past, but can they. Editorial Reviews. From the Inside Flap. REFUGE INC. SERIES: Before the Darkness (#1) Amid the Darkness (Refuge Inc. Book 2) - Kindle edition by Leslie Lee Sanders. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or.

But now we are to learn of Barney's biggest secret yet: how he helped Australia's first bushranger escape. Was Black Caesar a wronged man, an ex-slave who vowed to be free? Or was he a laughing villain, a trickster who planned to terrorise the colony? And in helping him, did Barney do right or wrong? You decide. Secret of the youngest rebel, The Frog is an orphan living on the streets of Parramatta in Will the rebels be victorious at Castle Hill, and what secret is the youngest rebel hiding?

Joey finds a Japanese soldier but no-one believes him. Space pirates on Callisto A sequel to, The cafe on Callisto, in which things go wrong on a camping holiday to the planet, Callisto, where everyone is happy and food is unashamedly revered. Stories to eat with a banana Phredde is the phaery of grunge. She's tiny and ferocious, and when Phredde's around odd things can happen. Fun stories to read when your brain wants something light to munch on. Stories to eat with a blood plum Another light-hearted, but scary, bundle of stories where Prudence and her best friend, Phredde the phaery, have to escape a grey fleshed, zombie librarian tending her blood-starved books and other unmentionables such as giant slugs.

Stories to eat with a watermelon Stories to Eat with a Watermelon is another bundle of stories about Prudence and her best friend, The Phaery Ethereal - Phredde for short. Story to eat with a mandarin, A Prudence is invited by her father's distant werewolf cousins to their gloomy castle to hunt for some missing treasure. Phredde and Bruce accompany Prudence who is well aware that, if she fails, her father will have to take her place. The zombie librarian and the castle banshee makes a reappearance.

This book is also known as 'Phredde and the temple of gloom'. The Hitler trilogy series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. The secret histories series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. They came on Viking ships Hekja's simple but happy life changes dramatically when her village is raided by Vikings and she is captured.

Usually read by students in Years 9, 10 and above. To love a sunburnt country It is and the world is at war. Sixteen year old Nancy Clancy is sent to Malaya to bring home her sister-in-law, Moira, and baby Gavin. Nancy's brother, Ben, is a soldier there. When Malaya is invaded, they are fortunate to escape but their ship is bombed, and they are stranded on an island where other colonial women are captured. The nightmare and horror of internment in a Japanese camp begins. Based on true events. Includes some violence and confronting tragedies. The country seems to have little to offer. Set between the harsh early Sydney life of and the 19th century impoverishment of Valley of gold One valley's stories of gold through the ages, from the beginning, four billion years ago, to the valley's creation and the history of its deposits.

Waltz for Matilda, A In , twelve year old Matilda flees the city slums to find her unknown father and his farm. But, drought grips the land and the shearers are on strike. Her father has turned swaggie and he's wanted by the troopers. This is the story of one girl's journey towards independence. It is also the story of others who had no vote and very little but their dreams. White ship, The After the St Bartholomew Massacre in 16th-century France, a sea captain vows to sail until he finds a world without persecution.

Centuries later, his ship is seen each sunset by a girl on an island, and is tugged off course by her cries of distress. Booms, busts and bushfires In the last forty years, Australia has experienced a period of rapid change, with many social and political events impacting on our lives. This book covers the period from , before computers and the internet existed in Australia, to the present time. Our resources have made us a rich country, but it remains to be seen how long the good times can last, before a boom turns into a bust.

Fair dinkum series An exciting, easy to read series, with hilarious cartoons, that tell the story of Australia. Gold, graves and glory: Between and , Australia developed from a struggling penal settlement to a sustainable 'free' colony. This informative but fun look at history begins with the arrival of Governor Brisbane, who must make the colony a harsher deterrent for convicts, and ends the year before gold is discovered.

The resultant gold rush changed Australia forever. They didn't know what they would find and most of them certainly didn't know how much hardship they would suffer. This is the story of the governor, the soldiers, the local Indigenous people, the convicts and a handful of wives and children in the first years of Sydney, Australia. Life in Australia was relatively comfortable for some, but drought drove many out on the roads, and bad times made politicians dream of forming one nation. Then, a far-off war and its aftermath brought even greater changes than the discovery of gold.

It was a good time to live in Australia but, underneath, there was the menace of the Cold Wars and the horrors of Korea nad Vietnam. Come join the bodgies, the widgies and the hippies to enjoy history as you've never seen it. Rotters and squatters: Colonial Australia from to as you have never imagined it. The true story of cannibal convicts, murdering squatters, sea captains who press-ganged, that is kidnapped, their crew and poor farmers forced off their land.

A story of trying to survive and build a new nation in a land that had been the sole domain of its indigenous people. They saw oceans sink and rise and watched mega-beasts disappear. Theirs is the oldest civilisation in the world. Along came the Dutch, the Portuguese and then the British and things were never the same again. The flappers and cobbers were eager to celebrate the 'roaring twenties', a time of peace, prosperity and new heroes.

Then, the stock market crashed, plunging the country and the western world into the Great Depression. Times were very tough. The Second World War brought world events even closer to our shores. Images, memorabilia, illustrations and photographs enrich the recount of the months that followed the landing.

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Includes images that may trouble some readers. A challenging read; usually read by students in Years 9, 10 or above. It caused massive destruction and trauma. This is the story of the city's indomitable spirit and life after the cyclone. Drought I remember when rain stopped, When day by day the water dropped, All across a sun-bleached land, Drought spread its withered, deadly hand.

Fire One small spark brought fire awake, winding like a small black snake. Fire flickered, fire crept, flames snickered, bushfire leapt. Flood The rain stopped but the wall of water surged, sounding like a helicopter. Sounding like a flood. How high can a kangaroo hop Discover the lost monster kangaroos, how indigenous people hunted and used kangaroos, how to tell a kangaroo from a wallaby and what to do if you find a kangaroo by the side of a road.

Secret world of wombats, The An engaging, personalised account of living with wombats. Anecdotal notes made over a number of years make this an entertaining, scientifically interesting and informative book. Shaggy gully times, The This week's edition of The Shaggy Gully Times, the punniest newspaper, is jam-packed with exciting news from a small town full of interesting animals we have met before, including barber, Pete the sheep, and Josephine, famous ballerina.

Day to remember, A A moving look at the history of Australia's and New Zealand's involvement in warfare through the lens of a single day - Anzac Day - revisited on notable years between and All we know All Arkie knows is that things are changing, the vacant block of land is being built on and everyone is talking about going to high school. Cannily, cannily Constantly moving, Trevor is always the new boy.

His home is a caravan and school is a strange desk in an unfamiliar classroom. He has his way of coping, of fitting into each new place but this time it's different and things start to go horribly wrong. Change the locks Steven has to assume much of the responsibility for his little brother when his young mother can't cope. Steven's fears, and the memories that accompany them, are explained as he becomes closer to his mother. Some strong language in context.

Other brother Kieran wants to fit in and be part of the in-group at school. He wants to be on the football team. But, then, his cousin Bon turns up. Bon doesn't know anything about fitting in. He looks different, he wears the wrong clothes and he says weird things. Even worse, Julia seems to prefer Bon's company to his. Kieran just wants to ignore Bon but, soon, he is forced to make a choice. Where in the world Set in Sydney, this heart-warming, first person narrative of a boy's love for his family and his enjoyment of soccer and music is told by eleven year old, German born, Ari. Robe of skulls, The All is not well in the crumbling castle high above the mountain village of Fracture.

The sorceress, Lady Lamorna, has her heart set on a new, very expensive robe. To get the cash, she will stop at nothing, including kidnapping, blackmail and more than a little black magic. But she reckons without some heroic, gallant and wicked folk who want to stop her. Endgame: The complete training diaries Before they were Players.

Before the Calling. They trained to be selected as the one to save their ancient bloodline and win Endgame. In this collection of Training Diaries novellas, follow the Twelve Marcus, Chiyoko, Sarah, Alice, Aisling, Baitsakhan, Jago, An, Shari, Kala, Maccabee and Hilal through sacrifices and betrayals, broken hearts and broken bones, as they shed their normal lives and transform into the Players they were meant to be.

Submarines What are submarines used for? When were the first submarines built? How does the crew escape if anything goes wrong? And how did submarines help to win two world wars? Open this fast-packed book to find out about all kinds of different subs, from nuclear giants to tiny robots submarines. Read exciting true-life submarine adventures, and fold out enormous pages to see inside a nuclear submarine.

See inside world religions More than five billion people across the world follow a religion. Life the flaps to discover the many ways people pray, worship and celebrate world religions.

What's Chemistry all about? Discover how the universe is made up of tiny atoms, how they work and why chemistry is vital to our everyday lives. What's Science all about? Discover what's around you and how it works, from the tiniest particles to stars and planets, and even life itself. See inside your head Find out how your brain controls your senses and other interesting head facts using this fun book.

Lots of facts and colourful infographics cover one hundred science topics. Applesauce weather When the first apple falls from the tree, siblings Faith and Peter know that it is applesauce weather. And that means that Uncle Arthur should be here.

The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Books of So Far

It seems like he needs a little more time to grieve. This is the first year without Aunt Lucy after all. This is a heartfelt tale about the strength and love of family and the power of a good story. Faeries A finely illustrated presentation of myths and legends of the world of faerie magic. What you need to know now If you've got a question, find out the answer. Lots of facts, stats and graphics about your world. Fearless The second gothic novel in the Mirrorworld series sees Jacob Reckless facing death from the fairy's curse on the other side of the mirror.

Ghost hunters and the incredibly revolting ghost Tom's basement is inhabited by Hugo the ghost.

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The only way to get rid of the ghost in the basement is to remove the incredibly revolting ghost that now inhabits Hugo's house. Reckless The love of an older brother and a girlfriend must be strong enough to overcome terrifying obstacles or Will is lost to them forever. This is Jacob's story, he is familiar with this treacherous, violent land full of intrigue, power-lust, violence, cruelty, fear, dangerous liaisons and dark secrets.

Thief lord, The Two orphaned children head for Venice, the place of their mother's wondrous stories. They team up with a gang of homeless children and end up on a quest for a magical roundabout. Inkdeath Life in the Inkworld has been far from easy. With Dustfinger dead and the evil Adderhead now in control, the story in which they are all caught has taken an unhappy turn. Even Elinor, left alone in the real world, believes her family to be lost between the covers of a book.

Inkheart Meggie loves books. So does her father, Mo, a bookbinder, although he has not read aloud to her since her mother mysteriously disappeared. One night, a stranger comes to their door and forces Mo to reveal an extraordinary secret about the power of storytelling. Standby as what happens in the imagination becomes real. Inkheart series Any two books from this series may be read as Challenge books and up to five more can be read as personal choice books.

Inkspell Although a year has passed since the adventures of Inkheart, Meggie can't forget the extraordinary events and the characters that transformed her life. Now she dreams about getting inside the enchanted world of the book. But, Meggie needs to be careful about what she wishes for. Great switcheroo, The Best friends Ray, Matty and Lurch are planning their best-ever prank to swap all their neighbours' pets. They think they will be legends but their efforts backfire. Adam and Elliot try to send the other group over to the Refuge without going with them, but then Adam decides they need to go back anyway because of the radio to send a help message.

They find the shelter in a shambles, people scattered, and Mason now in charge.

Foreign Intrigue Book Club

Adam manages to send out a call for help before Mason attacks and rescue arrives. Also the time frame from call for help to rescue. I lived in AZ during my time in the Army. Note The star rating here and on Amazon are slightly different because Amazon has a different star rating and it's still a "liked it" but 4 stars instead of three here. Mar 07, Alicja rated it liked it Shelves: romance , romance-m-m , science-fiction , apocalyptic , lgbt-fiction , lgbt-gay , post-apocalyptic , sff.

This collection includes three books of a series in one. I received it for free in exchange for an honest review. Before the Darkness "Are there any other survivors? Should we worry about it? A This collection includes three books of a series in one. And despite passing that water source we didn't stock up because, uh Otherwise, I wasn't that impressed. Honestly, if I didn't have all three in the collection I wouldn't have read past this one. Amid the Darkness And then something happened Yup, the lust filled, frantic coupling of the first one gave way to substance.

I had to double check I was reading the same series on my Kindle. Make no mistake, this isn't some literary genius but the story became plotty focused on the mystery behind Refuge Inc. Our two lust-blinded lovers actually realized they were lust-blinded and a bit obsessive and they took a breather.

I've actually started enjoying their post-apocalyptic journey. Beyond the Darkness This last book in the series was my favorite and way, way too short. It had so much potential to expand on this new world that I think it missed although it was still very enjoyable. It had so much that I liked which I can't go into details without spoiling the first two.

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At the end it may have done the overemotional, melodramatic thing but aside from that it was a great although too, too short finale to the series. Feb 27, John Brownstone rated it it was amazing. I was able to sink my teeth into this book and not put it down till I was finished with it. The plot is engaging as are the characters. Elliot finds himself facing a changed world after an asteroid strike devastates Earth. Adam is coming out of a bad relationship and is questioning his identity. When the two meet in their struggle for survival they begin to learn about one another and they begin to shed their old skin and learn how to survive in this new world.

The relationship between Elliot and I was able to sink my teeth into this book and not put it down till I was finished with it. The relationship between Elliot and Adam had me rooting for them throughout the book. Dealing with the end of life as we know it and seeing two people coming together and the hope of something springing from it had me rooting for the home team of humanity. The book is filled with thrills, moments where I found myself holding my breath.

In the search for help they find a crazy dystopian leader of survivors that lends a plot twist of political and sociological twists to the plot. Elliot through all of it hangs on to his humanity almost to a fault, yet it gave me pause to think of how I might react in a similar situation. If faced with the same ordeals could I be half of what he was; that would be something to strive for. Adam is conflicted with who he is and battles back and forth within himself.

He is in essence the everyday pragmatic man who knows deep down who he is but doesn't admit it to himself till he is forced to come face to face with himself. I was glad all three of the books were bundled into one, it allowed me to follow through the series. The characters were engaging, the story line good which all added to me liking this book. Overall if you like SciFi that incorporates humanity, political twists, sociological experiments, and survival I would recommend this book hands down. Feb 28, Alicia rated it it was ok Shelves: futuristic , m-m , apocolyptic , mystery , police-military , read-for-review.

This book was received free in return for an honest review. This is a three book collection that I had a hard time reading through. If I really enjoy a book, I can easily finish it in one to two days. This series, however, I had to put away and read something else before I forced myself to continue reading.

It wasn't all bad. Each book was slightly better written then the one before. Book One: Before the Darkness. The story is post-asteroid impact in the western United States, with the setting o This book was received free in return for an honest review. The story is post-asteroid impact in the western United States, with the setting of Phoenix, Arizona. The first two survivors we meet are Elliot and Adam. Elliot is out and proud, while Adam, an erotic dancer and frequent liar, is not out and unsure of his sexual tendencies.

So of course they hook up. The writing style felt juvenile with the story flow being off. Often I could predict exactly what was going to happen in a given situation. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it led to my disinterest in the story. Book Two: Amid the Darkness finds Elliot and Adam inside a survivor colony where they are separated by living quarters and job duties.

Adam encounters his ex-fiancee and realizes his feelings for Elliot. The two also discover that the sanctuary is not all that it's purported to being. The romantic encounters in book two felt forced and I would have liked to see more interactions even if only light touches and stolen kisses. Book Three: Beyond the Darkness. Elliot and Adam have made it out of the colony only to encounter three more survivors who convince them to return in an effort to find food and a radio.

This was definitely the best written of the three books, although the writing was still stilted at times. The twist at the very end was very well done and probably the best part of the whole book. This was a hard one to rate because I wanted to rate it higher because of the writing quality which was top rate but I just could not get emotionally attached to this book. I almost wanted to take a gun to the main characters just to get it over with. If you like this type of story read it, if you are neutral to this type read it, but if you hate it, it isn't worth the time investment to read it.

I would say from what little I do know about post apocalyptic this is a standout of the genre. Mar 13, Issa rated it liked it Shelves: zchallenge , dbml-book , m-m. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. When I picked up this story I expected a dystopian story somewhat in the middle of a new world, not at the beginning.

That's not a complaint, just a shift in expectations that I had mistakenly picked up. We start with Elliot alive after an asteroid has hit the west coast causing destruction and a series of massive earthquakes that level the city of Phoenix. He thinks he might be the only one left until he meets Adam, a fellow survivor.

Happy to meet another human they band together to 3. Happy to meet another human they band together to survive. This story is told in three distinct sections and the first section is by far the weakest. It's in part to the necessary world building but too many holes exist. Where is everyone? That's a question that I kept asking through the whole thing. It's not clear if everyone left, they only had a couple days warning of the impact, and if they died, why do Elliot and Adam find so few bodies? Elliot and Adam also make odd choices.

When finding a fabulous water source, they only fill their bottles, they don't try and harvest water for later. Same with food, only collecting some acting as if food and water can be found in a ruined world later. They don't try to hunker down and get their bearings, even before they decide to go to Refuge, Inc, and Adam in particular wants to wander aimlessly. Then you have Elliott who has an injury so bad they can smell the infection that seems to heal overnight. And finally the sex. Elliot, a gay man, has the foresight to grab condoms but no lube and dear heavens saliva is not lube.

I cringed and had to skip some of that. But, despite all the problems, the characters of Elliot and Adam are solid.

By Charles Dickens

Emotionally, they are right where I'd expect two people to be at the end of the world, changing on a dime from strong and determined to weak and whiny, engaging in as much sex as possible as an escape from the reality. As they struggle with their own personal demons and with each other, they find info on Refuge, Inc and decide to check it out. Refuge Inc is the second section of the story. Inside, everything is taken from them and they are assigned board and jobs based on their former professions. In return for thier belongings and labor they get food, necessities, and safety from the toxic cloud outside.

When the section opens, they've been there for a month. They should have known more about what was what in that amount of time so I tossed that month timeline out of my brain and moved forward. Elliot is in food preparation and Adam's in security and they are separated into different areas only seeing each other occasionally and wondering if they should continue seeing each other.

Things are clearly not right at Refuge Inc, and while searching for answers about what happened to a dog they'd brought with them, Adam and Elliott find out secrets about the facility and the "Prophet", things that turn everything upside down and make them believe the asteroid hit was not all the media portrayed. I was spellbound as Adam and Elliott's quest moved from incarceration, breaking and entering, self defense, and finally escape.

The emotion and tension came through the page and my heart broke for Elliott and Adam again and again. They barely escape and hence we move the third and final segment. Adam and Elliot try to live on the outside of Refuge Inc, their relationship back on track after a rocky period behind the Refuge wall.

Once night they are almost mugged and instead form a truce with three new people. They decide to head back to Refuge Inc as it has food for the newcomers and a radio that Adam and Elliot hope to use to call for help. The addition of the newcomers adds drama to the story as you just can't tell whether to trust them or not.

But their presence brings Adam and Elliot closer and into a couple I loved. Going back isn't easy, the Refuge has been taken over by a madman, just about everyone is gone there's that question again, where is everyone and the atmosphere the author created around the abandoned facility is down right creepy.

I loved it. At the end more secrets are exposed, deeper and more disturbing than they had thought and help finally does come. But the end left more questions than answers, particularly the epilogue which is probably trying to set up for the next book but I felt lost and wish there had been a clearer explanation of what happened. As it is, I'm still not sure. I have to say I liked the story. I struggled with the beginning but found Adam and Elliott to be real, likable characters I wouldn't mind seeing again.

I received a copy of this story free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Renting a large house along a side street, he furnished it with carpets, curtains, comfy armchairs and flowers in vases, naming it after Neville Talbot, a young lieutenant killed in the trenches. As well as the succour on offer inside the front door, it was the only place on the entire front where men and officers could meet socially.

No wonder half a million passed through the doors from to experience its eccentric welcome. One hundred years on, Talbot House is still going strong. As it celebrates its centenary on Friday, its shabby Edwardian charms remain frozen in time. Entering by a side door, I am greeted by a life-size model of the Rev Tubby himself, blinking at me through Bunterish wire glasses. My job here is of the kind I more or less understand, i. The spirit of the place is still everywhere — ancient armchairs in which to relax, with the framed homilies of Tubby around the walls. The creaking old piano is still in the canteen and tea and cakes continue to be served to residents and visitors, though the songs and contagious laughter are mostly from visiting Belgian schoolchildren rather than weary soldiers.

Here generals and squaddies rubbed shoulders, and the most unlikely friendships were forged. The war would have been over rather quicker.